Kay-Rah-Tae: The Movie!

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Sep 22, 2005
Stealing your grill
Starting with this fic, I'll be including more then just outtakes and a sneak peek at my next fic, but even more bonus features, such as deleted scenes and production notes.

Production Notes on Kay-Rah-Tae: The Movie!

Kay-Rah-Tae: The Movie! is my 43rd fanfic and my 4th fanfic staged as a TV movie, the previous three being SpongeBob CablePants, SpongeBob and Patrick's Big Noogie Adventure, and SpongeBob SquarePants's Pineapple of Horror.

This fic was mainly inspired by a post patrick2403 made on the forums noting that "a movie about karate would be an awesome idea". It also gave me the inspiration for another upcoming fic... :) Click here to see said post.

I recieved The Simpsons Movie DVD as a Christmas present shortly before writing the final scene for my previous fic, So It's Come to This: A SpongeBob SquarePants Clip Show. Seeing as it is now my favorite movie, I tired to cram as many cultral references to The Simpsons Movie as I could, including transparent references to the Medicine Woman and the epiphany, as represented by the desert scene, and the climax of the dome falling apart, as represented by the climatic battle at the end.

Initially, before I had started writing the fic, I got worried about encountering what is known as a "second act sag", in which once all the exposition and conflict have been set up, and the viewers (or in this case, readers) are aware of what's going on, it becomes hard to keep the fic exciting or interesting. I was able to avoid this problem (for the most part) by introducing Desert Road and its many obstacles that SpongeBob and Sandy (and then eventually Patrick and Stevie) would have to overcome, as well as frequent cutbacks to the subplot with Patrick and Stevie, which also helped to keep comic relief going through the fic. Initially, the suplot was only brought on so Patrick and Stevie still remained as major characters and the fic didn't just revolve around Spongey and Sandy.

My younger sister Tristin-Z's pet pug, Miss Tuffsy, cleverly named after the epiosde Have You Seen This Snail?, died during the making of this fic. Apparently, one of her kidneys failed, and she was unable to drink or go to the bathroom. I'm still not sure if she was put to sleep or if she died on her own. But anyways, you'll notice that in Scene 10, the first scene written after her death, the news marquee makes a reference to her. Also, when Patrick and Stevie pose as army members to get themselves signed up, Stevie dubs their last names as "Misst" and "Tuffsyn", "Miss Tuffsy" with Tristin-Z's first name initials, "TN" slapped in at the ends. And finally, I dedicated the fic to her memory. May God take good care of Miss Tuffsy in heaven. :)

The Outtakes!

Patrick: Thank goodness we got that new director. He's a lot nicer then that Gillenburg. And he doesn't always say "CUT".
SpongeBob: Yeah, I wonder where Gillenburg is working now.

We then cut to Mr. Timbacks getting his hair done by Stephanie Gillenburg at a barbershop. His hair matched the blue color of his sideburns (he'll go bald like my Sig implies later). Stephanie was on the phone and thus he was just sitting there, wrapped in a chair.

Mr. Timbacks: Quick question about my hair?
Gillenburg: (sigh) I'm on the phone.
Mr. Timbacks: Oh.


Johnny: This year, there's a little twist! Due to a massive whirlpool that just occured in Sugimori Bottom, the competition will not be taking place in Ebiwalar (EHH-bay-WOOHL-arr) Stadium! This year, the competition will take place in Sawamular (SAWW-ame-YOUL-arr) Stadium in Hayashigame (HAY-oy-SHAH-gumm-EE) Bottom, just off Desert Road!
Director: CUT! Those pronounciations were totally off!
Johnny: Hey, don't blame me. I'm simply a realistic fish head animated by cutout animation!


SpongeBob: This suitcase is where I put all my spare karate gear. I packed food in all the other suitcases.

He started to carry all the suitcases into the back seat one by one as the bus driver opened one of them. Suddenly, Producer Randy popped his head out.

Producer Randy: Hola, no-peatones!
SpongeBob: WAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Director: CUT. That's the fifth time. You're this close to getting fired, Randy.
Randy: (walks out of the suitcase like a clown car) Estoy tratando de tener algo de diversin en torno a este conjunto. Despedir, amigo. (I'm just trying to have some fun around this set. Lay off, friend.)


Stevie: (sininging really badly to the tune of those various I Don't Know But I've Been Told marching songs)
Come on, wake up, rise and shine,
Smell all those old rotting ducks

Director: It's socks! SOCKS!
Stevie: Whatever. They rhyme. *crashes cymbals*


Stevie: Alright, Patrick, we've only got a little less then a day and a half to train, so if we want to win this karate competition, then we must clear our minds and focus on our dream of becoming the best karate pair in the sea!
Patrick: Umm, actually...(puts on a toque blanche) My dream is to become a world-famous chef!

He held out a cauldron...which was almost empty.

Director: Wait, cut! What happened to the...Patrick!

We zoom out to show Patrick was eating the stew. He had orange splotches on his lips and was chewing.

Patrick: Oh, sorry. I was getting kinda hungry, and when you're carrying a cauldron of soup, it can get kind of tempting...
Stevie: Patrick, you just had a big lunch.
Patrick: (swallows) Yeah, I know. (eats more)
Director: You people are driving me insane!


Two buffmen came over and used needles to pop all of SpongeBob's balloons, reducing him to just a smallfry dressed in oversized clothes.

Bodyguard: Balloons?!

The massive clothes then dropped, revealing SpongeBob's clown suit.

SpongeBob: I can explain?
Director: (as SpongeBob walks away, everyone laughing) Alright, we're losing our lives. Take it off and let's go again.


Stevie: (calling over to Patrick's rock) Fine! Be that way! But I shall stay here and train and I will not stop until my skills have been perfected‼ I'll stay here all night if I have to...

He then immediaely fell to the ground, out like a light, snoring. Unlike in the actual scene, the imploded can didn't pop out. After a few seconds, Stevie put his head up and popped the can back up as the crew laughed.


SpongeBob: It's hard to milk a hippie named Maurice?

He then slapped twice and then kicked in the groin. Finally, the tree branches pulled apart his eyes, mouth, head, shirt and tie (and upper half of his body), pants (and lower half), and his arms and legs.

SpongeBob: Hey, what are you doing?!

The branches then helped up his eyes and mouth as his other body parts started to melt.

SpongeBob: (to the director) I thought you said this part would be computer animated!
Director: Eh, we decided we didn't want to waste the $12 budget on cheap Pixar-y animation.


Stevie: Ready, Patrick?
Patrick: Ready!
Stevie: WHUPPAH!

He tried to chop off his attena, but ended up hurting his hand.

Stevie: (holding his hand) OW!
Director: CUT!


Stevie: (points) Look! A chipmunk!
Receptionist: (turns around) Where?

While she was distracted, Stevie and Patrick donned military uniforms. Once she turned around, Patrick tried to blow through a whistle, but kept sputtering and eventually passed out. The crew and Stevie started laughing.

Receptionist: I hate this gig.


Fredderick Hayashi: Nuka-nuka-nuka-artu-choka. Nuka-nuka-nuka-shoopa-woopa. Nuka-nuka-nuka-nuka-nuka...NAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

The ribbon did nothing.

Fredderick: Uhhh...
Producer Randy: (walking over) Oops. Forgot to break the string.

He then broke a thin string, which then split the ribbon, revealing the secret of the trick.

Director: (sigh) Cut.


Patrick: (getting up and turning to Stevie) Wow, Stevie, I didn't even know you had it in you.
Stevie: To tell the turth, neither did I. I just winged it.
Patrick: To tell the turth myself, I didn't actually you had anything in you...except gas.
Director: Uh, Stevie? You're supposed to fart!
Stevie: Um...yeah. Let me try again.

He strained. Nothing.

Stevie: (crying) I can't do it‼
Patrick: Just do this. (blows raspberries repeatedly)

Stevie started blowing raspberries with him

Director: Let's just take five and let these guys get it out of their system.


He then punched Roger right in the gut. Roger showed absolutely no reaction.

SpongeBob: Ah-ha! You are simply suppressing your....OW! OW! OW! That hurt! That really hurt!

Roger Brat lifted his shirt to show he had a steel cube strapped to his chest.

Roger Brat: Heh heh heh.
Director: Cut! Roger, no cheating!


Patrick: Hey, you know what?! I could win this match easily even if Stevie was knocked out in the first second!

We then look up to see the cap from the dome, still plummeting towards the ground. It then conked Patrick on the head, knocking him unconcious.

Stevie: Uh oh.
Director: Alright, run it again.



He then pulled out the canvas, revealing the salsa maker.

Stevie: Ta-dah!

Just then, Mr. Timbacks came over, grabbed the salsa maker, and ran off.

Mr. Timbacks: (running away with the salsa maker) Ha ha ha!
Stevie: Hey!
Director: Cut! Go get that man!

Some extremely musuclar crew members ran past Patrick and Stevie. We then heard sounds of Mr. Timbacks getting beaten up, his hat landing next to Pat and Steve. Finally, they rushed over and placed the salsa maker back.

Mr. Timbacks: (offscreen) ... Mommy?

Deleted Scenes

SpongeBob's Got a Jellyfishing Net
This scene took place during the Punk Hut scene when SpongeBob and Sandy have been exposed and are surrouded. It's kind of embarrassing, actually. See, I did actually intend to put this scene in, but I forgot to when I actually wrote it and once I realized about it, it was already too late. :)

The bodyguard walked over to SpongeBob. SpongeBob flashed up his jellyfishing net.

SpongeBob: (holding the net out in front of himself) Look out! I've got a jellyfishing net, and I know how to use it!

He closed his eyes and started waving the net in front of himself. The bodyguard then grabbed the net from him, and with one hand, ripped off the thread and actually ate it. As he did so, he tossed the bamboo frame on the ground and started stomping on it until it was broken pieces.

SpongeBob: (as he and Sandy are backing away) Riiight...

Cracking a Whip at Sandy
This was part of the Pitch-Black Forest scene where Spongey and Sandy were being chased by scallops. I decided to get rid of this scene feeling it seemed a little violent for SpongeBob toc rack a whip at Sandy. I mean, the fic's already rated S for the Punk Hut scene. I didn't want to drive that rating further. :P

SpongeBob: Come on, Sandy! Faster! We gotta outrun them! (starts cracking a whip at her) Run! Run! Run! Ru...
*Sandy grabs the whip from him*
Sandy: Y'all can parody The Simpsons Movie later.

She then sped up the motorcycle as the scallops continued chasing.

Patrick and Stevie Hitch a Ride
One of the biggest plot elements I had to figure out for the fic was how to get Patrick and Stevie through Desert and into Hayashigame. This was one of them there, before I came up with the whole cable car scenario. But I still wanted a Springfield Gorge reference, so I kind of saved that for the final fight at the end, in a small homage.

We see Patrick and Stevie walking through the Dunes of Hazzard, heavily exhausted. They stopped to catch their breath.

Stevie: Face it, Patrick. We're never getting to Hayashigame in time for the competition at this point.
Patrick: You mean we're not gonna save the town, and Mr. Krabs?
Stevie: Wrong movie, Patrick.
Patrick: (pointing) Hey, look!

He was pointing to the Punk Hut. They ran up to the entrance, where everyone in the Punk Hut was gathered.

Bartender: (as someone is smacking a rolling pan in thier hand) You boys need a ride?
Stevie: Umm...yes.
Bodyguard: (throws them the keys) Give it back when you're done.

They jumped inside the motorcycle and sped off.


They were coming up on the Golden Trench.

Stevie: Hang on, Patrick!

He sped up the cycle and they started to jump the trench, just like the Springfield Gorge in The Simpsons Movie.

Patrick and Stevie: (audio of Homer and Bart screaming from The Simpsons Movie)

They jumped off and made it to the other side just as the motorcycle plummeted down.

Patrick: Phew.

Sneak Peeks

It's big...

We see Patrick in a goofy little kid-like uniform, complete with a beanie cap.

Patrick: (grabbing Sandy) Sandy! I DON'T KNOW WHO I AM ANYMORE‼

It's bad...

Squidward: I can't do it! I JUST CAN'T DO IT‼


SpongeBob stepped out of a machine, in a leather jacket and sunglasses.

SpongeBob: Hey, boys. How's it hangin'?

For the first time ever, SpongeBob's turnin' cool and happening!

Kevin the Sea Cucumber: (making an image with his hands) I can see it now! SpongeBob SquarePants, the coolest kid in Bikini Bottom!

But is this for better...or worse?

Patrick: (sitting by his rock) SpongeBob's so cool, he doesn't want to hang out with me anymore.

It's the SpongeBob episode that changes everything!

SpongeBob: Sorrz, Sandra. But you too chap to be my girl.
Sandy: (raises an eyebrow) Chap?

Get ready to kick off Season 10 with...

SpongeNerd CoolPants
An all-new half-hour SpongeBob season premire! Hosted by none other then Patchy the Pirate!

Patchy removes his pirate hat to reveal an army helemt underneath.

Patchy: This is WAR, parrot‼
Potty: Rawk, I'm shaking.

He then tossed an egg into Patchy's face.

Premiering this March, sometime after Douglas-Z finishes Wand from Outer Space!


Gordon from Catscratch: (suddenly wakes up) GUYS‼ I just had the craziest dream!

We see an alien spaceship hovering over the fictional town featured in Catscratch.

Mr. Blik: (running around) It's the end of the world! It's the end of the world!
Waffle: (tapping on Mr. Blik's shoulder) Uh, Mr. Blik?

The camera then goes to the shot of Marc, Chris, and Jared on top of their spaceship.

Marc: We want...your jelly!

We then see Mr. Blik clutching a jar of grape jelly.

Mr. Blik: It's my jelly, and if those stinky aliens want it, they can kiss my black butt!

Stevie the Jellyfish: (dressed in a petticoat with a blue bow) Oh, boy.

The title appears on the screen.

Nickelodeon INVADED
Chapter 3: The Cats Are Coming, The Cats Are Coming!

The invasion continues...


*trailer from The SpongeBob SquarePants plays*

Since the beginning of time...

Mankind has searched for answers to the big questions...

Where did we come from?

Is there life, after death?

Are we alone?

But today, on this very forum...

You will be asked to answer the ultimate question...

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Stevie: (sudddenly appears on the screen) Hey, wait a minute! Why does he get his own movie and I don't? Really! I want to be in the movie too!
SpongeBob: (walking over) Stevie, the movie's already been out for less then four years now.
Stevie: Then remake it! Make it all over again! I want The SpongeBob SquarePants and Stevie Movie! (to SpongeBob) And you're gonna make it happen!

The SpongeBob SquarePants and Stevie Movie
Coming soon to a computer screen near you

Stevie: (as SpongeBob is shaking his head) I'm flaubbergasted!


Oh, the cut seans are funny. This is my most favorite fan-fic ever. YAY! How about a sequel?