season 10

  1. zerocool

    What are the best episodes of season 10?

    My Top 10: Krusty Katering The Getaway Feral Friends Plankton Retires Life Insurance Mimic Madness Code Yellow Unreal Estate Sportz? Lost and Found
  2. skinnybeans17

    Show News Favorite Season 10 Episode

    Since there are a total of 22 episodes in this season, which is the least for the all the seasons in this series, it makes sense to do a poll like this. What your favorite episode from this season and why? [A] Whirly Brains [ B ] Mermaid Pants [C] Unreal Estate [D] Code Yellow [E] Mimic Madness...
  3. MimicMadness


    1. What is your favorite episode? 2. What is the sister episode of your favorite episode? 3. How do you think about your favorite episode's sister episode? 4. What season is your favorite episode from? 5. Is your favorite episode's 11 minutes, 15 minutes, or 6 minutes? 6. What is your favorite...
  4. MattTheSpongeFanatic

    Seasons 9A vs 9B vs 10

    Credit to @Bigsmoker for the idea! Because Season 10 only has 11 episodes, this will have to be done differently, instead of doing Seasons 9-11 I am doing Seasons 9-10. However, even the best possible layout for this will still need to include a few matchups where Season 10 will not compete in...
  5. EmployeeAMillion

    Season 10 releasing on DVD October 15th

    Odd that they’re putting Birthday Blowout on here aswell, but now we’ve got an official way of watching Feral Friends in 480p, and an official colour for Season 10- icy blue/white.
  6. SpongeBob Season 10 DVD Speculation

    So as we all know, Season 11 has a few episodes left so we of course can't confirm a possible date for that, but Season 10 ended in December of 2017, so a DVD should be discussed. When do you think this DVD will come out, or will they go digital for good? If they are making a DVD, it shouldn't...
  7. Tyler730

    Best and Worst Episodes of 2016

    What episodes from 2016 are your favorites and least favorites? Here’s my list: Worst 5. The Whole Tooth - Honestly I find this episode extremely overrated. While they brought back an amazing APM track (Hawaiian Train), the episode felt really dumb and childish. The ending is pretty funny...
  8. Michael Scott

    Writers, Here's How To Make Spongebob Great Again

    As you may know if you saw my Season 9B vs Season 10 topic, I LOVE Season 9B. However, I think Season 10 is really mediocre. Quoting what I said there: If I could give advice to the writers on how to improve the show and bring it back to the quality it was in 9B, it would be this: 1: Bring...
  9. Michael Scott

    Season 9B vs Season 10

    Which of the post 2nd movie seasons is better to you? For me, it's not even close. Give me the great 9B over the mediocre Season 10 any day. I find 10 a big downgrade from 9B due to the weaker stories, not enough dialogue humor, and repetitive slapstick. 9B took much more risks with having a...
  10. Michael Scott

    Poll: How would you rank Season 10 with the other seasons?

    I just want to get a general idea of people's thoughts on Season 10. I would give the season a 6 out of 10. Here is how I would rank it with the other seasons: 1: Season 2 2: Season 3 3: Season 1 4: Season 9 5: Season 5 6: Season 4 7: Season 10 8: Season 8 9: Season 7 10: Season 6

    I added the dolphin noise this time.
  12. DigDugtrio

    Spongebob's Place promo on Nick

    You can watch the new promo here: There is a LOT of fan service in the establishing shot of SpongeBob's house, like the magic conch, eel's and escalators, glove balloon and more.
  13. My Top 23 Episodes of SpongeBob Season 10 [Interactive]

    Lol no reviews here
  14. I made a short YTP on House Worming.
  15. Greek Chorus

    209b. Plankton Gets the Boot

    Discuss the episode when it airs on March 11th.
  16. Greek Chorus

    209a. SpongeBob's Place

    Discuss the episode when it airs on March 11th.
  17. 208b. Krusty Katering

    208b Discuss this episode with it airs on March 4th.
  18. 208a. Snooze You Lose

    208a Discuss it when the episode airs on March 4th.
  19. q543frodomar

    Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob Squarepants

    It's simple: Think of an idea that sounds good for a Season 10 episode, and post the plot of your idea.
  20. Honest Slug

    New premire week in August? Bulletin Board listed to air on August 12th.

    Credit to jjsthekid on ::dolphin noise:: for finding this first by the way. There's a listing for Bulletin Board to air on August 12th, it's on Zap2it. Apparently it's airing with Sandy's Nutmare too. This means there's a likely chance of season 9 (excluding Factory Fresh) finishing in August, with the...