SpongeBob Movie 2 - confirmed! *SPOILERS*

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TropicalNards112233 said:
Am I the only one who thinks Steve looks kinda unhappy? I mean, maybe he just didn't want his picture taken, but still, i dunno...
He probably didn't. If you search Google Images for "Stephen Hillenburg" there really aren't that many photos considering he's the creator of such a successful show. He seems to be quite a private/humble person which is why we rarely get photos, videos, interviews etc. I don't think he looks particularly unhappy compared to other photos of him. Tired, maybe. But they are making a movie.


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TropicalNards112233 said:

Am I the only one who thinks Steve looks kinda unhappy?
You're not the only one.

I think Mr. Hillenburg has more of a skeptical look on his face, he could be feeling skeptical about the success of the sequel, considering how much of (in his words) a "bloodbath" the original was. The first film opened at number 2 in the box office behind "National Treasure" in 2004.


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Bugs Bunny said:
A prequel would be much better. Perhaps explaining how Spongebob and Patrick became friends would be a good idea. Or anything that isn't a direct sequel.
I love this idea. The possibilities of where they could go with this are endless. Spongebob and Patrick meeting for the first time. Plankton and Krabs becoming enemies. Or Krabs opening the restaurant for the first time. Hell, even seeing Sandy make her decision to migrate to the sea would be pretty sweet.

We could even see when Spongebob first adopted Gary. ;) hmmmm?

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According to various tweets from the SpongeBob crew, they had the second animatic screening of the movie on Tuesday and it went well.

A picture of the movie crew bowling (from Vincent Waller):

Then this from Tibbitt:
Tuesday: second big animatic screening=upturned thumbs, success! Wednesday: bowling to celebrate...four frames in, I'm told to mark it zero.

And a "plot spoiler" which is certainly a joke because it's the plot for "Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown". :p


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Will Plankton be able to steal the formula successfully? Will the formula be revealed? Will Spongebob finally get his license and Mrs. Puff will be nicer to Spongebob? Will Squidward be happier? A new character? What else?!