New Episodes Airing In Australia

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Jibbix said:
*remembers the good old days when Aaron Springer was around*

Having horrible memories of watered down creepy SpongeBob in my mind now and all the pain Squidward went through in his episodes.

He did do great on the Mickey Mouse shorts though and there are newer episodes from him that I liked but just thinking of his more infamous ones.
Kaijusaurus said:
Don't you remember the season 6 episodes with Aaron Springer? Like "House Fancy" and "Choir Boys"
House Fancy wasn't that bad.

Jibbix said:
You guys are forgetting his work on the first four seasons and most of his season 8 work :(
I agree with you. He is not a bad writer. He wrote great episodes too like Where's Gary, Skill Crane, Two Faces of Squidward, Komputer Overload Enchanted Tiki Dreams, Drive Thru, Sweet and Sour Squid and Treats.


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personally i loved the house fancy episode. i didn't think it was THAT gross, plus squidward won in that episode so that makes it a done deal


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These all sound very interesting, especially SpaceBob InvaderPants! :D But, I'm awfully ticked that they're airing in a different country, yet again. >_>
JJumper said:
They are real episodes, they just did not air in Australia as planned; it was a schedule mistake. If they were fake, there's no way the schedule would provide such detailed plots.
Well, it sucks, but at least they're real, as they sound promising.
I hope they air somewhere that speaks English soon enough.