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63. Have You Seen This Snail?

Honest Slug

Ink Lemonade hurts me.
Nov 21, 2015
I love this episode. The story is fantastic and genuinely sad, it also contains the best post-movie song and it even has brilliant humor with Patrick providing excellent jokes.



random gal
Jul 9, 2014
I love this episode, Granny's character is so funny and I liked the way they put some actual grandma references like Granny playing old songs, doesn't have the body to dance as she used to, voice, hooligans, boogie woogie dance etc. Also, the ending is SOOOO sweet, the song is amazing (made me cry when I was 8-9) , some good quotes here too! Patrick is also a good friend..he helps SpongeBob to find Gary and yeah this episode is awesome, and a little bit underrated I'd say , 10/10 :D
Feb 1, 2017
At the Jellyfishing Convention
I'm not gonna lie, this is the most heart-warming special in the series, I actually almost started crying at the Gary Come Home part. Not as much in the jokes, as this takes a much more emotional turn on a classic "man's best friend" story. 10/10


Facing the BSOD
Jun 26, 2015
In a vat full of eggplants
This is my favorite special of the entire series. While there were not a whole lot of jokes that I would call hilarious, there was a very heartwarming and emotional story that made up for it greatly. It shows that a SpongeBob episode doesn't have to be funny to be spectacular; all there needs to be is a good plot. There were some great jokes like Squidward screaming when SB and Pat walked into a bathroom (we can make a meme out of that!), "Who is this 'Lisa' person?!", and Granny's character. But what makes this episode beautiful was just the sheer emotion. I cry whenever the "Gary come Home" song comes on, since it shows that the thought of losing a pet can be tragic, considering that I have lost my little cat Moonlight about a year ago. Patrick was also very likable here. He helped SB find Gary, which proves that he isn't always an idiotic little pink blob. While the ending was a little cliche, SpongeBob and Gary hugging was super sweet and I was really happy to find out that Gary wasn't gone. This obviously gets a 10/10 from me. Not only is it in my top 5 favorite SB episodes of all time, it is my favorite post-movie SB episode and favorite SB special.


Balloon Traveler
Oct 25, 2017
Episode: Have You seen this Snail (S4-E63)

I LOVE THIS EPISODE!!! I ALSO LOVE THE SONG!!! What a sweet and sad episode to watch.

Final Score = 9/10
Nov 10, 2017
United States
(500th post! :yay:)

Let me explain myself here. I think this special is good, but overrated. While yes, the whole episode is touching, a "losing your pet" type of episode isn't one that works too well with SpongeBob. They tried as hard as they could. But the main problem with this episode is that it isn't funny. While yes there were a few jokes, the whole episode felt dry on humor. You could argue that an episode like this doesn't need jokes, but SpongeBob is a comedy show, and the writers should focus more on comedy than story. That being said, I'm still giving this episode an "A", because it's great otherwise, but it could've used a few more jokes.

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