62b. Krabs vs Plankton

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One of the better season 4 episodes, the plot is quite well-developed and interesting, not to mention there are numerous fantastic lines. Another reason why early season 4 was so much better than the second half.



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I thought this episode was pretty bland, because it moved slow and there weren't many notable gags. Even so, I had to appreciate the actual court trial and the end where SpongeBob foiled Plankton's plan. The plot itself wasn't bad. 7/10.


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Decent one, but it gets boring after a while..It's not one of this episodes that you are like ''Oh boy, I miss this episode, I've watched it tons of times, but I am not getting bored of it, I should re-watch it..'' well, at least for me I'd not say that...It's so boring, especially in the trial...The beggining was better than the whole trial thing..I gotta admit there were some funny quotes though .. like ''Does that happen a lot?'' , ''No, they're usually silver..''..and my favourite moment was the ending.. It's a decent episode ..7/10 ! I gotta admit though, that season 4 has got lot's of better ones..


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Another mature theme to this episode as more adults can understand, a thrilling adventure between everyone knowing Mr. Krabs being cheap and not knowing his rivalry between the not-so-innocent tiny Plankton. 10/10


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Amazing, i love this one, Really good premise, and really good jokes, Not far off from a perfect.



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It's about time they settled this in court! No but really, this is a decent episode. I love the plot, but I feel like there could have been more jokes and it felt like the episode got boring at times. Oh well. Still a good episode.

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