1. Speedie

    Why is it...

    ...do I feel such a deep connection to this show? And SpongeBob? Maybe it's because SpongeBob represents all the good and joy in the world. Can yall share how SpongeBob makes you feel?
  2. Is the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise too big to fail?

    A lot of franchises people claim are “too big to fail”. I’m pretty sure everyone knows that means. But I’m wondering if the same applies to SpongeBob. What do you think? I think he is… Sort of.
  3. Mr. Eugene H. Krabs

    SpongeBob SquarePants: Seasons 1 - 8 Title Cards or Screenshots in 16:9

    You can show any of your 16:9 tests of any title card or any episode screenshot. Notice that you have to draw what would be covering the black bars to make a best 16:9 test ever! :D Enjoy! And also show what you've done to make a 16:9 screenshot or title card. (Usually, you can get some from...
  4. skinnybeans17

    Show News Favorite Season 6-8 Special

    From all ten specials from the dark age of SpongeBob (even though these seasons aren’t as bad as what people say they are, despite some really bad episodes), which is your favorite and why? Let me know in the forum!
  5. meko1432

    Show News Squidward never hated spongebob or patrick

    I love their friendship so much. I liked how in the earlier seasons, Squidward never really hated SpongeBob; he was just annoyed by his overly happy attitude that clashed with his more cynical view of the world. Not to mention how he treats this dead-end job at a fast-food restaurant like it's...
  6. meko1432

    My spongebob fan fiction thingy (i know its bad)

    Squidward’s big day ‘’today is your big day Squidward’’ Squidward says as he leaps out of bed ‘’got to hurry’’ he continues as he rushes to the phone ‘’anytime now squiddy’’ he mumbles to himself The phone starts to ring ‘’he’s here!’’ squidward shouts as he picks up the...
  7. meko1432

    Show News who lives in a pineapple under the sea

    just wondering
  8. Completed upcoming tital zone

    are you guys excited about big crossover?
  9. meko1432

    Show News favorite post movie song?

    any from seasons 4-13
  10. meko1432

    Show News Patchy segments are boring

    I just don't find any of them charming or funny 12/4/2022 edit: i no longer think they're unfunny o_O
  11. meko1432

    Worst pre-movie season

    the first three seasons are gold, but which one is your least favorite
  12. ilove1994

    The illegal Persian and Arabic dubs of SpongeBob

    There is a very infamous Persian dubbed version of SpongeBob that was illegally dubbed without Nickelodeon/Viacoms consent. There are 5 different Persian dubs of SpongeBob and the show airs on TV in Iran and Afghanistan heavily censored with poor audio mixing. The last video above...
  13. 002

    Looney Tunes short vs. SpongeBob episode

    It's simple: You ask if you prefer any Looney Tunes short you want (e.g. Snow Business) or any SpongeBob episode you want (e.g. Extreme Spots) Here's what I mean: If I ask Snow Business vs. Extreme Spots, you answer. Once someone answers, they will do one on their own. Then either you or...
  14. Spunch Bop

    SB Title Cards Remastered

    Title Card For Your Shoe's Untied Remastered In 16:9
  15. Is SpongeBob still good nowadays?

    There is a lot of debates about if SpongeBob SquarePants is still good. Do you think he is still good?
  16. SpongeySquare

    Show News Reanimation: No Weenies Allowed Weenanimated

    Hi. I'm hosting a reanimation collab, or MAP, revolving around reanimating the classic episode No Weenies Allowed. I'd very much appreciate a follow on Twitter, and you are welcome to join the Discord server link on the profile: https://twitter.com/WeeniesCollab?s=09 There are around 16 scenes...
  17. Grapey

    Animation discussion

    Original Raw and Uncut likes to talk about this, so I'm gonna talk about it too. What episode do you consider the best and worst animated? Best: Fear of a Krabby Patty Worst: Boating Buddies
  18. Do you think SpongeBob would still become popular after many decades?

    It has been 22 years since the first episode of SpongeBob was aired. Despite that, it is still the most popular cartoon in the world so do you guys think this cartoon will last long just like Tom and Jerry or even Looney Tunes ?
  19. Grapey

    More drawings I did