I missed Snooze You Lose but I watched most of this. It was good but felt way too crazy for my taste. I'll tell my opinions better than I rewatch it.


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Completely missed Snooze You Lose(Pretty ironic) but I did watch this.
It was good, the story was entertaining, later on it became pretty insane with all the problems they occurred.

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I think this episode was pretty good. I think this episode has good jokes, like Squidward and the band gag. I also think the little Krusty Krab car was pretty cute. The kid did bother me a little, but other than that, this episode is very good.



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This episode was way better than its sister. It was absolutely hilarious! Everything in this episode was just crazy, funny, and enjoyable! There were many great moments such as the kids party at the beginning, SpongeBob's "route", Krabs' antics with the little boy, Patrick eating everything, and Squidward trying to play clarinet with the band that was avoiding him. The best part was that insane ending! Sure it had no climax, but since when has the show ever made sense? I bet the animators had a lot of fun here! :lol: I thought the part with the kids sneezing on and infecting the patties was pretty gross and a bit too exaggerated, but that aside, this was a hilarious and crazy episode! I hope they make more episodes as insanely as this in the future. It had me laughing until I cried my eyes out! 9.5/10


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Ben Gruber is the writer for this episode. How did he handled this episode. So far, he's been mixed in how he been writing the show. While the episode had some really funny moments, there some problems I wanted to get out of the way. One, that part at the beginning with the kids was gross. Second, speaking of kids, that bratty boy got annoying quickly like a running gag in FOP. Third, it felt like I was watching Mighty Magiswords. This episode was very hyperactively that it couldn't calm down.It was jokes and jokes and the pacing was way too off. Nevertheless I still chuckled in some moments. Patrick was really hilarious in this one. The food fight was priceless as well. That gotta be the craziest fancy party you've ever seen in media. Also, noticed how Squidward inked again and the way how they did was hilarious so they wear tuxedos. Like Snooze You Lose, the episode had a lot of crazy expressions and it well done to be "Best Storyboarding" worthy of nomination. I don't know if this better or worse than Snooze You Lose though, the bratty boy and the fast pacing kinda ruin it for me. I understand that Gruber is new to SpongeBob, but I hope he doesn't go overboard. So around a 7/10 I guess?

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I thought Ben Grubers episodes would be pretty weak but this was actually really good
Everyone was in character, there weren't any of the immature jokes I expected, the gags revolving around the kids were hilarious, and Patrick was really funny too
Also is this Tom Yasumi's first animation director credit in season 10?
Toilet/gross-out humor is not a favorite in my book, but a few instances of that showed in the beginning of this episode, and I actually laughed! Yet, the writing was O.K.. The antics of Patrick, SpongeBob, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs trying to fix it all felt like a Saturday morning cartoon (it really was because it aired today, Saturday, at 10 A.M.). It was quirky and funny as I laughed at most of the gags, especially with the kid who wanted his birthday cake! :rofl:



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I prefer this over You Snooze you Lose, although the beginning was gross. I do like how Squidward saw the guppies, it's totally me, all me. Squidward inking them tuxedos, I would've just preferred Squidward's white tuxedo.

Patrick becoming a savage beast got under my skin, I didn't like that at all. Mr.Krabs with the kid, Dad Krabs hint?

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This was another great instance of Season 10 blowing me away (And what's funny about that is that it is really windy as of posting this)! The jokes all hit, and best of all, they reused Wooden Bear, one of my favorite APM tracks! First of all, the kids party was funny, I liked the kid doing graffiti on the house that said Birthday Cake. The kid who wanted the cake was funny, too. And it doesn't just end there. The ending was so funny, and the Squidward and the band gag was funny, too. I liked Pat going crazy as well. And SB as a bounce house, LOL. Patrick was a silly clown, he made a balloon rock. The kid also surfed a check, hahahahaha! And the plot was classic, Mr. Krabs pretends to cater a party, to avoid children. That itself is a joke! I loved the gag with the kid and the windows, and Mr. Krabs using Squidward's ink to make tuxedos. My 2nd favorite S10 episode so far, right after MermaidPants!



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Great episode! This episode very fun and full of energy. There were a lot of funny moments like Spongebob being the bounce house and the kid calling Mr. Krabs "daddy". Not the best but definitely enjoyable, and MUCH better than it's sister episode.


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It was a funny and entertaining episode, the beginning reminded me of Krabby Land. Like several newer episodes, it has a lot of exaggerated faces. I give it a 8/10.


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It was pretty good. The party was definitely elegant, indeed. The boy was annoying, but all of the hyperactive antics happening in the background was worth it. Plus, the cameo from the guy from "Graveyard Shift" was awesome!!! 8.7/10.


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Really funny episode and a unique concept we haven't seen before. Also loved the music choices in this episode, thank you Mr. Carr!


kingseye423 said:
It was pretty good. The party was definitely elegant, indeed. The boy was annoying, but all of the hyperactive antics happening in the background was worth it. Plus, the cameo from the guy from "Graveyard Shift" was awesome!!! 8.7/10.
The fry cook from graveyard shift was in Snooze you Lose actually