1. Bat Sponge

    My New SpongeBob YouTube Channel

    I have just started my own YouTube channel with the series "SpongeBob SquarePants in The Tidal Zone," which is a SpongeBob parody of Twilight Zone. My work can be found on both YouTube and Wattpad in the links below. https://www.wattpad.com/user/TomSurfing666
  2. My Names Not Rick

    Making sigs for y'all.

    Hey. Back in 2014 I had like this; shop for signatures. I just made banners for peoples profiles. Im not gonna make a big shop or anything this time. Just reply to this or message me if you want one. Since 2015 id say my graphic design skills have improved.
  3. Grass-Skirt-Chase

    20th Anniversary Celebrations

    Lately, every time I turn around, SpongeBob and his 20th anniversary are being celebrated with some sort of event, merchandise, or idea! I literally can not keep up with all the news surrounding the show. New episodes, brand-name shoes, Nickelodeon events, a SpongeBob shop... It’s so much! (I’m...
  4. Grass-Skirt-Chase

    Fresh Memes

    Post a picture of any SpongeBob scene or related content that would make good new meme material.
  5. ZaneDrake

    SpongeBob 20 Years Fan Art

    I drew this using Artrage. What do you think? It took FOREVER!
  6. Chaserx

    Creepy Stuff

    If you want to share a real lost episode, an urban legend, ora creepy episode moment, come to this thread. Rules: No suicide (squidwards suicide is an exception (some parts need to be left out) No graphic content No swearing No debunking And NO NORMAL, NOT CREEPY CONTENT! ALL CONTENT SHOULD BE...
  7. Neikke

    Drawing SpongeBob SquarePants!

    Hi! Just thought to post here one of my latest drawings of SpongeBob Squarepants! Me and my kids are big fans of him! (and all other characters!) Hope you will like it!
  8. Home Sweet Pineapple Sped-Up Phone Call Revealed

    In the scene where SpongeBob's house is shrinking and he calls Squidward on his shellphone, there is a sped-up portion we couldn't identify, but now we can thanks to various audio software, and Youtube can slow down videos now. SpongeBob actually said this... "Squidward help me. My house is...
  9. warblower99

    Spongebob Production Music

    Discuss it here
  10. Take_On_Me


    mm you guys know any rlly good sb youtube poops,, need a nostalgia trip right abt now
  11. Happy 15th Birthday to Battle for Bikini Bottom

    Battle for Bikini Bottom is a SpongeBob SquarePants video game for the PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, Game Boy Advance, and PC, released on October 21, 2003 (sorry I copy and pasted this lol) Today's the day, this glorious 3D platformer shines for creating legacies on 6th gen consoles...
  12. realmasterpieces99

    Where is Spongebob not popular?

    I'm so used to everyone loving Spongebob, but in which countries in the world is Spongebob NOT popular (besides North Korea, of course), and which ones ARE he popular in? The only countries that I know Spongebob is popular in are the U.S., U.K., Germany, Serbia, and (I think) Israel.
  13. IWumboYouWumbo

    I'm working to archive as many SpongeBob Flash games as possible!

    (yay first post) Hello, I'm apart of a large Flash game preservation project called Flashpoint (http://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/) that aims to archive as many Flash games as possible (plus more) before 2020. So far the collection is at over 6,500 games and its Discord server has nearly 2,000...
  14. warblower99

    Nick.com Nostalgia...get it here!

    I remember the good old days when Nick was...decent, and their website was even better. I searched Google to my heart's extent when I found a very nostalgic image (attached to this post a long with one more of nick.co.uk from around the same time). I welled up with nostalgia, even though this...
  15. SpongeBob Fan Art Contest! For Hot Topic

    There is a fan art contest for SpongeBob going on right now where your design could have the chance to be featured on Hot Topic merchandise! Seems interesting, I know there are a lot of good artists here on SBM who should enter! Here's the link...
  16. Share Your SpongeBob Episode Ideas Here!

    Haven't seen a thread like this in a while, so I thought I should revive it. So just share your episode ideas here, and if you want, you can add the plot and the title of your idea for an episode!
  17. Comparison of SpongeBob Video Game Models Over the Years

    Almost 75% of these models look like they're going to commit crimes, except the Battle for Bikini Bottom and Movie models, they're good kids.
  18. SpongeBob Games in the Arcade

    There are about 6 official Nick.com SpongeBob games in the arcade section of SBM as I post this. I hope for there to be more older SpongeBob games from Nick.com, because I don't think the newer ones would work, on the arcade. Ssj said the arcade takes .tar games and I found some sites with .tar...
  19. SpongeBob Pixel Pals - Releasing October 30!

    On October 30, Performance Designed Products (pdp) will be releasing some new Pixel Pals in the form of our favorite characters, SpongeBob and Patrick! You can pre-order it now or wait until the 30th next month. It will be $14.99 for one of them and they only need some AAA batteries. I'm going...
  20. SpongeBob Season 10 DVD Speculation

    So as we all know, Season 11 has a few episodes left so we of course can't confirm a possible date for that, but Season 10 ended in December of 2017, so a DVD should be discussed. When do you think this DVD will come out, or will they go digital for good? If they are making a DVD, it shouldn't...