1. Sponge Out of Water Sponge Out of Water is being shown through the Regal Summer Movie Express check it out it's on the schedule for August 15th. Actually there's a bunch of good movies there. I mean CHIPWRECKED AND MONSTER TRUCKS HOLY ::dolphin noise::
  2. Invincibubble

    New DVD - The SpongeBob Movie Collection

    According to Amazon USA, Paramount Home Entertainment is releasing a collection of both SpongeBob movies in the United States on June 7! According to the details of the DVD, it contains 5 discs, so maybe it might include some bonus content. I'm surprised Paramount didn't do this with the SOoW...
  3. spongie33

    Which movie was better?

    Which movie was better; The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie or Sponge Out of Water Edit: Oops looks like there is a topic already. Can a mod/admin lock this topic?
  4. BeanoSponge

    Sponge Out of Water Is Avaliable To Watch on Netflix Canada You can view it in any country by downloading Hola from Chrome! It will probably come to other countries soon.
  5. Epic Rap Battle

    I heard that some/most people didn't like the epic rap battle at end of Sponge Out of Water. Why? To me, it's kinda catchy.
  6. Why I think Sponge Out of Water is better then the first

    So I think SOOW is better then the first here is my reasons! It is more funny then the first. It has Plankton and SB working together, (I'm a huge fan of Plankton and SB being friends) It is less dark then the first. Every main character helps in this one. Plankton is not the bad guy. It has...
  7. Alternate Title for SB Movies

    Have you ever thought of a good alternate title for both movies?
  8. What if SpongeBob started off with the 2004 movie?

    Title is self-explanatory. :D :) ;L
  9. When does the 2nd movie take place?

    Now when does SOOW take place? Now even through SB is not the manger and there is not 2 KK's. I think it takes place after the 1st. Mostly due to Plankton and SB getting along in this one and it would be a little odd for Plankton to like take over and turn everybody like SB if the 1st took...
  10. yellowshdow forever

    best looking on land character

    i vote spongebob
  11. Diet Dr. Kelp

    Why did SOOW get a better review?

    If any of you have checked Rotten tomatoes you will have noticed that Sponge out of water has got 78 per cent and The Spongebob Squarepants movie has got 68. Now I did like Sponge out of water was a good film (certainty compared to the post-movie episodes) but I kinda think Spongebob the movie...
  12. Supmandude

    No dolphin in this story?

    Someone pointed out this plothole before and I thought they were wrong, because I'd only seen the film once at that point. But they were right. Burger Beard said there was no dolphin in the story, even though there was. He finished the story with Plankton and SpongeBob getting the formula after...
  13. RomNick

    SPOILERS: Two questions about the climax of the movie.

    1. As many people know, SpongeBob was about to be sacrificed. But Sandy and Patrick weren't at the sacrifice. Their chant also wasn't heard. So what does this mean? Along with Plankton and Squidasaurus Rex, they would have been ACTUALLY moved by SpongeBob's speech before it. 2. This dialogue...
  14. Sponge Out of Water on DirecTV Cinema

    So I was checking the living room TV and saw a small ad for Sponge Out of Water on Pay-Per-View. There's a cut-in commercial for it that I've been trying to get but no luck so far. Enjoy the picture though of the ad and above you can see ghost Steven.
  15. DadMom AngryPants

    Sponge Out of Water to return to participating AMC theaters June 26th - July 2nd

    If you didn't get a chance to see Sponge Out of Water during its original theatrical run, or if you just feel like seeing it on the big screen again, you're in luck.
  16. Professor Patrick

    Poll On How Much You Liked SOOW

    Simple as that. 10 for me.
  17. Knucklehead McSpazatron

    SOoW Super Powered Extras

    Anyone else pick up the Blu-ray release? I thought it'd be kinda fun to discuss the special features. So far my favorite has to be Plankton Rules The World! under Underwater Awesomeness. What a cute way to help the younger generation learn about conservation! I can't even lie, it made me tear...
  18. Professor Patrick

    Have You Bought The New Movie Today?

    OF COURSE! <3 If you haven't yet, I would defiantly go for the Target bundle. It comes with an awesome cover, a bubble wand (that goes on the cover) and a free popcorn and drink.
  19. iedasb

    Burger Beard...

    After watching this deleted scene: I think now I like and understand Burger Beard, well, he wasn't right. But what he did was understandable. Everyone already saw this I'm pretty sure. But, did you changed the way you saw Burger Beard? Me for...
  20. BeanoSponge

    Some Interesting Things About The N*E*R*D Songs

    I'm watching the credits of SOoW right now. It says Squeeze Me was written by Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, Shae Haley, Mark Harrison (composer of the SpongeBob theme tune), Blaise Smith, Stephen Hillenburg and Derek Drymon. I found that very interesting, especially as we were complaining a lot...