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  1. SpongeBronyPH

    Happy 25th anniversary to the Sponge!

    You know what's funnier than 24? 25! Happy 25th anniversary to the Sponge! How's SpongeBob as a series right now? Haven't watched him for years though. Drawn by me.
  2. agarrisonofleaves

    Show News Is Derek Drymon coming back?

    From May 2023. Vincent Waller posted this on his Twitter in response to a now deleted tweet, but I have absolutely no idea what the context behind it was.
  3. itstimeforthepill

    an animation idea thing i found based off a bootleg.

    When I was searching up a SpongeBob bootleg, I've found some type of animation thing from a Spanish website. I thought of sharing it on this website. So I'll do so. story of animation idea thing: "Tooly ya está cansado de ser el último mono de la Base de Pikinni. Para todos los vecinos es tan...
  4. Show News SpongeBob’s VERY lucky

    SpongeBob was very lucky to pull out of seasonal rot unlike The Simpsons and Family Guy. Yes, He’s not amazing again, but at least he’s watchable again. Plus, at least SpongeBob had a sense of identity still. This why I think the separation of Classic and Modern SpongeBob is unnecessary. If he...
  5. HI, I'm Cosmic

    Hi, I'm Cosmic. Ive been a lifelong Spongebob fan and I'm excited to have a place where people love this show just as much as I do. I draw a lot of Spongebob art and am working on some Spongebob animation at the moment. Seasons 1-4 are my favorite but Im very open to all eras of the show...
  6. BubatzBanause


    hi im new whats up
  7. Sponge64

    SpongeBob's early design thinks inside the box!

    I'm an artist cursed blessed with the ability to ONLY be able to draw SpongeBob, as well as his underwater buddies. Something I've noticed is that SpongeBob's face gets smaller and smaller by time. By season 65, he WILL be a sponge. Of course, I'm joking. Slightly. His face just mostly goes up...
  8. season 4 truther


    I got these bootleg SpomgeBob figures a few years back and they always seemed somewhat fascinating to me. Like, their designs clearly were based of this one promo image, and it seems ike the only image of these characters they ever saw lol, and that's why proportions and some of the design...
  9. SpongeBobsNumber1Fan

    HAPPY 37TH BIRTHDAY SPONGEBOB!!!!!!!! 🤗💛🧽🎂🥳3️⃣7️⃣😄

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!!!!!!! Today, July 14th, is our favorite Sponge’s 37th birthday!!!! SpongeBob has given us an ocean of laughs for almost 35 years over the course of close to 300 episodes and counting, plus three feature films and a fourth on the way, and several spin-off...
  10. zerocool

    Post Your Top 20 of Season 3

    1. Can You Spare a Dime? 2. Just One Bite 3. Clams 4. Wet Painters 5. Krusty Krab Training Video 6. Idiot Box 7. Krab Borg 8. Chocolate with Nuts 9. One Krab's Trash 10. No Weenies Allowed 11. Nasty Patty 12. Rock-a-Bye Bivalve 13. Club SpongeBob 14. SpongeBob Meets the Strangler 15. Squilliam...
  11. SpongeboyStudios

    Spongebob and Felix the cat

  12. Frank Buster Law

    I'm here for friends and collaborators

    I'm Frank. I'm a little bit odd but in a good way. I like SpongeBob (of course), good writing, Spider-man, Art, and the Bible, not in that order! Feel free to talk to me either here: Frank Buster Law#7367 Or here: mynamebefrank85@gmail.com And yes, I do do commissions and requests, as well as...
  13. Tacomaster

    What Not To Do at a Stoplight

    Now, we all know that in the episode Procrastination, SpongeBob had trouble writing an 800 word essay on what not to do at a stoplight. But that was 2001. 22 years have passed, and in the immortal words of Patrick Star, "we have technology". So, I decided to instruct ChatGPT to write an 800 word...
  14. Beatlesnicole

    What happens when you make AI generate a realistic SpongeBob art?

  15. SpongeboyStudios

    Pizza delivery But it's a "black and white cartoon"

  16. Tacomaster

    ChatGPT's Take on the Krabby Patty Formula

    Y'all heard of ChatGPT? I have. Raises some ethics concerns in terms of professional use, but hella entertaining when used casually. A few hours ago, I got an idea. Pretending I was Plankton, I decided to ask it what the Krabby Patty secret formula was. Attempt one didn't go so well... "As an...
  17. Graperpetual Pretzel

    Grapey's Fan Season: Quarter Uno!

    I'm making my own "season" of episode ideas. I've finished the first five episodes (none segments) out of twenty. Note: length in brackets is only for irregularly long or short eps, the rest are eleven mins each. In this fan season, the animation would be more subdued and a mix between...
  18. spunklebobby

    Show News The Tidal Zone is now a three-night event

    It's set to premiere through January 13 to 15. What was wrong with airing them all at the same day? Oh riiiight, ratings boost. Judging from how the last premiere did it's kinda understandable...
  19. PinkPugPrincess

    Show News Twas the Night Before Spongemas premiering on December 22

    A new Christmas-themed clip show called "Twas the Night Before Spongemas" will premiere on December 22nd @ 7 PM ET, as confirmed by the above promo. In this stand-alone special for Season 13, on Christmas Eve, SpongeBob and his friends look back on some of the fun and less-than-jolly Christmas...
  20. Squiddygirl

    Why is it...

    ...do I feel such a deep connection to this show? And SpongeBob? Maybe it's because SpongeBob represents all the good and joy in the world. Can yall share how SpongeBob makes you feel?