1. Grade a character

    This game is pick a character person below rates it 1-10 il start Season 6 Patrick
  2. Random Guy

    TOP 15 SB Episodes everyone seems to hate but I... don't.

    Well, after my list of top 15 episodes everyone likes but I don't (http://www.sbmania.net/forums/topic/53200-top-15-sb-episodes-everyone-seems-to-like-but-i-dont/), I'm going to write down the opposite list, with the top 15 episodes everyone seems to dislike, but I just don't hate. P.S: from...
  3. Simon

    What was your Best Day Ever

    There was a spongebob episode named the best day ever. So that got me thinking. What was your best day ever. We've all had best days or maybe even multiple best days.
  4. Random Guy

    TOP 15 SB Episodes everyone seems to like but I... don't.

    Well, the title explains it all. This is my first list I'm making on this forum and will include those episodes that almost everyone likes, but I don't like. P.S.: the presence of a new topic doesn't mean I'm shutting down my old topic about Spongebob episodes. P.P.S: please, don't complain...
  5. SpongeBobsNumber1Fan

    Happy 17th Anniversary SpongeBob!

    HAPPY 17 YEARS SPONGEBOB!!!! That's right, the first episode, "Help Wanted" / "Reef Blower" / "Tea At The Treedome" first premiered on Nickelodeon on May 1st, 1999, exactly 17 years ago today!! And the show is still going strong!! I have this wonderful show to thank for always helping me to stay...
  6. Honest Slug

    Hurt and Heal: SpongeBob Season 9a

    This was an idea I found on NoHomers.net and I think this could be a good idea. What the rules are is that every episode has ten points. You can add 1 point to one's episode's score and subtract from another's score until they reach zero. It keeps going until there is a winner. You can do this...