1. Help me with this

    This is very important. I need to know if anyone has seen reruns of Spongebob on TV Land in 2008-9 or earlier. I resorted to this website because I thought the fans of Spongebob would know best. I have seen reruns of Spongebob on TV Land in person. All I could find was a person on another forum...
  2. SpongeBobsNumber1Fan


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPONGEBOB!!!!!!!! That’s right, today is the day that our favorite sponge turns 32 YEARS OLD!! SpongeBob, I hope that you are having the greatest birthday ever and that you are partying it up in your pineapple under the sea!! You deserve the world and more. From literally the time...

    Which one has aged better? Dreamcast/GameCube Era Sonic or PlayStation 2/GameCube Era SpongeBob?

    Okay, guys. I asked this before on somewhere else unrelated, but since different opinions exist all over the web, I decided to see what you guys have to say or think. Which era of these two series have aged better in comparison to the other? Dreamcast Sonic or GameCube SpongeBob? This can...
  4. LadyElvis8

    The "Swelleriffic" art of LadyElvis

    Greetings, artists! Like many of you here, I love making beautiful artwork of SpongeBob. All my 'sb' artwork are displayed on these sites: https://mademoizelia.tumblr.com/ , Lady Elvis is my Pinterest name. On deviant art, I'm known as "gmRetrolatebloomer". There you can find a gallery of my SB...
  5. TurtleGamer777

    I have a friend who's making Battle for Bikini Bottom!

    I have a friend who is currently remaking Spongebob battle for Bikini Bottom in HD. He's not just going to add new levels, but he has more plans than that. If you'd like to see progress, join his discord! He even made a tool that exports bfbb levels to unity, so he's gonna try and get everything...
  6. Bubbly_Bunny_Liz

    Plankton's Logic

    Can someone please tell me why Plankton doesn't simply just hire someone to buy a Krabby Patty and give it to him. Then he can put the patty in his analyzer (which was a good idea) and get the recipe. Also, why get a new computer wife like he did in "Karen 2.0" when you can update the original...
  7. Barg N' Mart Lou

    Spongebob Discord Server

    Come join this new discord server I made to discuss anything spongebob related and to get news and information about spongebob! https://discord.gg/3X9Jz8M have fun! (Now Hiring: looking for mods)
  8. wij!ma

    Spongebob Season 1 Remix!

    me and my friend chucked this together for you all! :) click here: https://youtu.be/W2r9J09hQH8
  9. DolphinBrand

    Hope for another SpongeBob 3D Platformer

    So recently, the latest SpongeBob games have been getting a bad rep, which is deserving, considering Robotic Revenge and HeroPants in my opinion, are below mediocre games. What if Nickelodeon gave back the spongebob game rights to THQ nordic to make another SpongeBob 3D platformer nstead of...
  10. BackToSpongebob

    Custom Spongebob Episode Mini-Series?

    Hey everyone! I had a blog on this site a while ago talking about my journey writing and producing my own live-action Spongebob episodes. I decided to eventually delete the blog because the project wasn't going anywhere, but I have recently decided to take it back up again. I finished the...
  11. artsykids


    HEY :DD I Made a drawing of spongebob and patrick for christmas! I filmed the sketching & the colouring :))) I'll appreciate if you check it out! thank you :D :thumb1: should I make more? https://youtu.be/ZshLGpEPGJM
  12. SpongeBobsNumber1Fan

    Question For Anyone Who Has Seen The SpongeBob Musical

    Hey everyone! I have an important question for anyone here who has seen The SpongeBob Musical live on Broadway. The show looks absolutely incredible and I really want to see it, but here's the thing. I have a hearing condition and I'm not supposed to expose myself to very loud, sudden noises...
  13. BackToSpongebob

    Spongebob Merch on Amazon

    Hey everyone! :D I recently got a $25 gift card for Amazon, and I've been wondering what the coolest thing (Spongebob related) I can afford to buy on Amazon is. I've looked myself, but haven't found anything significantly eye-catching or out of the ordinary. Do you guys know of any awesome...
  14. BackToSpongebob

    Spongebob Music on Cassette!

    I'm pretty sure most of you know about the "Music from the Spongebob Squarepants Movie and More" that came with the first Spongebob movie. Today, using one of my blank cassettes I got for Christmas, I copied the entire album onto cassette! :D I have been wanting to do that for a long time, and...
  15. BackToSpongebob

    Miniature Episodes!

    Partly inspired by TacoMaster’s post, I’ve decided to write miniature Spongebob episodes for you guys. Just reply the plot or idea for your episode, and I’ll write a miniature version. Feel free to get creative!
  16. BackToSpongebob

    Spongebob and Patrick.. who are they?

    I know the user 'Spongebob and Patrick' sends friend requests to new members, but who are they, and what do they do that for? This is a mystery with a twistery! I'm more confused than when I first found out that the pilot episode wasn't on the original Spongebob Squarepants Season 1 DVD (they...
  17. TheJasbre202

    SpongeBob Music - Trippy Video Series

    Hello! This is a topic regarding my latest SpongeBob Music videos, they have realistic timelapse backgrounds with either a snapshot or video looping from actual SB over it. These are odd videos for great SpongeBob Music, since most of these types of Music Videos just have snapshots of when they...
  18. Inactive User

    Are You Excited?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCvhZ_uvWWY Are You Excited?? :sbgrin:
  19. Nicktoonsummersplash2001

    Nick Animation 1998 yearbook

    (Wasn’t sure if i had to put this in arts & entertainment or here so give me a break if I mess up...) So I found this yearbook of the Nickelodeon animation studios from 1998 on eBay... It seems like a great item to have. I would buy it, but this thing costs $500! Last time this was on...
  20. Toomas

    The Future of SpongeBob DVDs

    So with season 9 coming out on DVD (with a late announcement), what do you think is the future of SpongeBob home video? I believe it'll go on until the show ends which by the looks of it, could POSSIBLY be 2019 for the 20th anniversary (Although knowing Nick's current state, could be another 30...