1. DankPineappleLord

    Your Opinion on Post-Second Movie Episodes

    What's your opinion on the episodes that were made after Sponge Out of Water? Are they any good? Has the show gotten better or has the writing gotten so stale to the point where SpongeBob needs to change its style and reboot itself to keep itself fresh? I personally haven't seen any of these...
  2. SPONGEBOB In Real Life (Public Pranks)

  3. SterBob

    Do you think SpongeBob should have more recognizable pop culture refferences?

    "Is this Pizza Castle? Oh Hey Mario" "Hello Plankton...COME AND PLAY WITH US...Hurry...before we meeeeeelt..." Gosh, those rare occasions where SpongeBob has pop culture references from things most people actually know about is just so hilarious! I don't really want SpongeBob to have Mr.Krabs...
  4. The SpongeBob SquarePants Avatar Club

    I'm the real SpongeBob SquarePants!
  5. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy: Where Are They Now?

    This reminds me of that Patchy topic that was posted earlier this month..... :bullshrimp: Anyways, I haven't seen any Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy episodes lately. I've heard that there were no plans to recast Mermaid Man since Ernest died, so I think they're latest episode might be their...
  6. Deleted Scene Discoverer 1: Squidward's Transformation Scene

    Hello, everybody! My name is justme13 and welcome to the first edition of Deleted Scene Discoverer, where I task YOU to find any evidence you possibly can about a rumored deleted scene of the show that is not available via any public images or Youtube videos. The first, and possibly the most...
  7. Season 6 vs Season 7

    Hiya guys I'm sorry if I'm wrong but, I think most people here had said S6 and S7 were the most horrible seasons of SpongeBob. So I'm asking, which season was worse? Or maybe, the worst season isn't S6 or S7? :shiftysponge:
  8. Spongenemo

    Genemo & Christopher Redburn - Angel (PREVIEW)

    Heyyy everyone :D I Will release my first project tomorrow, with the vocal of a good friend. heres a little preview: https://soundcloud.com/genemo/angel-preview actually sounds kinda like avicii's music haha leave a like there if you like it :) thank you, spongenemo
  9. Flabby Patty

    Memorable moments from Modern SpongeBob?

    Is it just me going in the wrong places, or is it that I've barely seen any videos/Vines/articles/quotes/online posts pertaining to funny moments from the show, Seasons 4-beyond? It's very weird indeed. I guess most of the majority has probably been brainwashed with given a major perception that...