1. MattTheSpongeFanatic

    What's Your Favorite Winter Episode?

    Out of all the Christmas / Winter themed episodes below, which one is your favorite? In my opinion, all of the episodes listed below are good, but I think the best is Goons On The Moon. Surprising? I think Christmas Who? and It's A SpongeBob Christmas are all overrated somewhat, but are still...
  2. FinnDinner

    Was the End of Season 3 Kind of Mediocre?

    I don't personally think so, but the second half of season 3 kind of gets a bad rap. Sure there is the Camping Episode, Missing Identity, and SB meets the Strangler, but Krabby Land, Born Again Krabs, and The Sponge Who Could Fly were kind of mediocre. In fact I know several people who really do...
  3. BackToSpongebob

    Miniature Episodes!

    Partly inspired by TacoMaster’s post, I’ve decided to write miniature Spongebob episodes for you guys. Just reply the plot or idea for your episode, and I’ll write a miniature version. Feel free to get creative!
  4. spongegiy

    spongegiy's Top 10 Underrated Premovie Episodes (in no particular order)

    This whole list thing looks fun, so I figured I'd jump in. These are my top 10 premovie episodes (in no particular order) that I think are really good but people don't talk about them enough or hate them when they're actually good episodes (in my opinion, no more valid than yours). This list...
  5. The Guy With the Computer

    Looking Back: My Bottom 60

    This idea came to me pretty recently when I was looking through some of my older posts. If you don't remember, almost four years ago, I made a bottom 60 topic. Here's the link if you want to read it: https://www.sbmania.net/forums/topic/35417-charles-bottom-60-episodes-as-of-currently/?st=0 Do...
  6. SpongeBob1

    pre-movie episodes that feel like post-movie episodes

    What're some pre-movie episodes that feel like they fit in with the post-movie seasons? (after the first movie, not the 2nd movie.)
  7. Zimmy11

    Mini above review

    2 announcements, this will probably be my last post in The Fry Cook Games, yes for now, but I will be doing more here in the future as well as other places. Also starting sometime this week I'll be planning my very first idea of a SpongeBob episode and actually write it out. But in the meantime...
  8. Zimmy11

    The Episode Game

    Using only one comment at a time (and none of those comments in a row) to list all the SpongeBob SquarePants episodes from the pilot to the most recent one. I'll start you all off: Help Wanted
  9. Random Guy

    Season 2 or season 3? Which one is better?

    I know I'm doing the worst S.A. list already, and I intend to finish it. However, I always wondered which is the best SB season. Apparently season 3 is the best one, as it's got the highest amount of good episodes. But is it true? Or does another season take the cake? For example, season 2? So...
  10. Random Guy

    Worst Squid Abuse episodes

    Well, we're back with a new top 15. And as the titles says, we're talking about Squidward. All of you know this character well: bad-tempered, moody, pessimistic and self-centered character who has also flaws... But this time we're going to analyze an aspect of a lot of SB episodes: the so called...
  11. FaLaLaLaLa Un-i-ver-rse

    Top 100 best AND worst spongebob episodes

    The title explains itself 100. Toilets and townsfolk that get very tortured The latter is bad but it's better than some turds
  12. Simon

    Worst Episode Per season

    This is like Proto red V's Best episodes per season and that's why I'm giving him credit. What you have to do is create a list of the season and your least favorite Spongebob episode in that season. Example: S1: I was a teenage Gary S2: Dumped S3: The sponge who could fly S4: Good Neighbors...
  13. Honest Slug

    Episodes and seasons that changed their reputation over time.

    Over the years I feel that there are many episodes, and even seasons, which had their consensus change over time. Both positively and negatively. Here are some I've noticed. Keep in mind this is from what I've seen and is no way factual. As far as the positives go, season 4 has gotten vastly...
  14. FaLaLaLaLa Un-i-ver-rse

    Top 9 WORST spongebob episodes

    Hi. SpongeBob Universe here, and I will give you my top 9 WORST episodes of SpongeBob. The only rule is that there will be one episode per season So starting up: 9. A cousin from season 5
  15. Random Guy

    TOP 15 SB Episodes everyone seems to hate but I... don't.

    Well, after my list of top 15 episodes everyone likes but I don't (http://www.sbmania.net/forums/topic/53200-top-15-sb-episodes-everyone-seems-to-like-but-i-dont/), I'm going to write down the opposite list, with the top 15 episodes everyone seems to dislike, but I just don't hate. P.S: from...
  16. Random Guy

    TOP 15 SB Episodes everyone seems to like but I... don't.

    Well, the title explains it all. This is my first list I'm making on this forum and will include those episodes that almost everyone likes, but I don't like. P.S.: the presence of a new topic doesn't mean I'm shutting down my old topic about Spongebob episodes. P.P.S: please, don't complain...
  17. Random Guy

    My thought about every Spongebob Episode

    Hi everyone, this is the first list I'm making on this forum, in which I'm going to analyze a season in particular, and give GOOD, MEH, BAD or HORRIBLE (I decided not to use SCUMBOB, because I don't want it to be a complete copy of Pieguyrulz's review) based on the quality of the episode. Before...
  18. Honest Slug

    What's the Best Gary episode?

    Gary episodes tend to get met with mixed reception but which is your favorite? Mine is probably Have You Seen This Snail? though the Great Snail Race comes close.
  19. TheSpongeWhoCan'tFly

    Least Favorite Episode

    Over the years, SpongeBob has given us a great share of gems that will be remembered forever. However, for every "Band Geeks", there is a "One Coarse Meal". Especially in seasons 6-8, there are some true abominations that stick in people's minds forever. So what is your least favorite episode...
  20. DankPineappleLord

    Your Opinion on Post-Second Movie Episodes

    What's your opinion on the episodes that were made after Sponge Out of Water? Are they any good? Has the show gotten better or has the writing gotten so stale to the point where SpongeBob needs to change its style and reboot itself to keep itself fresh? I personally haven't seen any of these...