Kay-Rah-Tae: The Movie!

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Sep 22, 2005
Stealing your grill
Sorry for the massive delay. I've been kinda busy the past few days.

Scene number: 12
Scene name: The Kay-Rah-Tae Choppers vs. Back on the Street!

We now go through a montage of the rest of the competition, which basically involved the Kay-Rah-Tae Choppers and Fred Flintstone's Ski Pals defeating random teams and moving up on the charts. Ironically, they were never paired against each other in any of the rounds. Throughout the montage, both teams continued to use their same strategy to defeat each team. SpongeBob and Sandy battled together whilst Stevie continued to use his strategy of tapping on people's shoulders, getting him to turn to him, and then punching them in the face.

The montage ended with Stevie tapping on Scooter's shoulder. Scooter turned to him and then Stevie punched him. He fell on top of the already knocked-out Larry the Lobster.


Ken Darry: And the Rad Surferz are down for the count, and Fred Flintstone's Ski Pals are moving on to the championship round!
Chet Darring: And now we're down to the 2nd and last fight of the semi-finals, the coupled duo of The Kay-Rah-Tae Choppers vs. our returning champions, Back on the Street!

The crowd cheered as both teams walked out. SpongeBob and Sandy were again wearing their karate gear. Roger Brat was a bulky yellow fish with a blue-dyed mohawk. He wore a black leather jacket, denim pants, and thin black boots. Larry Jay was a thin blue fish with a red-striped shirt, an unzipped leather jacket, cargo shorts, and very thick black boots.

SpongeBob: Sandy, do you remember what happened last year?

We flashback to last year's competition as we see Sandy going against Roger Brat, who surprisingly, was rather thin, almost as thin as Larry Jay was now. His mohawk was a natural brown color as opposed to blue. Larry Jay, much more obese and with messier hair, sat in the stands.

Larry Jay: (with a British accent) Hey go get 'em, Rogie! God save the queen!

Roger Brat walked over and punched Sandy in the face. In slow-mo, Sandy fell to the ground. The last thing we see is Roger Brat jumping into the air, landing towards the screen (from Sandy's POV), and then cutting to Roger Brat recieving the trophy.

Sandy: I was in the hospital for several months. How could I forget it?
Chet Darring: Let the round begin!

Ken banged the gong.

Roger Brat: Let me handle this, Larry. (slowly walks towards them)
Larry Jay: (with a New York accent) Yeah, gos get them, Rogie.

Roger walked over to SpongeBob as Sandy backed away timidly.

Roger: (points to SpongeBob) I dub you weak.
SpongeBob: Weak?! (starts circling his fists and jumping about) You want a piece of me, tubby?! You're about to get a major whooping of SPONGE!

He then punched Roger right in the gut. Roger showed absolutely no reaction.

SpongeBob: Ah-ha! You are simply suppressing your pain! I bet in the inside, your gut is under immense internal torture! Any second now, you're gonna clench it going, "OW! OW! OW! OW!"

Roger continued to do nothing. After a few seconds...

SpongeBob: (clenching his fist) OW! OW! OW! OW!
Larry Jay: Heh heh heh heh.

SpongeBob then punched him with his other fist.

SpongeBob: OW! (head) OW! (face) OW! (leg) OW! (other leg) OW! (belly) OW! (back) OW!

He continued to hit Roger several times with his various body parts, until he finally fell to the ground, seriously injured.

SpongeBob: Owwwwww....
Roger Brat: (as Larry Jay is walking over) Piece of cake.
Larry Jay: And now it's just Acorn Flats1 to take care of.
Sandy: Oh, nuts.

Roger and Larry just stood in front of her.

Sandy: Are y'all gonna do something?
Larry Jay: My mama says I can't hit girls, see.
Roger Brat: (grabs Sandy and traps her in his fist) Good thing my mama's dead.
Larry: Your mother ain't dead.
Roger: She died last year.
Larry: What?! She did?! Why wasn't I invited to her funeral then, huh?!
Roger: Because she hated you!
Larry: What difference does that make?! She's dead‼
Roger: Her last words were, "Rogie, whatever you do, don't invite that idiot Jay to my funeral! I'll be tossing and turning in my grave as he's sitting there snickering. SNICKERING‼"
Larry: Hey, just cause I snickered at her wedding, doesn't that I would...
Ken Darry: (through the mic) Uh, boys? We'd like to finish this fight today!
Roger: Gladly!

He started to hurl a punch. Sandy looked firhgtened for a second, and then she suddenly grew a stern face. Just as the punch came in...

Sandy: Help! Help!

Sandy's cry for help sounded to SpongeBob, who instantly snapped out of his injured state.

SpongeBob: Sandy!

He rushed over and immediately stopped the fist.

Roger: What the...

SpongeBob then grabbed his fist and hurled him away. He flew right through the hole at the top of the dome where Stevie had twisted off the dome's cap, and then flew offscreen. Sandy hugged SpongeBob as Larry stood there, astonished.

Chet Darring: Roger Brat is out of the stadium and possibly out of Hayashigame!
Ken Darry: That sponge kid just hurled big bulky Roger Brat through the dome and out of the stadium when he was about to punch his partner!
Chet Darring: I'd tell ya, Ken, that's true love right there!

Sandy: Thanks, SpongeBob. *kisses him on the cheek*
SpongeBob: (blushing) Don't mention it.
*cut to Patrick and Stevie in the dugout*
Patrick: (to Stevie) And you're just punching them in the face.
Stevie: Hey, I don't have a true love to kick me into Freakout Mode!
Larry Jay: Hey, ya GIRLS forgettin'? Yous still gotta take down me now!
Sandy: Lawrence Hugh Jay IV. The last time ah saw you, y'all were fat and yah had that British accent!
Larry: Roger inspired me to get in shape after he busted you off the scene, and then, I's went to speech therapy and the therapist was from the Uppah New York bay! Now ya gonna fight me or what?

Sandy cracked her knuckles and walked over to Larry.

Larry: What you want from me?


We see Larry Jay, looking beaten up and bruised.

Chet Darring: Wow, that was just wrong.
Ken Darry: This fic's gonna get a "TV-MA" rating, I just know it.

Stevie: That was...odd.
Patrick: I don't get it.

Sandy then hurled Larry out of the dome as well. He eventually started flying with Roger.

Larry: What are yous lookin' at, Rogie?

They landed straight into a grave site. The tombstone read, "Momma Brat".

Larry: (from inside the grave) Roger, is that yous kickin' me?
Roger: No...


Chet Darring: Ladies and gentlefish, The Kay-Rah-Tae Choppers are advancing to the championship round! And the semifinals are to a close!
Ken Darry: (over pan to the scoreboard) When we get back, we're moving on to the championship round, where the Kay-Rah-tae Choppers are going up against Fred Flintstone's Ski Pals!

The crowd cheered.

Chet Darring: But first, we will be having a short intermission, so our two teams get a chance to train,a dn you all get a change to go for snacks and drinks.


Next scene name: Intermission

1Tribute to Camp Lazlo.

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Sep 22, 2005
Stealing your grill
Scene number: 13
Scene name: Intermission

We see a Snack guy handing out snacks to everyone.

Snack guy: Popcorn! Peanuts! Hot dogs! Lollipops! Get your snacks right here!
Offscreen girl: I'll have a lollypop, mister!
Snack guy: Catch!

He threw a lollypop offscreen.

Offscreen girl: OW! My eye!
Offscreen man: Hey, got any drinks? This popcorn's a little salty.
Snack guy: Sorry. I only sell snacks.
Offscreen man: What?!
Other offscreen man: How can you sell these salty snacks without DRINKS?!
Snack guy: Don't blame me, blame the budget cuts.

All the people started booing and throwing their snacks back at the snack guy.

Snack guy: Hey, what's wrong with everybody?! What's happening?! This is the start of the chips era, man‼

he then ran away, trying to dodge all the snacks being thrown at thim. Meanwhile, SpongeBob and Sandy were warming up in the dugout.

SpongeBob: Man, we're up against Patrick and Stevie. I don't wanna hurt 'em or anything. I mean, they're my best friends in the whole world.
Sandy: Yeah, it can be tough. But don't worry, we'll just go easy on 'em. They'll probably just try to throw some quick punches or whatever.
SpongeBob: don't know, Sandy. They should know quite a bit of karate to have gotten this far.
Sandy: SpongeBob, let me ask y'all sometin'. How long have you been practin' karate?
SpongeBob: Since I was 8 years old.
Sandy: And how long have ah been practicin' karate?
SpongeBob: Since you were 4.
Sandy: And...how long have they been practicin' karate?
SpongeBob: Possibly a day and a half.
Sandy: Exactly! Now listen. I'm a 3rd degree black belt, and you were declared the King of Karate by a two-timin' real-estate varmint! The only accomplishments them blowhards ever got were an award for doing nuttin' and an unofficial Nobel Food Taste Prize from the Fondo Mexicano Foundation of Burritos and Other Mexican-Origin Foods!
*Stevie burps out a ribbon string*
SpongeBob: Yeah, but I've known them to be awfully clever.

We then cut to Stevie, who wheeled over a helium tank. He stuffed the tube into Patrick's mouth and turned the knob. Instantly, Patrick started to inflate and rise into the air. Stevie then sturck a needle in Patick's stomach, popping a hole in it, and Patrick to fly off hazardously.

Stevie: (pointing at Patrick as he's flying) DAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, Patrick knocked Stevie into the tank, causing his face to get sucked into the tube.

Stevie: ("helium-ified" voice) Patrick! Patrick! Stop this crazy thing!
Sandy: Aw yeah, they're awfully clever all right. More clever then a schemin' buffalo.
SpongeBob: Okay, they may not be the sharpest...
Stevie's voice: (offscreen) Patrick! I can't feel my nose!
Patrick: Hey! I can see my rock from here! Oh wait, that's just a rock.[sup]1[/sup]
Sandy: SpongeBob, don't worry. We'll win, and then we'll make amends with 'em afterwards.
SpongeBob: You're right, Sandy.
*kisses her on the cheek*

We then see Patrick stitching up his stomach as he's eavesdropping on Spongey and Sandy. Stevie is pulling his face out of the tube in the background.

Patrick: Ah, young love.
Stevie: (gasp) Patrick! Are you admiring the ENEMY?!
Patrick: Huh? SpongeBob and Sandy are my best friends.
Stevie: Not in here, they ain't! This is WAR, Patrick!
Patrick: I don't know. They're probably been practicing karate for at least a year.
Stevie: Yes, but we have our secret weapon.
Patrick: Low-fat butter?
Stevie: No! (raises his fist) The Grip of Fate[sup]2[/sup]. It is the power of this fist that will keep us alive and will win us the competition!

He then started laughing evilly, as the background distorted in the exact same fashion as SpongeBob Meets the Strangler. Patrick eventually started chuckling and then laughing normally,along with Stevie. After a while...

Patrick: What are we laughing at?
Stevie: You know Patrick, I sometimes wonder if there even is anything in that head of yours.
Patrick: So do I.


Next scene: The Final Brawl!

[sup]1[/sup]That line was taken from the console version of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Game.
[sup]2[/sup]"The Grip of Fate" is the name of a SpongeBob magazine comic.

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I want to get lost in your rock and roll
Sep 22, 2005
Stealing your grill
Starting with this scene (and for the rest of my fan career), I'm gonna do something a little different. I'm gonna use a title to descirbe the music that plays during a scene, placing the title at the moment where the music would start.

Scene number: 14
Scene name: The Final Brawl! SpongeBob and Sandy vs. Patrick and Stevie!

The crowd was roaring with excitement.

Ken Darry: And now, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for our final fight! The last brawl! The big climax! The crem de-la crem! The ultimate showdown! The last stand! The...
Guy in audience from The Smoking Peanut: Hey, get on with it already!
Chet Darring: (over a camera pan to the scorebaord) It's the championship round featuring The Kay-Rah-Tae Choppers vs. Fred Flintstone's Ski Pals!

SpongeBob and Sandy emerged from one of the corridors, whilst Patrick and Stevie emerged from the opposite corridor. Sandy wore only her headband and boots, whilst SpongeBob wore only his helmet and his robe from The Fry Cook Games. Patrick wore his rubber gloves and had a white towel around his shoulders. Stevie wore his sparring helmet as well as an orange robe.

Ken Darry: The battle will start after the Hayashigame Hush Puppies Royal Band plays the traditional Pre-Championship Fanfare!

The band all came out, dressed in Japanese marching uniforms and started to play the "Now That We're Men"-resemblent fanfare from The Great Snail Race.

As the band played, SpongeBob squinted at Patrick angrilly. Patrick noticed this and squinted back. SpongeBob squinted tighter, "grr"-ing. Patrick did the same.

The camera got closer and closer to SpongeBob's and Patrick's eys as they squinted them tighter and tighter, straining as they squinted. The closeups started to reveal their bloodshot eyeballs, built-up eyecrust, and veins on their eyelids.

After a few seconds of dramatic squinting, the camera shifted its focus to Stevie, who was noisily licking a pink popsicle.

Stevie: (turns to the camera) What?

The fanfare finished playing and walked odd.

Ken Darry: And now, ladies and gentlemen...let the round begin!

He banged the gong harder then ever before, resulting in a loud crash. SpongeBob slipped his gloves into his hands and pulled them out from underneath his robe, tossing it away. Patrick threw the towel aside, ripped off his shorts, got on his hands, and roared. Stevie slipped his hands underneath his robe and tosse dit awya, revealing a business suit underneath.

Stevie: (battle cry) GAAAAAHHHHH!!!! (notices the suit underneath) Huh?

He slipped his hands into the sit and teared it away, revealing his blue gloves underneath.

Stevie: (battle cry) GAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Sandy put her hands behind her back and swiped them back out, now wearing the gloves.

Ken: Ladies and gentlemen, this will prove to be quite a match. SpongeBob and Sandy in the previous round took out last year's champion Roger Brat and his partner Larry Jay in a crushing blow!
Chet: But then again, Patrick and Stevie defeated a 10-fish army in only three turns. And that was just the first round! Stevie the Jellyfish is clearly the sharper of the two. If it weren't for Stevie's amazing punch, Patrick Star would probably be dead by now.

This aggrevated Patrick.

Patrick: Hey, you know what?! I could win this match easily even if Stevie was knocked out in the first second!

We then look up to see the cap from the dome, still plummeting towards the ground. It then conked Stevie on the head, kncoking him unconcious.

Stevie: (as he gets conked in the head) Oysh[sup]1[/sup]!

Two ambulance drivers arrived and lifted Stevie into a stretcher.

Stevie: (lifting his finger in the air) I regret nothing!

He was then carried away.

Patrick: Uh oh. I sense trouble. (pause; sniffs) And nachos with cheese. Who's got nachos?!

We then see Producer Randy in the audience, snacking on some nachos and cheese.

Producer Randy: (mouth full of chips) Umm...(hides the nachos behind his back) Not me.
SpongeBob: (whispering to Sandy) Psst, now's our chance.

They charged towards Patrick, both screaming.

Music played: Super Smash Bros. Brawl -- Dialga/Palkia Battle
*whenever text is highlighted in blue, the music has shifted to the "Spear Pillar" section of the music*

Patrick in turn started running away, also screaming. However, Sandy and SpongeBob immediately caught up to him and started beating him up, Patrick continuing to scream.

Ken: And Patrick is facing an intesne rough-housng by SpongeBob and Sandy!
Chet: This fight is starting to remind me of the movie and professional wrestler's nickname The Heartbreak Kid!
Ken: (turns to him) How so?
Chet: (shrugs) Eh, seeing a tubby kid being beaten up by a couple just made me think of the movie's title.

Just then, Patrick shoved SpongeBob and Sandy into the air, until they finally crashed into the bleachers, injuring a few crowd members.

Patrick: (stands up) Whoa. I just shoved SpongeBob and Sandy into the seats. (starts jumping up and down and clapping) I didn't even know I had it in me! *farts*
SpongeBob: (getting up out of the crashed bleachers; dazed) Wow, it's more then just body fat in that arm.

His other tooth fell out, now leaving him "buck tooth-less". (His tooth that fell out during the bulldozer scene earlier is still missing.)

Sandy: (dazed) That arm had more muscle then the rear end of an angry buffalo. (faints)
Ken: And in a stunning turnaround, Patrick Star unleashes a violent shove that blows both SpongeBob and Sandy flying!
Chet: Ken, I'm starting to reconsider what I said about Patrick not being able to put up a fight without Stevie. This boy could actually win this thing!
Ken: With that in kind, excuse me for one second. (whipsering to a nearby tiny anchovy) Hold off my betting on SpongeBob and Sandy.
Anchovy: Meep. (walks off)

SpongeBob and Sandy dropped down a ladder and then descended down it to get back onto the ground and started running towards him.

Patrick: Now, you shall both taste the power of...uh, um...(lifts his belly)...blubber!
SpongeBob: Look out, he's got body fat!
Patrick: This is stomach fat! STOMACH FAT‼ Must I explain that nine times?!

SpongeBob and Sandy scoffed and contued charging. Patrick planted his feet and and exhaled out his belly. He then swung it, knocking away SpongeBob and Sandy.

SpongeBob: He's tough. Let's charge at him!

They immediately started charing.

Patrick: *Homer scream*

He then looked behind him. A wall blocked the field from the bleachers, and housed the dugout and the corridors. Patrick then started to run up the side of the wall.

SpongeBob and Sandy stopped, astonished.

Chet: Ken, how is that starfish running up the side of the stadium walls?

Ken smacked him with a magazine.

Chet: OW! What was that for?!
Ken: For being an idiot!
Chet: Huh?
Ken: (over a CSI-type zoom in on Patrick's feet) You of all people should know of the tube feet starfish posess on each of their five appendages!
Chet: Okay.

Patrick finally stood up on the wall and did a backflip, descending down. He struck his hand in front of him, all fingers pointing. His body started to flame up, similar to a comet or an impending meteor. This was clearly a variant of Patrick's custom karate move, the Macho Patrick Chop v from SpongeBob Who?.

Patrick: Get ready for the Macho Patrick Chop v2!
SpongeBob: (gasp) It's the Macho Patrick Chop v, only upside down! (shoves Sandy in front of him) Protect me, Sandy‼
Sandy: Aye doggies.

In slow-mo, Patrick slammed down a major chop of his hand to Sandy's forehead, sending her to the ground.

SpongeBob: Sandy!
Patrick: *chuckling*

SpongeBob got on his knees and turned Sandy's face. Sandy gave him a small wink.

SpongeBob: Sandy?
Sandy: (whispering) Listen, ah got a plan.

She whispered in SpongeBob's ear as Patrick was taking cheers and flowers from the crowds.

Ken: Ladies and gentlemen, Patrick has just on a custom spin on things that seems to have Sandra Cheeks down for the count!

SpongeBob started to charge towards Patrick.

Patrick: Oh, you want to taste Patrick Fu too, do you, Spongey?! Macho Patrick Chop v gave you some temporary amnesia, but Macho Patrick Chop v2 will knock you out COLD‼

He rushed towards the stadium wall.

Chet: Ladies and gentlefish, I think Patrick there's attempting another one on SpongeBob there!
Ken: You sure these guys are best friends, Chet?

Patrick ran up the side of the wall.

SpongeBob: Sandy, now!

Sandy put on a cowgirl hat and pulled out a lasso. Just as Patrick had gotten to the top of the wall, Sandy lassoed the wall, "pulling the rug out" from under him. Patrick staggered and fell into the bleachers, walking over people's heads.

Patrick: Excuse me, pardon me, comin' through!

He then walked up the roof. Sandy then lassoed the section of the roof off too. Patrick staggered again and actually started running up the side of the dome sealing the top half of the stadium.

Ken: Ladies and gentlefish, Patrick Star is running up the side of the dome!
Chet: That's one crazy starfish, Ken!

Eventually, Patrick got to the top, where the hole was. However, he staggered again, and barely was able to grab the hole with both hands (each hand on one side).

Chet: He's hangin' by a nose!

Patrick's hands started to slip off of his rubber gloves, which in turn were starting to slip off the dome. Patrick shoved his gloves off and onto the top side of the dome. He then looked up. The pressure of his weight on the dome was causing the rim of the hole to start to crack.

Patrick: Why must the good die young?
SpongeBob: Sandy, it's time!

Music playing: Score from The Simpsons Movie -- climax scene of Bart about to throw and then throwing the bomb through the hole of the dome.

Sandy got up and ran over. SpongeBob jumped into her arms, and then was flung into the air. He formed his part of the Toss n' Whirl, spinning into a little top as he skated on the side of the dome. He soon caught up to Patrick.

Patrick: Oy vey.

Just then, the collison of Sponge and Starfish resulted in a huge explosion on the top of the dome that resembled the explosion from The Simpsons Movie. It even blew some sea urchins off some enarby coral trees.

Music playing: Score from The Simpsons Movie -- climax scene of Homer and Bart cycling down the side of the dome as it is falling apart.

Patrick started plummeting towards the ground as SpongeBob skated back down the other side of the dome. The scene was staged exactly like the scene from The Simpsons Movie of Homer and Bart cycling down the dome and through the falling shards of glass.

Patrick managed to grab onto a stadium wall.

Music playing: Score from The Simpsons Movie -- moment when Homer and Bart are riding down the Springfield Gorge

However, SpongeBobs till as a spinning top, was heading for Patrick.

*music stops*

SpongeBob and Patrick both screamed, SpongeBob bravely and Patrick timidly. Their screams were even simply the audio of Homer and Bart screaming, Patrick screaming Homer's last few screams as SPongeBob advanced towards him.

*huge explosion*

Once the smoke had cleared, we see Patrick, lying on the ground, scorched and injured. SpongeBob was lying on top of him, breathing heavily.

Music playing: Score from The Simpsons Movie -- moment when Homer and Bart land safely on the other side and the dome shatters*

The dome shattered into tiny little pieces of glass that rained down on the stadium.

Sandy: (quiet voice) Wow.
SpongeBob: (breathing heavily) I'm...I'm really, Patrick. I just...wanted to win...so bad. Please forgive me.
Patrick: (quiet voice) Consider this friendship...over. *passes out*


Chet: *whistles*

*bubble transition*

We see an Award Podium on the field, as confetti fell. SpongeBob and Sandy stood on "1" as Patrick sat grumpilly on "2". Stevie walked onto the podium with Patrick, his head in a cast.

Stevie: So, how'd we do?!
Patrick: We lost.
Stevie: Oh. (sits down with him) Figures.

Ken Darry walked up to the podium as Chet Darry watched on the field. He held in his hands the trophy and the bundled-up $10,000.

Ken: Congratulations, guys. (holds out the trophy and money) Here you go.

SpongeBob pondered for a minute.

SpongeBob: (to Ken) Hey, listen. *whispers in Ken's ear*
Ken: Hey man, I don't go for that sort of thing.
Sandy: (hands him a bill) Ah'll pay y'all $20.
Ken: Deal.

We then cut to Patrick and Stevie. The trophy landed on Patrick's head as the money hit Stevie, causing him to fall to the ground.

Patrick: (reading the ingraving) "Patrick Star, Champion, 2018"?
Stevie: (climbing back up, looking at the money) Ten thousand smackers?
SpongeBob: I had the trophy engraved to you Patrick, and...you guys can keep the money. Friends?
Patrick: (crying) The best.

He gave SpongeBob a big hug as Stevie counted the money.

Stevie: I know just what I'm gonna spend this on.
*after the hug*
SpongeBob: (to Sandy) So, we did a good job...right?

Sandy responded by giving SpongeBob a kiss (on the lips).

SpongeBob: So...how about that dancing I promised?

*purple glitter transition to epilogue scene*

Final scene: You Spent the $10,000 on THAT?! (plus credits)

[sup]1[/sup]According to Mike Nawrocki, the co-creator of VeggieTales, "oysh" is a Spanish gutteral noise, the equivelant to "ouch".

Stinkoman 20X6

I want to get lost in your rock and roll
Sep 22, 2005
Stealing your grill
Scene number: 14
Final epilogue scene name: You Spent the $10,000 on THAT?!

We see SpongeBob and Sandy slow-dancing in the same disco stage from To Love a Patty. Other couples were slow-dancing in the background.

Sandy: This is nice. It feels just like our first time slow-dancing.
SpongeBob: Yeah, it makes you completely forget that it's our ninth time.
SpongeBob: How long have we been goin' steady? Two weeks? Three?
Sandy: Four.
SpongeBob: Four. Right. Hm, quite an adventure we'd had, huh?
Sandy: Yeah.
SpongeBob: It was worth it, though. Made for a good TV movie fic.
Sandy: Oh, hold the cattle a second. I have to use the ladies' room.

However, her hands seemed glued to SpongeBob's. Her hands were stuck to his.

Sandy: Uhh...
SpongeBob: Oh um, sorry about that. I kinda had some of that fondue for lunch before coming here, and, I think I lost the aldle on the bus, so...I had to eat it with my hands. It's...kinda sticky. I can go home and get my crowbar.
Sandy: Naw...it's fine. Y'all don't have to.

*cut to outside of the establishment, which was labled, "Bikini Bottom Dance Floors -- Since July 1979"*

SpongeBob: (from inside) Sandy?
Sandy: Yeah?
SpongeBob: I think I gotta go too.
Sandy: Ah'm sure we'll figure sometin' out.

*bubble transition*

Patrick and Stevie were standing in the backyard. Stevie had covered what appeared to be something exceptionally large in a huge canvas. Click here to see a picture.

Stevie: Patrick Star, are you prepared for me to reveal to you what great thing I have spent the $10,000 on?
Patrick: (looking at the canvas) It's big, and enormous, and so...round.
Stevie: Oh, it certainly will be big and enoromous and so round.

He grabbed the canvas with both hands.

Stevie: Alright, 5...4...3...2...
Patrick: Just do it already‼ I'm hungry!

He then pulled out the canvas, revealing....some sort of small vending dispenser, similar to a soda machine about the size of Stevie's head. It had "Salsa-Licious" written on its side. And it was certainly not round. :P

Stevie: Ta-dah!

Patrick walked over to it.

Patrick: What is it?
Stevie: (picks it up) This, Patrick, is the Uno Grand Salsa-Licious Salsa Maker! I bought it at that Mexican party store that Producer Randy used to work at. Here's how it works. *chops some tomatos over a tube on the top of the salsa maker* You put in some tomato choppings... *squishes tomatoes over the tube and then drops the tomato squash in* ...squish some tomatoes...*pours half a bottle of taco sauce in* ...taco sauce... *sprinkles some pepper in* ...pepper... *drops in a bowl of spice powder* ...spices and herbs, and finally, the ultimate ingredient...

He pulled out from his pocket a Ziploc© bag of chili peppers.

Stevie: (dumping the peppers into the salsa maker) Chili peppers. Now!

He pressed a button on the side of the salsa maker. It vibrated a bit and made sounds like a blender. Once it stopped...

Stevie: And now...

He held underneath the nozzle a taco and then pressed down the lever, allowing for the salsa to squirt out of the nozzle and onto the taco. Stevie took a bite out of the taco.

Stevie: Mm-mm! (mouth full) It's spicy!

He then started squirting salsa into his mouth by pressing it into the nozzle as he pushed down the lever.

Stevie: (smacking down the salsa) Mm-mm, it's good.
Patrick: You spent the $10,000 on that?! What kind of sick twisted person are you?!
Stevie: Actually, this only cost $9,994.
Patrick: Then what'd you do with the other $7?
Stevie: Well...

We then cut to a bowl of peas, and then pan out to reveal that Jimmy Frogurt was holding the peas.

Jimmy: He gave me a bowl of peas! A bowl of peas! This'll feed us for maybe a week! Or even a month! (dancing around) Ha-ha-ha!
Male teenager's voice: (from inside a nearby box) Hey dad, shut up! We're trying to do our kindergarten homework!
Female teenager's voice: ...again. Hey dad, what's 2 + 2 again?
Male teenager's voice: What are you, dumb? It's fish!

We cut back to Patrick and Stevie.

Patrick: Let's just move on to Season 10 already.

End of Kay-Rah-Tae: The Movie!

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Writing Inspiration and Cultral References
Pokmon franchise
Academy Awards
The Outsiders by S.E Hinton
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"Kay-Rah-Tae: The Movie!"

Tom Kenny..............SpongeBob, Stevie, Gary, Froggy, Punk Hut patron, various voices
Bill Fagerbakke........Patrick, Darryl, Fredderick Hayashi, Old Man Jenkins, various voices
Carolyn Lawrence....Sandy, Clara
Eugenio Derbez........Producer Randy
Mr. Lawrence...........Realistic Fish Head, Polar Bear

"Kay-Rah-Tae: The Movie!"
Also Starring

Jon Kassir....Bus Driver Gil, Clumsy guy
Tom Wilson..Roger Brat, Bodyguard, Bartender
Jill Tilley......Darlene, Receptionist

"Kay-Rah-Tae: The Movie!"
Guest Starring

Darrell Waltrip.........Ken Darry
Bob Costas.............Chet Darring
Tress MacNielle.......Sand Woman
Nancy Cartwright.....Nelson Muntz, Larry Jay

Special Thanks to All SBM Members Who read and Commented On This Fic
Bart Simpson
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Band Geek

Kay-Rah-Tae: The Movie! was inspired by this post made on the forums. My hat's off to patrick2403 for giving me this wonderful idea in the first place.

No actors were harmed or injured during the making of this fic, well, except for SpongeBob in that one scene, and all those guys from the Punk Hut, and those clams and scallops in the Pitch-Black Forest, oh yeah, Producer Randy also got hurt of-set...and Patrick. :P

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Dedicated to Miss Tuffsy the Pug
(November 22, 2005 - February 4, 2008)

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