1. Spunch Bop

    SB Title Cards Remastered

    Title Card For Your Shoe's Untied Remastered In 16:9
  2. Da Appetizer

    Add A Sub-Forum for Spin-Offs

    I had to put the SpongeBob show in Artist Unknown.
  3. Is SpongeBob still good nowadays?

    There is a lot of debates about if SpongeBob SquarePants is still good. Do you think he is still good?
  4. Grapey

    SpongeBob Fanon Halloween Party

    Hey guys! Grapey here. Halloween's just around the corner, and I think it would be a cool idea if I were to host a HALLOWEEN party, full of roleplays, discussions about SpongeBob episodes, games, and so much more. Everyone's invited, and it's going to take place ALL OCTOBER! If you would like to...
  5. SpongeySquare

    Show News Reanimation: No Weenies Allowed Weenanimated

    Hi. I'm hosting a reanimation collab, or MAP, revolving around reanimating the classic episode No Weenies Allowed. I'd very much appreciate a follow on Twitter, and you are welcome to join the Discord server link on the profile: https://twitter.com/WeeniesCollab?s=09 There are around 16 scenes...
  6. Grapey

    Animation discussion

    Original Raw and Uncut likes to talk about this, so I'm gonna talk about it too. What episode do you consider the best and worst animated? Best: Fear of a Krabby Patty Worst: Boating Buddies
  7. Do you think SpongeBob would still become popular after many decades?

    It has been 22 years since the first episode of SpongeBob was aired. Despite that, it is still the most popular cartoon in the world so do you guys think this cartoon will last long just like Tom and Jerry or even Looney Tunes ?
  8. Grapey

    More drawings I did

  9. Grapey

    I gave season 1 and 2 SB season 6 cheeks

  10. MattTheSpongeFanatic

    SpongeBob and Family Guy similarities

    I just realized how many similarities both shows have. (This is not a complete list, these are just the similarities I can think of.) :sbdisappointed: Comedy First episode released in 1999 (FG on Jan 31 and SBSP on May 1) Creators have first names starting with S (Seth MacFarlane and Stephen...
  11. Da Appetizer

    The Spongebob SquarePants Spin-Off Show Premieres, Promos, And Events!

    The show of the sponge! New animator for each season. First up is season 1. It is made in a mix of CGI and 2D, where the backgrounds are hand-drawn and the characters have their "Sponge On The Run" designs. It has 13 episodes each, plus two shorts that premiered before it. Counting "After the...
  12. Grapey

    SpongeBob animation evolution

    A lot of other people have already talked about this, like Original Raw and Uncut, so I’ve decided to talk about it myself. SpongeBob’s design and animation has changed a lot throughout the years, and I want to discuss it with you guys. For starters, what do you think of C.H. Greenblatt’s art...
  13. Shelly of Mollusca

    Whereabouts of series bible

    I'll see snippets of SpongeBob series bible here and there, but what's the main source for all of it? Is there a place where I can find most of it? I know I've seen a few bits of it in the special features of the season 1 DVD box set. Any info would be appreciated <3
  14. SpongeBobsNumber1Fan

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPONGEBOB!!!! 🤗💛🎉🎊🎁🎈🍰🎂🥳🧽🍍😁

    HAPPY 35TH BIRTHDAY SPONGEBOB!!!! Here’s a birthday collage for our favorite sponge!!!! SpongeBob, I hope you’re having the best birthday EVER and partying it up in your pineapple under the sea!! Thank you so much for bringing so much joy, laughter, happiness, and love to my life and to millions...
  15. Pikarin

    Happy Birthday SpongeBob!

    Drew something for the yellow dude's birthday ~ Happy Birth 🧽❤ ( also posted on Twitter [Higher Quality] )
  16. Pikarin

    Neat Little Fellas (The Patrick Star Show Fanart)

    I drew something for The Patrick Star Show Premier a few days ago but I forgot to post it here www. it's been posted on my Twitter, where it got noticed by the official SpongeBob account :excited:
  17. Pikarin

    SpongeBob Popsicles

    I know this is kind of a weird topic, but is anyone else noticing an increase of spongebob icecream popsicle posts on social media? I've seen quite a few about them, especially on tiktok where people are buying them in bulks to see if they could get a perfect one. They've sort of become like...
  18. Supersponge456

    What spongebob dvd's do you have

    i know threads like this are done alot but the threads that exist about spongebob dvds are inactive anyway i have Halloween Halloween 2011 rerelease Tales from the Deep The Seascape Capers SpongeBob Goes Prehistoric Absorbing Favorites The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge out of Water now dvds that...
  19. MimicMadness

    Show News Spongebob Specials Poll

    Best and Worst! I'd add all the specials but I reached the max!
  20. Shelly of Mollusca

    Hi all, happy to be here!

    Ahoy, I'm delighted to be among other sailors of the Bikini Bottom. I'm an aspiring explorer of marine biology and filmmaking, I owe both of these interests to watching SpongeBob as a young lass. Looking forward to sharing what I know and soakin' up information from others, and just having a...