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Oh heres another one, :patx: One time I knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy ho knew this guys, Cousin! :cry: Gets mad and stuff
:cry: "The winner takes all.... its the thirll of one more kill.... the last one to fall... will never sacrafice their will!"... Patrick does drums... Bum bum bum... don't ever look back!.... on the wind closing in!.... thee only attack... were the wings on the wind!!... oh the daydream begins!... in the sweeeet... sweeeet.... sweet victory YEAH!... and the world is ours to follow!!... in the sweeeet... sweeeet... sweet victory YEAH!
Here's a couple:

:sbx: Hmm... we need a new tactic.
:patx: I've got it! Let's get naked!
:sbx: Nah. Let's save that for when we're selling real estate.

:plankx: I WENT TO COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ouch.
haha! That drops me dead.

and another:

:plankx: IT's evil, it's diabolical, *sniffs* IT's lemon scented!

and another
:plankx: All hail plankton. All hail plank
:sbx: steps on :plankx:
:plankx: ouch ouch ouch ouch
:sbx: I'm ready! Promotion. eww I think I stepped in something.
:sbx: starts wiping his foot.
:plankx: Not in someone on someone you little twich!
:sbx: Oh.
:sbx: lifts up his foot.
:sbx: sorry plankton.
:sbx: Are you on your way to the grand opening ceremony?
:plankx: No I'm not on my way to the grand opening ceromony. I'M BUSY PLANNING TO RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe.
long silence
:sbx: Well, good like with that. I'm ready! Promotion...
:plankx: Stupid kid.

haha! it cracks me up.

and this one

King neptune: You be back here with my crown in exactly 10 days.
:patx: he can do it in 9
King neptune: 8
:patx: 7
king neptune:6
:sbx: and :krabsx: PATRICK!!!!!!!!
:sbx: and :krabsx: start tackling :patx: to the ground.
King neptune: 6 it is then.
:patx: (with :sbx: and :krabsx: holding him down.)5?
:sbx: Patrick sush!

Haha! I love that quote!

1 more.

:sbx: ARE YOU NUTS?! I was just going to say that your fly was down! *takes name tag* This is the greatest day of my life! credits begin. OCEAN MAN take me by the hand lead me to the land, that you understand.

Well, that's all folks!
O_o do you know what i want more then anything in the whole wide world??
:sbx: a booster seat???
:P BOOSTER SEAT?!?!?! HOTDOG!!!!!!! i mean no

edit: why are'nt the smilies working??

edit: okay i figured it out
:spongebob: The sash wringing... the trash thinging... mash flinging... the flash springing, bringing the the crash thinging the...
:squidward: Yes. The hash-slinging slasher. Edit: :sbx: :patx: they are :sbx:
I like this one from Dunces and Dragons
:P Actually it says here Im supposed to kick you out
:sbx: Dont worry king krabs, us warriors are so manly, we kick ourselves out, come on patrick! *kicks himself in the rear end*
:patx: right behind ya! *kick himself also*

They're probably not right though.