63. Have You Seen This Snail?


May 1, 2006

One of the best episodes of Season 4 in my opinion. It shows that SpongeBob is not always about humour and can also get to your emotions too, especially if you've had an experience of losing a pet close to you. Ending was a bit rushed in my opinion, but all in all it's a great episode.

I like this episode a lot, though the old lady scenes are a bit weird.
Even though it gets a bit corny and cute at times, I still somewhat enjoy that aspect. Kind of like with "Best Day Ever", everyone slates it for being overly focused on a moral or lesson, but I don't think there's anything wrong with that. If anything, it's nice to have a couple of genuinely touching moments thrown in now and then. Just as long as they keep it nicely balanced with humour and don't make it so sweet your teeth rot.
It was a funny episode, and kind of a sad episode.
My favorite part:

:patrick: I want peanuts. *presses button*
:spongebob: PAT, NO!

*airplane spirals*
The old lady kinda confused me. Was she trying to fatten him up so she can eat him, or did she just over-feed her snails? O_o
She was going to eat him, hence all the shells in her closet.

This is probably the episode that renewed my interest in post-movie SpongeBob. There was definitely a lot of lol-worthy moments.
It's such a sad episode! And yea, I loved the "I want peanuts. Pat, no!" and the "Who is this Lisa person?" moment as well. I like the song too. ;C As I was watching this episode, I was thinking of the same question SBRoxMan had.
The best part of this episode is Patrick saying "It's the apocylapse! Office utensils falling from the sky!"

It's weird when Gary finds all those snail shells and then all the snails on the painting say "RUN!", but then it's kinda funny when she's chasing him but they're both going slow. Also, why does that snail in the alley talk but Gary can only meow? :P


The song is one of the best songs of SpongeBob in my opinion, I have it on iTunes after I downloaded it somewhere.
The scene when that song is playing in the background as SB tries to find Gary all over the city and cries at home mad me tear up. :'(
It is the best post-movie episode. Bar none. I remember I saw this episode back when it came out, which is unusual, as I was pretty much done with Nickelodeon by 2004. The hype just made me want to watch it. It didn't disappoint. Aaron Springer did a good job on it. It really did touch my heart, seeing as I had a cat back then (I still do). I do think it lacked comedy, but what it lacked in comedy it made up in emotion. The old lady was pretty creepy, but no creepier than the Spongebob Squarepants Movie. So I didn't really mind.

8|10 Overall
The lady was creepy, and the shells in the closet was just plain weird. There also wasn't much humor, but the plot was good, and it had lots of touching, emotional scenes. 8.7/10
Probably my favorite post-movie episode and in my top 20 favorite episodes period. It was just cleverly written and the relationship between SpongeBob & Gary really shows, it's awesome. SpongeBob still felt like the character he always was at the start. I'd rate this 5/5 or 9.8/10.
I liked this special it had some humor but it was a great plot!
9/10 I liked the song
This was a pretty sad episode, but got an unbelieveably high spot on my current list. Best moment is when Granny gets reminded of her days as a riveter hands down no questions asked.
Either SpongeBob's tears are insoluble, or the Krabby Patty is insoluble, seeing as his tears just rest on top of the patty and don't soak in. Either way I don't want to eat that Krabby Patty :p

It annoys me how they made the name of this episode different to the song, and the song different to the chorus. I always think this episode and song is called "Gary Come Home", but the song is actually called "Where's Gary?" which they don't sing, and the episode is called something completely different without Gary's name in. The song is one of my favourites in SpongeBob though.
There isn't much humor to be found in this episode, but that's okay because it's one of the most touching episodes of the series. As a pet owner, this episode got to me in a way that no other SpongeBob episode has. I could really feel SpongeBob's pain. If anything ever happened to my dog, I'd probably be a wreck.

This episode is what Dumped was trying to be, only Dumped failed miserably. Have You Seen This Snail?, however, succeeded in being a sad, sweet and touching episode.

Oh, and the song rules.
I loved it. It's on my top 5 season 4 episodes. It was touching and very enjoyable. I think this episode is way better than Dumped episode. I really liked "Gary Come Home" song and the song was very catchy. Sorry but I disagree with you, HarryPotterLives. I thought this episode was funny but I don't think It's one of the funniest SpongeBob episodes. Some parts made me laugh like Gary jumping on SpongeBob face, Squidward screaming when SpongeBob and Patrick entering his bathroom, Patrick eating Gary's favorite treats, the krabby patties being covered in SpongeBob's tears, Patrick saying "It's the apocalypse! Office products falling from the sky.", Patrick saying "I want peanuts", then Patrick pressing the button in the airplane, then the airplane losing control and then the message that SpongeBob wrote in the sky being changed to "LISA, WILL YOU MARRY ME?", Gary becoming fat and Patrick saying "Did you just say Gary? SpongeBob, I just remembered earlier today at the craft store, I saw... these huge chunks of balsa wood! They were awesome!". I recommend this episode to everyone. 10/10
This episode is my favorite Season 4 episode. It was a real heart warming episode.
Best Character - Gary
Best Moments - Gary come Home