02a. Bubblestand

Not one of the most memorable episodes, but still good.

Pretty classic episode. It's a classic example of SpongeBob making an episode almost entirely out of gags and some of them really land like the technique and "It's a giraffe" Not the most amazing episode but it is the one that started a fun formula.

I think this is my favorite season 1 episode, certainly in my top 10 pre-first movie episodes.

But the best thing to come out of this was Prince Paul's Bubble Party - I am listening to it as I type this!
This episode is my favorite. I love all the shapes of the bubbles SpongeBob makes, as well as the plot of this episode, and the always popular technique.

My ranking: 9.810.0
Plot: The bubblestand making scene is pointless. They could have added more Sponge & Pat. 3/4

Jokes: Squidward not getting a bubble until he is mad. 3/4

Characters: Could have found a way to include Gary. 3/4

Quotes: "Don't give me any of that! How can you two possibly make all this noise just blowing bubbles?" 4/4

LOL-ness: Squid's got jeans! Squid's got jeans! 4/4

Total: 14/20 - 7/10
This is one of those episodes with a simple plot, but turns out great! This episode will always be a classic for me, as I have been watching it for years and it is one of my favorite episodes. The animation, characters, music, everything was perfect in this episode! 9/10
This is a classic, although like a lot of other Season 1 episodes nothing outstanding. Good humor, but I like a lot of other episodes more. Good episode.
As an episode aired in the middle of July, Bubblestand is a classic, with some outstanding bubbles that look like real things. This episode also had good humour, nice dialogue, and cool animation, but the flaws I found in this episode were Squidward's role being a bit thin, and some one-liners not funny, not even the slightest bit of "laugh-out-loud" funny! Despite these flaws, this episode is still great, but I like a lot of other episodes more. Who says you can't have any bubbles with a mind of their own?

Favourite moment: Squidward blowing a very big bubble, which then lits his house up.

Most awesome quote: "Now it's time to bring it around town! Bring it around town!"

Fun fact: This episode was the inspiration for "Prince Paul's Bubble Party", witch sadly didn't make the end credits of "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie". What a failure!

Ranking: 63/100
Never was a huge fan of this...I do like some parts like the ''Oh, it's a giraffe'' and ''The technique'' part and I do liked how simple it was (it only contained SpongeBob opening a bubble-stand) ...and they made it even better..but it was kind of boring seeing that technique over and over again and yeah...the ending was funny too..I give this 8/10
I rate this as a ten out of ten because it was awesome. It had some really funny jokes (the jeans/genes one was funny) and it was just overall an awesome episode.
It's mostly good, but not great.
"Hey, TheOtherSpongebob, wanna blow some bubbles?"

Sure, how much do they cost?

"Only a quarter."

A quarter? Sure I have one of those! Uhh, Spongebob, can I borrow a quarter?

"Sure thing, pal."

Ok. (gives quarter to SB, who bites on it, and it bends)

(blows bubble) While I'm blowing bubbles, let me tell you why I love this episode. (bubble pops) It's POP-tacular! Hahahaha! Get it? Ha ha ha. Yeah. Okay. This episode is a standard "Spongebob and Patrick bug Squidward" episode, and it's great. It's also one of the episodes where Squidward gets into their nonsense and enjoys it, only to go back to being the Butt Monkey again. It's sorta like "Slide Whistle Stooges", only better. Squidward isn't going complete crazy enough to end him up in the hospital, and SB and Pat aren't idiotically oblivious to Squidward about to kill them for the accident. But this isn't about that episode. This is about a good episode. :) "Bubblestand" is an episode I know so well from my childhood, as well as its sister episode. My favorite parts of the episode are the iconic "bubble technique" and the giant bubble that Squid blew taking away his house. What makes it even funnier is Patrick's delayed reaction after he's stopped from dancing by Sponge. XD (blows hard on the bubble wand, but no bubble comes out)

"Would you like some lessons? Only 25 cents."

Of course. Now if you excuse me, I need to "bring it around town!" TheOtherSpongebob, out. ;)
This is one of my favorite episodes. I really like the plot, alot of the many scenes are funny, and the animation is very amaze. This is also known to be Stephen Hillenburg's most favorite episode. Anywho, I'll give this episode a 9.5/10.
A couple of things to point out, they are pretty obvious but still noteworthy. I didn't really realize that this is just one of 3 episodes Stephen Hillenburg wrote. It's amazing to think that the creator only wrote 3 out of like 390 episodes! Another is that this episode is one of the simplest, involving just 3 characters. To me, this is what spongebob need to get back to doing. You look at all the new episodes and they are filled, quite literally, with filler characters. Keep it succinct, 4-5 characters to revolve the story around and you SHOULD (at this point in the series) have a fantastic episode.
Ah, the episode of the bubble technique! I still enjoy the "Haha! It's a giraffe!" line, given from Patrick. SpongeBob was a great instructor. 10/10
Very funny episode and I love all of the the bubble arts and the bubble technique

Grade: A+

Best Character: All of Them

Best Line: Bring it around town

Best Moment: Squidward blowing a big bubble
Now this episode remains very nostalgic to me. That being said, I won't let that get in the way of my rating.

This is a very classic episode. A lot of the visual gags are funny and I love the beginning with SpongeBob "trying" to not make noise :sbface:

There aren't too many jokes overall, though, and it does feel a bit slow at a few parts.

4/5 still a timeless classic