225a. Cuddle E. Hugs

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Well, this was.... something. I can definitely say that this episode held my attention until the end. As others said, it very much resembles a metaphor for doing drugs. I was very surprised at this, but then I remembered that this was written by the guy that co-created Superjail, which itself looks like one large acid trip.

I thought that Cuddle E. was an unnerving character, just something off about him, even before his insane meltdown. I will say that Jeff Garlin did a great job voicing the character, however. A few of the jokes were entertaining, like SpongeBob using Cuddles as a bed, even if it kind of felt like a creepy fetish at times. The ending was strange too.

I felt so conflicted while watching this one. It's not objectively terrible, but I wouldn't call it great either. It just made me feel weird inside. I may have to rewatch it to get a feel for it, but for now I give it a middling 5.5/10.


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"SpongeBob gets high" is this episode, and they really didn't hide it either. This is easily the most dark/mature theme episode of the series. Honestly surprised this got a pass from Nick.
I enjoyed it though.


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I'd just like to erase this episode from my brain.


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Um, yeah this episode, just was dark and kinda disturbing, maybe even more than OCM (and that might say a lot, since it's unfunny suicide joke/gag vs an acid trip and fetish jokes). The premise then had me worried as SpongeBob has befriended people that were actually villains, and it happens here. The only laughs I had was Gary and Squidward's reactions. Otherwise, a "what did I just watch?" moment...

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This episode had me worried for a bit but I actually kind of liked it. Don't get me wrong. The humor here was mostly nonexistent with a few exceptional scenes like Mr. Krabs jumping to Cuddle E. Hugs and Squidward's reaction to the costumers but I liked how messed up this episode got near the end. Before that, I did enjoy SpongeBob and Cuddle's bond was cute enough for me to ignore humorlessness. The ending was truly unexpected I loved it. This episode is far from great, humor was bland and the premise isn't really creative but I enjoyed for what it was.

​​​​​​​Grade: B


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This episode wasn't bad. Opposite of disappointment, I guess.

Most of the episode had no jokes, but the scenes where SpongeBob and Cuddle E. Hugs had fun were adorable. It's a weird episode because of the fact that Cuddle E. Hugs was an imaginary friend of SpongeBob, making a reference of drugs (represented by the rotten Krabby Patty). I liked how Sandy did the rainbow as she said something imagination-related, another nice reference to an older episode. I give this episode a 7.5/10 (+1 point for the cuteness).

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This episode is very interesting. Kinda funny how this aired immediately after There's a Sponge in My Soup and both have a metaphor for drugs in them. I don't think they went too far in either episode but it's a little humorous.

This episode was very weird, parts of it work, others don't. But I admire them going all in with this strange concept. Like a lot of season 11 episodes my least-favorite part was the beginning which felt too over-exaggerated and annoying but the episode picks up a bit when Cuddle E. Hugs shows up. I kinda like the music choice they employed when Cuddle E. Hugs is in the shot. It gives a very other-worldly feeling that really doesn't make you know what to think of him, the rest of the plot is interesting but it falls a part a little at the end. Jeff Garlin does a really good job voicing Cuddle E. both portraying his cute and twisted sides convincingly and I liked how Cuddle wasn't just in SpongeBob's imagination which made the episode a bit less predictable than the third act I expected where SpongeBob's friends would try to get him out of his dream world.

With that said the final moments do raise some plot holes. It's very unclear whether Cuddle E. Hugs was good or bad since before he hands out the sandwiches he seems to have very sinister intentions but when SpongeBob returns to him he has a "U got pranked bro" attitude and it isn't really clear whether he was evil or not. The episode also doesn't really have a proper resolution instead opting for a (Admittedly somewhat funny) comedy ending for an episode that was more story-focused. This episode had very little humor and while the story was intriguing it feels like it could've used worked. I'm glad I watched the episode but I don't think I'd go out of my way to watch it again.



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This episode is ummm.... disturbing to say the least
spongebob meeting a new best imaginary friend could be an intresting plot but this is just terrible, i legit hated the episode and i never felt so uncomfortable in an episode since to love a patty the music of the episode did not help it either also the ending is just confusing as all things, its easily my least favorite season 11 episode

3/10- but the squidward scenes were pretty funny


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As someone that really liked the post-sequel era, this was just one of the most bizarre and messed up episodes I've seen in awhile. Then again, most of the episodes that aired this year had been very strange. This one, however, wasn't the "good type" of bizarreness. Because if you know who wrote this episode, then you probably know why his idea failed. I thought he was going to improve after laughing my butt off with Teacher's Pests. But sadly, I still see the same problem present in his episodes: out of character moments. As well as the episode being very dumb in general, my brain cells was hurting. This is just your typical Ben Gruber-written episode on SpongeBob, proving once and for all that he doesn't know how to write for this show. But, I'm glad he finally include Sandy in an episode of his. There's some redeemable traits here aside from Sandy's appearance, like Patrick was still okay here, despite being overprotected with SpongeBob's friendship, the ending (while random, it was amusing). Cuddle E Hugs himself was just a cliche and that plot twist was so predictable. All in all, I did NOT like this episode at all. Eating a rotten Krabby Patty as a plot device is so foolish, that I find myself facepalming when I was watching it. Easily the worst season 11 episodes and one of my least favorite episodes of post-sequel era.


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It isn't the worst episode ever, but this one was really boring and SpongeBob got attached to Cuddle E. Hugs for no reason really. 4/10.

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This episode sucks but I'm surprised people are saying it's the worst in a season that has a good chunk of awful episodes.

Man Ray Returns has protagonists who are obnoxious and has zero jokes.

Stuck on the Roof has the pacing of a bad Mike Scully Simpsons episode with Loud House-tier humor (AKA None)

For Cuddle E. Hugs' problems it at least understands the basics of plot and characterization.

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Yeah I've been starting to think the same thing, initially I said it's the worst Season 11 episode but not that I think of it The Clam Whisperer and maybe Stuck on the Roof are worse. At least this episode is interesting and has a few really good jokes. The Clam Whisperer was annoying and way too fast-paced, and was paired with an episode that was literally the same thing but with better humor, much less annoying, wasn't as bad with the fast pace, and had a cave sponge instead of clams. Stuck on the Roof was extremely uninteresting outside of the shadow hand thing, was boring and forgettable, wasn't that funny, the plot was lame, etc.

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Honest Slug said:
This episode sucks but I'm surprised people are saying it's the worst in a season that has a good chunk of awful episodes.

Man Ray Returns has protagonists who are obnoxious and has zero jokes.

Stuck on the Roof has the pacing of a bad Mike Scully Simpsons episode with Loud House-tier humor (AKA None)

For Cuddle E. Hugs' problems it at least understands the basics of plot and characterization.
you mention 4 episodes, including this one and I can find more good than bad in this season so far :3


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Uh.. this was not a good episode for me.
I cannot believe my wubbly poisened the customers and himself, with rotten sandwiches, just so they could meet the oversized hamster!


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I have no idea why people like this episode. This is probably the worst I've seen since "Spongebob, You're Fired". It has a very bad story, was very unfunny and was actually very creepy and disturbing. I just don't even know how this is even an episode and this comes to show that the writers are running out of ideas. This probably earns the title as "weirdest Spongebob episode".

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It was hilarious! Haven't seen it yet, but hey, Sally Cruikshank worked on the Halloween special, so...


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This is easily my favorite episode of the season so far. Call me crazy or whatever, but I'm a huge fan of the strange and psychedelic vibes of this episode. It may not be sensical, but the fact that this episode was unsettling made it more enjoyable. It's absurd in a way that works for the episode. 9/10