62b. Krabs vs Plankton


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I don't really like this episode. The court part is boring to me, which is basically the whole episode. There isn't much humor. 3/10


I love this episode. It's
in my top 10 for the season.
I honestly thought this was a treat for the older watchers of the show, but it was still pretty good.


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I really like the plot of this episode, but unfortunately I don't think it delivered. I found it really boring. Oh well, at least we got some cute Plankton moments out of it. <3
This episode was a great season 4 episode but some parts were boring in my opinion. I liked the plot and there were some funny moments in this episode like Mr. Krabs' eyes turnining into gold bars, SpongeBob trying to unlock the briefcase, Squidward's cameo and the ending. I recommend this episode. 8/10


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I liked this episode, but some parts were boring. The Bikini Bottomies are kinda stupid in this episode, but Plankton had a good character in this episode. 8.75/10.


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This episode isn't hilarious but I thought the plot was quite creative and this was an enjoyable episode. 7/10.