SBM's 10th Anniversary


Squidward Tortellini
Apr 7, 2004
Planet Vegeta
(shoutout to SpongeFifi for making this awesome anniversary banner image)​

Happy eleventy-seventh to SBM!

It's amazing to think that SpongeBuddy Mania has lasted ten years on the internet and still remain active to this day. It was hard to believe because when the show went on hiatus for the movie, we thought that was it for the show…SBM was doomed. Alas, more episodes and seasons since then and even a second movie coming out to boost even more members, posts, and discussions in this awesome community we have.

Thank you goes out to everybody who helped us get this far: spongedude, Spongey34, JOE., carterhawk, abney317, MDPP, TTS, all the mods from past and present, all the members from past and present, DMAP for being an incredible writer and detailed person when it comes to content on the main site, anyone who has contributed content on the main site, The Mermalair, Tales From Bikini Bottom, Sarah's SpongeBob Shrine, and anyone else I didn't mention. Sorry if I forgot anyone.

A massive buttload of content (transcripts, capsules, characters, clips, etc.) has taken over ten years to create, and still going as long as the show is, but SBM's main goal is to have all the content up and ready by the time season 9 ends. Hopefully, we can have more contribution from members like we have this past year. It's been amazing how many of you have helped us since day 1, even if it was just news or submitting a transcript or letting us know of an error.

I'm sure everyone is wondering what new things await for this anniversary. Well, let's start with some updates:
1. Updated SB Nicknames
2. New transcripts: Bubble Troubles (thanks to Amphitrite), Pisces, Leo, and Sagittarius transcripts from the 'Astrology with Squidward' mini-series.
3. 21 new characters
4. 1 new cast (Andy Samberg)

Now, onto the new things that I am extremely happy about:
1. The Krusty Krab page. A very detailed page all about the Krusty Krab. From the modifications to the policies, you'll see a bunch of cool information about this establishment of Bikini Bottom. You can even watch some of the commercials that have been put together for the Krusty Krab!
2. Jellyfish Species page. Another detailed page about all the jellyfish seen throughout the series. I love knowing and seeing that there are other colors, besides pink, to a jellyfish. Thank Neptune!
3. Krabby Patty Formula page. Yet another detailed report about the best burger your taste buds will ever acquire under the sea. Here, you can see all the different prices and ways that the Krabby Patty has been assembled.
4. Time Cards. Remember seeing "2000 years later", "3:28am", and other time cards that the narrator mentioned? Well, now you can see every time card in the show, up to season 8. Still working on season 9.

So…let me ask everyone a question here. Do you think you know a lot about SBM and how it works? Are you sure? Are you sure you're sure? Are you sure you're sure you're sure? Are you sure you're sure you're sure you're sure? Are you sure you're sure you're sure you're sure you're sure? Now that it's the 10th anniversary of when SpongeBuddy Mania first went public on the internet, I recorded some little 'behind the scenes' videos of what all goes on after hours. :shifty:

Hope you found some goodies in those videos that you just watched. Ya know…before skipping down to this text. I know who you are :bullshrimp:

Again, thank you everyone for making SpongeBuddy Mania #1 for so many years! Keep on being spongey! Thank you for being a part of SBM and letting me control your lives.

Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick

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Jun 14, 2006
Yes!!! MapleStory made the nostalgic list. :D

Nice look into SBM. I may start Pictionary up again in the near future. :shiftyninja:


Krabby Patty Burglar
Dec 26, 2012
A season 9 DVD probably won't be out for 2-3 years, but if you wanna wait, be my guest.


Abney=last name
Dec 20, 2005
It's amazing how far SBM has come over the past 10 years. The site has grown so much in both content and community. I browsed this site so much when I was in elementary school. I was such a big fan of the show, and it was really awesome to be able to find so many people that loved the show as much as me. SBM has really shaped who I am today, and I'm proud of it. I came to SBM without even knowing what a forum was, and I eventually ended up making a few of my own. I was inspired by this website in so many ways. The content of the site made me want to start my own SpongeBob website. The awesome layouts got me interested in web design and development. The cool forum signatures got me interested in graphic design. I don't know where I'd be today with SBM. Those late night and early morning massive content updates are some of my favorite memories of working on SBM and even my older SB sites.

There have been so many awesome SpongeBob websites in the past that have had really great content, and SBM has lasted longer than most. It's great that the show has gone on for long enough that we've been able to keep the site fresh for years. There seems to always be new things to add. Lately, SBM has become a really nice programming project for me, and that is one of my favorite parts about working on SBM. I enjoy coming up with new features for the website and fixing old ones. Helping out the members on the forums will always be enjoyable for me.

There are so many great members that have come through this place over the years. I've got to know a lot of awesome people, especially the staff here. It's been awesome coming up with new ideas for the site with the staff. It's great that it's not all about SBM too though. We have random conversations all the time, which makes it even more fun.

I hope to see SBM continue to grow and become bigger than ever. Happy 10th anniversary, and thanks to all the members that have kept us so motivated to make this place as good as it can be.



Feb 28, 2006
Dang... so hard to believe it's already been ten years. I'm not gonna lie- this place was a crucial part of my earlier life; I have so many great memories here it's almost overwhelming. When I was as obsessed with the show as I was, this was always the coolest place to come and talk about it with other fellow fans. Even though I don't go on as actively as I used to, I'm thrilled that the site has managed to live on and even find a brand new generation to enjoy it. There's some great people here, and there's sure to be some more great times.

Let's see, personal favorite memories...

The Ramen War
All the random topics made in the Dump
The April Fools/Friday the 13th pranks
The fact that we all got so preoccupied with the Emmys/KCAs
Oh, and of course... anything even slightly relating to Robot. I miss that troll.

That One Random Boss

Mascot of the Real Nep
Oct 27, 2013
I'm honestly honored to be around on the 10th anniversary of all anniversaries. I wish I were around in the old days. It would've been a lot more fun. I guess I gotta start posting more and making a name for myself in these forums. I still feel like a stranger around here even though I've been here for over five months.

The Drifter

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May 22, 2013
Magic Town
A huge congratulation for reaching the tenth anniversary. It's amazing that a fan forum can grow this big. I wish I have real money that I can donate to this site.


I has a karot.
Feb 25, 2005
I can't believe it's already 10 years. 20 years old and still watching spongebob from time to time. Man I feel old, thank god I'm not the only one :D I had to come back for the sake of nostalgia, and the anniversary of course! Every time I come back to this site, I just feel like SBM hasn't changed at all, except for the skins/forum features of course. :P There's always something about this forum that'll make me feel nostalgic.

I remember when I first joined this forum back in elementary school. It was one of the first forums that got me really addicted.. especially when we had the rpg mod, that was really fun hehe. SBM became part of my life. From going to school, then come home to log on SBM to see the shoutbox and some posts. It was a daily routine for me. Everyone that I met here definitely changed my life in some ways. I remember SBL being the first one to say hi to me on this forum. Then we became friends along with bozy, maxmyles, revolution, the moderators & admins, etc etc. Then there's Abney, MDPP and TattleTale Strangler a few years later :D SO MANY OLD MEMBERS TO LIST FROM OMG.

There are so many things that happened in this forum that I'll never forget..
I was there when the Aku prank happened
When there was a rivalry with the other spongebob forums
When there was a huge argument on making an SBM movie with flash xD
Winning the SBM drawing contest (yes ssj, I still have the prize that you sent me :P)
Making avatars and signatures
Playing maplestory with some members
Posting weekly weird news (I'm bringing it back once again!)
And of course, being a moderator! I missed that alot hehe.

There are plenty more to list, I can go one for hours and hours but I'll leave it like that. I'm glad to be part of the bunch who contributed in the past! :)
Dec 12, 2010

Happy Anniversary, SBMania!

it's amazing how SBM is buliding up from the start to new level, i would like congrats sj, abney, DMAP and rest the staff for keeping SBM alive.

here's to 10 more years! :D