1. Share Your SpongeBob Episode Ideas Here!

    Haven't seen a thread like this in a while, so I thought I should revive it. So just share your episode ideas here, and if you want, you can add the plot and the title of your idea for an episode!
  2. BackToSpongebob

    Custom Spongebob Episode Mini-Series?

    Hey everyone! I had a blog on this site a while ago talking about my journey writing and producing my own live-action Spongebob episodes. I decided to eventually delete the blog because the project wasn't going anywhere, but I have recently decided to take it back up again. I finished the...
  3. TheJasbre202

    SpongeBob: Remade Episode Titles Project (2015-now)

    Hey everyone, i started a project 2 years ago, where I remake episode titles of SpongeBob SquarePants, I already made the first 3 seasons, and it'd mean a lot of you guys would check them out and would give your support! (YouTube's kinda my job, lelz) and this weekend, i'll start the Season 4...
  4. Barg N' Mart Lou

    Spongebob Discord Fanpage Community!

    https://discord.gg/acbYeUD This is a link to join a newly created Discord server dedicated to the spongebob fans. It is titled "The Salty Spitoon". It is newly created as of right now, so it's not very detailed, but we are working on making it bigger, and better. So come hang out with us, and...
  5. Plankton284

    Plankton's Reviews

    Hey guys, since I'm quite new to this forum, I decided to review one of my all-time favorite SpongeBob episodes, "SquidWard the Unfriendly Ghost". Let me first start off by saying that the title of this episode is a awesome reference to a cartoon. Which is quite cool and rare for a SpongeBob...
  6. q543frodomar

    Best Season 7 episode?

    Let's face it: Season 7 is the most hated season. I hate it, too, although I think Pet Sitter Pat is worse than 1CM and APFG. Don't get me wrong: I hate those episodes. But this season DID have some good episodes. What's your favorite season 7 episode? Mine is The Abrasive Side. I liked it...
  7. FaLaLaLaLa Un-i-ver-rse

    Scoring every episode

    Like what it says above, I'll score every episode. And yes, this was inspired by random guy.
  8. Random Guy

    Top 15 Worst SB Pairings

    Well, we're back with a new list. We already know there are good episodes and of course bad episodes, but this time I'm going to talk about those pairings that were just wrong, for several reasons you're going to find out. And for the record, my list contains episodes from both pre-movie and...
  9. Merry Christmas By Youtube :)

  10. Hi Guys This is my Video with Spongy

    Do You like it? Spongy Win! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ewJ_1kI_LY
  11. Flabby Patty

    Worst Season 5 Episode

    Inspired by this thread in the Krabby Land board, I am compiling a competition to see what is the worst episode of the show's fifth season by the process of elimination by YOU! Now don't get me wrong, this season isn't bad by any means. I just want to have some fun and see what everybody says is...
  12. Spongenemo

    Martin Garrix - Animals Spongenemo Remix :P

    Tell me whatyou think about my new Work if you like :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOz4cjMwVBY Greetings Spongenemo
  13. ataeaf

    Best Episode pairing

    What do you think is the best pairing of two (or occasionally three) episodes. Note that they must be sister episodes that air together. E.g. It may be obvious to say Band Geeks and Graveyard Shift, but they are not sister episodes and are invalid. I'll say Chocolate with Nuts and MM+MM 5. One...
  14. toasterstrutel

    SBM's favorite season 4 sb episode :)

    Yeah this is pretty much like every other game like this. But you can only vote for one episode at a time. After someone else votes an episode off you can then vote again. :) Season 4 episode game Fear of a Krabby Patty Shell of a Man The Lost Mattress Krabs vs. Plankton Have You Seen This...
  15. goodmorning

    goodmorning's Top 50 Best Spongebob Episodes

    i'm making a top 50. hooray. here are the honorable mentions...i have a lot of those. http://www.sbmania.net/pictures.php?img=R3x%2BxswduSBstBE8PVN7neU9RpnRgGw0jyYW5FnmqBk%3D http://www.sbmania.net/pictures.php?img=DjebW7%2FOxHCufKmPWmcO9bSxSQRHbzSXFzNzMXYFIR0%3D...
  16. TheOneAndOnly543

    On a scale of 1 to 100, how would u rate the SpongeBob Movie? :-]

    Do u consider it the best episode? (I know it's a movie) :bowdown: Discuss. :blah:
  17. SBM is trash!

    Please ignore this list I was In middle school barely competent writer.
  18. SBM is trash!

    Garbage fanfic never doing that again
  19. BrickSponge2015

    Brick reviews episodes

    Blah Blah Blah, you request an episode, I review it, you know the drill. Sadly, there are certain episodes I don't have access to if I need to watch it again, so episodes between Ghost Host and Sing A Song Of Patrick I might not be able to do just because I don't remember them.
  20. BrickSponge2015

    Boss and Brick's awesome episode ideas topic

    That's right, me and That One Random Boss are mixing our topics! I will start with the first 20, then he'll continue. Admins/Mods, you can lock our old topics. 55- Gary and Spot: SpongeBob petsits for Plankton, and Gary and Spot bond. 56- The Letter: Sandy is on a trip to Bass Vegas to accept an...