1. plantfunny123


    Hey everyone! I just wanted to know, what does everyone think the quality of the show will be like, after you watched Lost in Bikini Bottom/Tutor Sauce? Thanks for answering!
  2. plantfunny123

    20 New Episodes This Summer...

    Who else is a little sketchy on this whole thing that Viacom said about there being 20 new Spongebob episodes this summer? I mean i know summer doesn't actually end until September, But still, It takes around 9 months to make a new episode, and they just recently resumed production of episodes...
  3. Spongenemo

    Martin Garrix - Animals Spongenemo Remix :P

    Tell me whatyou think about my new Work if you like :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOz4cjMwVBY Greetings Spongenemo
  4. Create a SpongeBob SquarePants episode using characters that don't appear in that many episodes or m

    Can you create an episode using characters that often don't appear in many SpongeBob episodes such as Kevin, Larry, Bubble Bass, and many more by creating an episode title and then a short description of the episode.
  5. How many times have you changed your opinion on whatever an episode is good or bad?

    Have you ever changed your opinion on whatever an episode is bad or good?
  6. Fake Episode - Snail Loving

    I made the title card, but I did not make the script which was from SpongeBob Fanon Wiki as part of a project that I made to remake empty articles which had laughingly bad title cards. The writer's name is BagelBoxed aka BagelsinEurope Spongebob sees Gary is lonely while he goes to work...
  7. The First Episode that Made You Stop Watching SpongeBob for a While

    What was the first episode that made you realize that SpongeBob is not the same anymore and made you stop watching due to how bad the episode was?
  8. ataeaf

    Misspell the Next Episode Title

    Basically, misspell an episode title given to you in the previous post. I'll start with Krabs vs. Plankton. Karbs vs. Plankton: Plankton becomes conscious of how many carbs are in his food so he goes on a no-carb diet. Next: Band Geeks.
  9. toasterstrutel

    What Are the most played episodes of spongebob?

    I was wondering if anyone new what episodes were played the most? I heard Jellyfish jam/hall monitor are .
  10. toasterstrutel

    toasterstrutel's top 100 season 1-3 spongebob episodes

    Pretty self-explanatory
  11. SpongyDevotee

    SpongyDevotee's Top 5 Favorite Episodes per Season

    So I finally decided to post my very first list. :) This will be my top 5 favorite SpongeBob episodes per season. I'll be covering all 9 seasons, which means that I will be reviewing 45 episodes. I'll just list the episode, and state the writers of the episode, as well as the episode's release...
  12. BrickSponge2015

    The Airdates Game

    I'm sure you all know how this works. The first person makes up an airdate for one episode, the next person makes up another for the episode after it, etc. RULES: -Episodes cannot air within a week of each other, unless you start a premiere week. Please say that you are starting a premiere week...
  13. SandyPants

    New SB episode ideas

    If you could make your own SpongeBob episode, what would it be like? Have fun creating ideas. :-)
  14. goodmorning

    Downloading Spongebob Episodes

    just a question,is there a site where you can actually download spongebob episodes? i'm sorry if this topic already exists.
  15. BubbleBass9

    Should Bubble Bass be in more episodes?

    Bubble Bass in my opion is a great character but is not shown enough he has just a funny personality (throwing squidward,pickyness) but they should but him in more he is only in 3 unless you count the one with the grey and black color scheme.
  16. goodmorning

    goodmorning's Top 30 Worst Spongebob Episodes

    in honor of my 100th post,i am finally making a list. plus,these are my very first written reviews. i have written the very first reviews,and i love doing these. i may or may not do a top 30 best episodes. by the way,please keep in mind that this list is my opinion. i am not insulting your...
  17. GordokTheMad

    The Worst Episodes of Any Show You've Ever Seen?

    I know there's already a topic like this, but I wanted to revive it without bumping the other one, so what are some of the worst TV show episodes you've ever seen? I have a few of my own: Seahorse Seashell Party (Family Guy), Fart Baby (Sanjay and Craig), It's A Wishful LIfe (Fairly...
  18. That One Random Boss

    Boss's Top 100 Episodes!

    It took a while, but it's about time I made a list now that From Hero To Legend is over. Let me just say, the actual list will take a few days to begin. I may post my #100 at least by Friday or Saturday depending on how busy I will be in the next few days. Also, this will probably be THE MOST...
  19. The Guy With the Computer

    Squidwardisawesome22's top 50 season 7 episodes!

    This is just a list I decided to make. I've recently been bashing season 6 quite a bit. Well, I recently rewatched a lot of episodes, and, I just know some people are going to tear me to shreds, but, I kind of like season 6 now. I'd probably give it a 6 or 7/10. Now, let's see season 7... ONE...
  20. SBM is trash!

    Stupid really old countdown don’t continue