Summarize a SpongeBob episode in 4 words, but...


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Jul 20, 2023
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Welcome to my game! The rules are simple:

In order of every episode, you have to summarize the plot in 4 words. However, there are a few twists to it.

-You cannot use a character's name, but you can use describing features!
Ex: Help Wanted!
"SpongeBob gets the job!" ❌
"Yellow Sponge is hired!" ✔️

-You cannot copy any word from the most recent reply
Ex: Reef Blower
"Man annoys using lawncare"
Tea At The Treedome
"Man drowns using air" ❌
"Sponge allergic to oxygen" ✔️

However, you can use words from 2 comments ago or more.

-You should format it like:
Title - "Just in 4 words!"
Bonus points if you're answer is funny!

I'll go first, and remember, go in order! (If you do not know an episode plot, and wish to participate, I recommend reading the synopsis sections over at the SpongeBob Wiki!"

Help Wanted! - "Hired by patty flying!"
Reef Blower - Garbage makes ocean vacuumed
Tea at the Treedome - Drying cheese slowly dying

First unnecessary torture episode

Fixed it sorry I didn't read all the rules XD
Plankton!-Guy controls other guy
Naughty Nautical Neighbors - "Stupid minds think unlike"
Boating school
Getting his driver license???
Pizza Delivery - "Pizza adventure GONE WRONG?!?!"
Home Sweet Pineapple

Where's my pineapple house???
Mermaidman and Barnacleboy - "Retirement ruined by nerds!"
Hall Monitor - "Citizens terrorized by law"
Sandy's Rocket - "Sponge STILL terrorizes everyone!"
Squeaky Boots

Boots consume someones sanity
Nature Pants - "Insane naked becomes Jellyfish"