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“Wee Woo…. Wee Woo… Wee Woo…. Wee Woo…..” - (Patrick - Hall Monitor)
“I order the food, You cook the food, then the customer gets the food.” “We do that for 40 years and then we die.”
“You took my only food. now I’m gonna starve.” - Patrick from Life Of Crime (2001)
“We’re on a baby hunt and don’t think you know how to weed ‘em out!”
“No you aren’t!!”
“You’re horrible neighbors!”
“and stop calling me president!”

Squidward (Good Neighbors - 2005)
:( "wait a second, everybody. there’s something i need to say first. i just don’t know how to put it."

O_o "i think i know what it is. after going on your life-changing journey, you realize you don’t want what you thought you wanted. what you wanted was inside you all along."

:sbx: "are you crazy?! i was just gonna tell you that your fly is down!"
Manager?!? this is the greatest day of my life!!!
SpongeBob: It's a jellyfish!
Patrick: Pretty good, SpongeBob, but its lacking basic construction, and your perspective leaves a lot to be desired.
SpongeBob: Huhhh! Everybody's a critic.
Squidward: Hey, that’s my line!
"Hey where did you get that piano?" Plankton in Fear of a Krabby Patty
SpongeBob: Hey, Patrick! are you angry too?

Patrick: yeah.

SpongeBob: what’s the matter?

Patrick: I can’t see my forehead.

SpongeBob and Patrick from Patty Hype
"Hey SpongeBob!" Sandy I Had an Accident
Ohhh SpongeBob, Whyyyyyy?!? - Mrs. Puff from Boating School