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Dec 20, 2005
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Good episode. It's so funny because Squidward can't blow a perfect bubble like Spongebob..the technique, Squidward, do the technique! :P
I guess Squidward got so annoyed by Spongebob and Patrick because they kept telling him to do the technique when he didn't want to. In a result he started to act so crazy when he did it. XD
A Simple, But Hilarious Classic

Being the first episode to express two important things:

a) The trio's neighbor lives

Anyway, this episode is hilarious! I thought it was funny when patrick thought the obvious elephant was a giraffe. Patrick never fails to make me laugh in the earlier episodes! :D

I give this one a 9.5/10.0 :)
This episode is a SpongeBob classic! I love how it revolved around something simple: blowing bubbles and made it funny. The technique is the best moment in this episode! "Bring it around town! Brrring it around town!" And, it was funny when Squidward tried blowing a bubble and blew the biggest, most gigantic bubble ever! The ending was funny, too. If you like SpongeBob, then you'll definately love this episode!

Final Grade: 9.5/10
What can I say about this episode? I love it. Favorite part was "HAHAHA IT'S A GIRAFFE". Classic 9/10
The first episode I ever saw! :) It's been a long while, and it was the start of my obsession. An episode that showed what Squiddy had childish bubble-blowing in his jeans. I hated "Squidwirt", as I used to call him, because he was a meanie towards SpongeBob and Patrick.

But I would be mean if a giraffe made a big boom in my house. :rofl2:

8.9/10 :D
An amazing and unforgetable classic with many jokes and this a great start to the episodes with the trio.
Love this episode especially the dance he did which is actually the Time Warp in real life.
Great episode. I love how blowing a bubble was able to be entertaining. The jokes were funny, the characters were hilarious, and Squidward played some relatively good clarinet near the end. 9/10 :D
Plot: Spongebob opens up a bubblestand, and let's people blow bubbles, and teaches them the technique for only 25 cents. I like how the plot is kept easy to follow, and makes for a fun episode, but I wish they would've fleshed out the Bubblestand a bit more, where like tons of people line up to learn the technique. It seemed a bit to simple for me, a bit lacking, but still, not really that bad. 2.9/4

Jokes: The jokes in this episode were great. The whole technique, Squidward paying all that money just to show up Spongebob, all the jokes were really on par with a great episode. This episode was definatly more about jokes then plot, but I wish there was more. The ones that were there were really great though. 2.5/3.

Characters: All the characters act like the way they should, Spongebob, Patricvk, Squidward, none of them really act in a way that makes me not like them, and of course, when Squidward is a jerk, he gets what's coming. 2.8/3

Overall: This was a good, simple, fun little episode, getting an overall score of 8.2/10. There were a few flaws, but again, nothing that makes the episode bad.

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Meh, it's okay. A couple of things, like "the technique", were funny and I liked that Squidward was able to play clarinet well at the end, but this isn't an episode I'm particularly fond of. I find it forgettable.
It's a very decent episode for me, I loved That bubble dance stuff. 9.5/10

And remember, if you don't know what it is, it's have to be a giraffe