08a. Sandy's Rocket


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Dec 20, 2005
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This episode was meh. I don't really enjoy it, it had potential, but it failed. 4/10
A good episode; like TheBandGeek said, it had potential, but it failed. Patrick caused the whole problem, which was good, since we didn't get to it for a while. Aside from some of Patrick's quotes, and how they thought it was "alien hunting", it was quite stupid, if you ask me.

7/10 :)
I'm surprised not many comments on this episode... it's one of my favorites! It was clever and funny, just a great story! It's a masterpiece, in my opinion.
This is a little underrated but really underplayed. This one's OK. It's kinda boring but has a couple jokes.
I guess it's top 117 worthy as it was pretty creative and execution was okay, so I like it. :) 7.3/10
Why everyone likes this episode, I'll never understand. 2/10
I don't like this episode much. It's a little entertaining, but it's really forgettable and SpongeBob and Patrick were too idiotic to be likable.

I have a feeling that this was the only Sandy episode that the post-movie writers saw and they just assumed that she was a scientist from this.
ehhhhhhhh... One of those ones like Ripped Pants or Sleepy Time, where it's not really a very good episode but it's one of the classics, so you can't really hate it TOO MUCH. 5.7/10.
:peace: I love this episode! It was my favorite episode when I was a kid and still love it to this day! It takes place in space. How creative can you get? But its sad how underrated it is. I thought people loved this as much as I did. =/

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Not as amazing as how I remembered it when I was a kid but it's still an alright classic episode to me. 7/10
Sleepy Time was a good episode. I remember always getting excited when played on the air. And I also, I hate how underrated Sandy's Rocket is. I love it too much. :hehe:
I like this episode! It is cute and funny, but if you watch it a lot, you would want to skip it. It's an episode you don't want to watch every day, but still gets a chuckle out of you and you know you still like it. 7.5/10