SpongeBob Movie 2 - confirmed! *SPOILERS*

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Last year, we discussed rumors that there may be a new SpongeBob movie in the pipeline.
As of today, those rumors are officially confirmed - Paramount is indeed working on a new SpongeBob movie. (Source.)

Release Date: February 6, 2015

March 4, 2011: Rumors about a second SpongeBob movie first appear in an LA Times article.
February 28, 2012: Rumors are confirmed and a tentative release date of late 2014 is announced.
June 7, 2012: Hillenburg mentions his involvement with the movie in an interview; he will produce and help write, Tibbitt will direct.
August 17, 2012: Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger announced as writers, Mary Parent as producer. Tibbitt confirmed as director and Hillenburg as executive producer.
October 16, 2012: Paramount previews it's upcoming movies, including the untitled SpongeBob movie. SpongeBob will apparently travel from his world to ours. The movie will be in 3D. "CGI-like animation" is used in the preview.
October 28, 2012: Answering a fan on Twitter, Tibbitt mentions that the movie will be a stand-alone plot and not a continuation of the first movie.
December 14, 2012: First animatic screening of the movie at Paramount.
December 21, 2012: Tibbitt announces on Twitter that the movie is officially greenlit.
April 11, 2013: Second animatic screening.
August 1, 2013: Release date of Feb 13, 2015 announced.
September 30, 2013: Filming of live action sequences begins in Savannah and on Tybee Island.
March 13, 2014: Clip shown at Nick Upfront but not released to public.
June 6, 2014: Release date moved forward a week to Feb 6.
June 10, 2014: First official teaser poster released.
June 10, 2014: Official website is released.
July 31, 2014: First trailer released.
Oct 30, 2014: Second trailer released.
Oct 30, 2014: Second poster revealed.
Nov 24, 2014: Character posters revealed.

Cast & Crew
Executive producer: Stephen Hillenburg
Director: Paul Tibbitt
Director of live-action sequences: Mike Mitchell
Producers: Mary Parent, Cale Boyter, Craig Sost
Writers: Jonathan Aibel, Glenn Berger
Story artist: Nick Cross
Storyboard artist: Dave Cunningham
Storyboard Supervisor / Head of Story: Erik Wiese
Creative director: Vincent Waller
Background layout superviser: Kenny Pittenger
Production supervisor: Philip Harris
Production assistant: Monica Davila
Workbook/layout supervisor: Marco Cinello
Character layout artists: Kyle A Carrozza, Adam Paloian
Effects supervisor: Brice Mallier

Nick Upfront 2012
Animatic meeting


YES! :D As you can tell, I'm very excited. :p I wonder whether it will take place after the first movie.

Also, I hope this doesn't mean the series will be put on hiatus again to focus on the movie.


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YES. YES. A million times yes. Best part of the day. This is so awesome, so amazing, so funderfully snap-tastic that I can't contain myself. Sweet nuggets, this is awesome. I'm surprised one wasn't ordered earlier, though. I'd expect money-loving Viacom to have at least a Spongebob trilogy out by now :p

It may be ten years after the first one, but I'm really glad. Yes, things could conceviably go horribly wrong, but I really hope it turns out just as good, if not better than the first. I bet my excitement is gonna die with an announcement as stupid as this, though:

"Stephen Hillenburg: I know you guys are excited, but I'm here to say that writing on the movie....
*Crowd gasps*
Is exactly what I won't be doing! Our head writers are Aaron Springer, Uwe Boll and George Lucas! We'll be using Flash to animate! YEEEAHHH OCEANS AND SPONGEBOB GOODNIGHT"

I'm still a little scared about the movie's potential quality level, but if Seasons 9 & 10 turn out to be good, then I'll be really anticipating the movie.
But regardless, can't wait!


I think what I'm most excited about is the promotion and merchandising. I missed out on all the hype of the first movie, so I'm looking forward to experiencing it first hand this time around.
I first became a fan of the show about a few months before the movie was released in the United States, however, I don't really remember there being as much promotion for the movie here in Britain (besides some advertisements and a Burger King toy deal.) So I'm hoping that as the show is more popular now, there will be a lot more promotion and merchandising. :)


I haven't been this excited for a movie..... WELL SINCE THE FIRST ONE! :patrickomg: Okay, I am so glad that the movie is coming out that I felt like running in the streets when I heard this the other day. I have so many questions running through my mind. Like, Will this confirm the end of the series like the last one was going to, but become so famous that the show goes on stronger? AAAAAHHHH I am shaking as I'm writing this. I wonder also what it will be about, I mean there is a deleted scene from the SB movie about Sandy being a spy, maybe the movie will be about that? Though, unlikely, I could imagine it. I agree with SBrocks, I enjoyed the merchandise from the first one (the cereal, the BK meals, etc.) but I wonder what the new merchandise will be like. Like the first movie, I will be seeing it on the opening day, but this time I will be more aware (since I was seven years old at the time) and stay outside all night for the premire, when I'm 17. xD Since this will be the 15th year of SB and the 10th year of the first movie, I wonder how the movie will turn out. Do you guys think that it will take place before the last SB movie or after the last SB movie. I mean, the SB movie is chronologically the last episode.


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This is impressive for the show's longevity. The first movie happened 5 years after the show started, which seemed like a long wait to some, and now a second one happens 10 years after that.

So many articles...





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Hi, I'm normal.
Unlimitedcat said:
Will this confirm the end of the series like the last one was going to
Maybe, maybe not. Only time will tell.

Unlimitedcat said:
Do you guys think that it will take place before the last SB movie or after the last SB movie. I mean, the SB movie is chronologically the last episode.
Personally, I hope that this new movie will be not be a direct sequel or prequel to the first one. I'd like it to work well on its own and not require the audience to have seen the first one or even be totally familiar with series (one of the downfalls of the first movie was that you really had to watch some episodes first for it to make much sense).
It would be cool if they got creative and, without straying from the key things that make Spongebob so successful, maybe tried some different styles and techniques to make the movie more interesting and less like it could just have been a TV episode.