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Dec 20, 2005
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"FIRMLY GRASP IT!! D:<" [crunch]
Squidward - [groaning in pain]

Ouch.. x'D I love that moment in this episode, :D
I love that old Jellyfishing song that Spongebob and Patrick were singing to Squidward. :)
This episode is on Nick right now. It's not that amazing as an episode, but probably one of the funniest in Season 1. :thumbsup:
This is one of my favorite episodes.

My favorite parts:

Patrick: "Firmly grasp it in your hand."
(Squidward can't hold the jellyfishing net because of his bandaged hand, so it falls down. Patrick picks it back up)
Patrick: "Firmly grasp it."
(gives it to Squidward again, and the same thing happens)
Patrick: (angrily) "Firmly grasp it!"
(shoves the net through Squidward's hand, who howls in pain)
Patrick: (happily) That oughta do it!

His smile when he says that always makes me laugh.

Also Spongebob's mouth-wetting scene complete with Patrick finally having enough.

Also, for some reason, I loved Spongebob's and Patrick's dialogue as Squidward was trying to capture the jellyfish.

And I loved the scene when the mother jellyfish showed up and totally fried Squidward, complete with visible zaps, and then Spongebob and Patrick's "Wow......."s along with the shocked looks on their faces.

And then near the end where Spongebob and Patrick try to make Squidward feel better by giving him the jellyfish from the previous day.

Spongebob: "You're not still mad, are you?"
(Squidward opens the jellyfish jar towards Spongebob and Patrick)
Patrick: "Yup, he's still mad."
Very underrated episode. This one got Squidward abuse but they were all funny in this episode. I did laugh at the parts with SpongeBob and Patrick racing to the jellyfish (with the rock song in the background), Squidward getting in a bike accident, and SB and Patrick's version of Blue Danube. 10/10
Another SpongeBob classic. It introduces SpongeBob and Patrick's gift for jellyfishing! It was funny when they tried to give Squidward his best day ever, which wasn't. LOL. And the "firmly grasp it" quote is funny, too. Of course, the reasons why I didn't give this a 10 was because the episode was a bit dull and there was some Squidward abuse. But, aside from that, this episode is great!

Final Grade: 9/10
I LOVE THIS EPISODE. Possibly in the top 10. It was very funny and creative. 10/10
This wasn't my favorite of Season 1. Although it had some hilarious moments (like FIRMLY GRASP IT!), it was a little too much for Squiddy. It was physical abuse, though, and that was quite funny. At least Squidward actually caused the problem, so I can give this episode some credit.

7.2/10 :)
Fact: this episode debuts jem jellyfish, that jellyfish that stings spongebob and Patrick 10/10
This episode has horrifying amounts of Squid Abuse, which is why I don't exactly like it.
It has tons of Squid Abuse but its abuse in a comical way!! 8/10
It was good with the character mechanics but one of the weaker pre-movie episodes imo. 5.9/10
Plot: Squidward gets hurt in a bike accident (after a healthy dose of karma), so Spongebob and Patrick try to give him his best day ever. This one was the first real Squidward abuse episode, but it was in a comical way, and he kind of had it coming, not just "Hey, let's just torture Squidward!" The plot was fun, and moved along well, and kept me hooked the whole way through. It did seem a little overboard on Squidward abuse though. 3.6/4.

Jokes: The jokes in this episode were so much fun, with the visual gags, and all the fun lines, everything about it was just great. Firmly grasp it, both of the scenes where SB and Patrick are Jellyfishing, just really great, and got a few chuckles and lots of smiles out of me. 2.9/3.

Characters: The characters in this episode played out very well. Spongebob and Patrick actually acknowledge what they do to Squidward somewhat, and they weren't blatantly ignoring it. They actually used there brains, and it made me like the characters. Squidward, as usual, was a jerk/annoyed by Spongebob and Patrick, and got tortured for it. The characters were great this episode. 2.7/3.

Overall: Another classic Spongebob episode, with a great plot, lots of jokes, classic lines, and just fun to revisit again. Overall, this gets a 9.2 rating from me.

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The mean-spirited overtones bring this episode down for me, but I like it more than I like most character abuse episodes. It's pretty funny for the most part, and I like that SpongeBob and Patrick at least try to apologize to Squidward at the end of the episode, it was a nice gesture, even though Squidward wouldn't accept the apology.
The first squid abuse episode, although this is better than the laters. 8/10
I didn't like this episode, I feel bad for Squidward after watching it.