69a. Krusty Towers


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Apr 3, 2005

In comparison with the last SpongeBob episode, this one is a really great episode, one of the top episodes of season 4.
Definitely a great episode. I really think this has a Season 3 feel, and it has tons of funny jokes. The most interesting part is that no pre-movie writers worked on this episode, yet I would say that it felt more like a Season 3 episode than any other Season 4 episode besides perhaps Fear of a Krabby Patty.

10|10 Overall
For some reason I always loved this episode I just like hotels in general there really fun!
E.V.I.L said:
Krabby Patty nayles
wtf why did I post this in the first place?

This is undoubtedly one of season 4's best, and many people would agree with me.
I really like this episode. It had a pretty creative plot and really funny jokes.
9.8/10 I liked the pool scene
I loved this episode! It's hilarious, and definitely feels like it could fit in with pre-movie episodes.
I saw this episode today. It was so hilarious. It's one of the best season 4 episodes. Many people says It's the best season 4 episode but I prefer Wishing You Well over this episode. I didn't like the ending of this episode but the rest of this episode was funny and all characters were likeable. Patrick saying "Is this a hotel?" and "Is this a hospital?" was very funny. Patrick drawing a giant Patrick picture cracked me up. Mr. Krabs eating a krabby patty with toenail clipping and nose hairs was funny but It was a little gross too. Patrick's room being covered with cheese was funny. SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs changing Squidward's room was funny. I definetly recommend this episode. It's one of my favorite post-movie episodes. 10/10
HarryPotterLives said:
I loved this episode! It's hilarious, and definitely feels like it could fit in with pre-movie episodes.

I still love this episode. It pretty much had me at the title, I love that it's a Fawlty Towers reference (love that show omg). The jokes are hilarious and I love the plot. It actually feels like something you'd see in a sitcom more than something you'd see in a cartoon like SpongeBob, which I guess makes sense since the title is a reference to Fawlty Towers. The idea of Squidward going to such lengths to get revenge on Mr. Krabs, and then having it end in misery for all of them, is really funny and they pulled it off well. I do think that perhaps they could have done a bit more with it, but it's still wonderful the way it is.
I do have to say this like most people would say Best Post-Movie episode.
Best Character - Squidward or Patrick
Best Moment: SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs panting Squidward's room.
One of the best episodes, not only in the post-movie era, but also in the entire series. An interesting, creative and enjoyable episode. Everyone had a good character. 10/10.
Hilarious episode. I wish more of the post-movie episodes were like this. 10/10

Favorite Moment: The Krabby Patty with toenails and nose hairs.
It's good but the ending was just meh to me. I feel bad for Squidward not because of abuse, but he didn't deserve to get hurt considering what krabs did and Krabs deserved the karma he got. Oh well not everything is perfect. This is good again, but highly overrated. 8.5/10.
I love this episode a lot! It had a good plot and the jokes flowed very nicely. Although, many people are rating this way too high. Sure, you could consider it a "classic" but some people are just rating it way too high. Just saying...