193b. What's Eating Patrick?


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I can't wait to see this one! I don't have Nick channels so I have to wait for KissCartoon to get it

And the title reminds me of Seinfeld for some reason

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Adam Paloian:

Check out a brand new SpongeBob TONIGHT at 7:30 PM!!!
I had a lot of fun working on this episode and coming up with different ways for Patrick to eat large amounts of Krabby Patties for an eating contest. It’s one of my favorite episodes we’ve done this season!
I’ll share more board drawings tomorrow morning!

Sherm Cohen:

NEW episode of @SpongeBob tonight! Here's a little storyboard-to-TV comparison preview. Nickelodeon 7:30 pm


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I loved this episode! It's my most favorite episode so far:

1. What's Eating Patrick? (9.5/10)
2. Squid Plus One (9/10)
3. Pull Up A Barrel (8.5/10)
4. Tutor Sauce (8/10)
5. The Executive Treatment (6.5/10)
6. Lost in Bikini Bottom (5.5/10)
7. Company Picnic (5/10)


This episode was amazing. Awesome soundtrack, animation, unique plot, funny moments, and the kid with the "bwoken weg" was a really nice and sweet addition to this episode. Probably one of my favorites of these new SB episodes! :salute:


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I'd call this episode "The S6 Directors vs. Stephen Hillenburg". It felt like those nutters who thought the epitome badness of Season 6 was good for your soul attempted to bog down this episode (Watch for PatDumb, grossness involving chewed patties and the bittersweet *Ba dum TSS* ending), but the good saint Stephen Hillenburg counteracted it with great jokes, writing and an actual surprise (McNulty is NOT cheating, although he looks like it) IMO.

Best Gags: Taste Bud Party/Scoreboard Shenanigans

Rating: 4/5 a.k.a. 8/10

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It was pretty good. I've already expressed my thoughts on Twitter/SBC but essentially I thought it had some really fun cartoony gags and funny dialogue. I also really liked the fish incidental.

If I had anything to criticize I guess it's that the pace got a little slow in some parts and it could've used some more jokes.



Did that guy have a mom tattoo like in No Weenies Allowed? I couldn't see because I didn't have my glasses lol I'm actually surprised patrick won and wasn't called a loser by Mr. Krabs or anything for not winning.


So a good one for later s9 I guess, didn't feel like they were trying to make Krabs as much of a cheapskate as he usually is. But, once again the beginning was slow paced. But in its' defense they kinda needed to explain the Founders day and that contest eater.
Also did anyone feel like this reminded them of that Hey Arnold episode.


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Basically a rehashed version of the great snail race. I'm sorry, the "you have to taste the patty" is just stapled on and is resolved in like, a millisecond, the kid with the broken leg is annoying, and most of the characters are half-assed jerks, cardboard cutouts, or annoying whiners.
2.5/10 because th original music making a comeback was a good thing.


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So far, I think this one of Season 9.2's best episodes. Patrick truly was the star (pun not intended) of this episode, and SpongeBob served his purpose well. However, Mr. Krabs did come off as moderately villainous in this episode, but some of it was justified, such as the bills Patrick would have had to pay had he lost. The episode was also rather boring at times, and some of Patrick's stupidity felt forced. Overall, most of the characters were played well, there were some funny lines, and the episode was very engaging.


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My new favourite Season 9b episode. It's a fast-paced episode (finally) with a lot of good visual gags. Patrick as the hero was something we never seen before, so it feels new and satisfying; truly he was the star of the episode.

Also both this episode and the executive treatment have montage (training) scenes featuring Patrick; I ship Patrick and Montage scenes. :wub:

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Pretty funny episode. 9/10. Truly a Patrick episode done right. One of the better episodes of the 9b bunch (so far). Jack Pendarvis seems to be getting better and better by each episode... and who could forget Patrick actually being a hero?

Some crowning moments-
The kid with the "bwoken weg"
Taste bud party
no "cartoony xylophone" tracks (except a KK variation of "The Donut Dilemma" by Nick Carr.)
McNulty actually not cheating =O