205b. MermaidPants

Aug 24, 2013

anyway, this is about SpongeBob and Patrick role playing as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy and it will be premiered in October 29. The premise sounds so amazing, I'm just so hyped for this. I hope it won't disappoint.

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I hope this will be good, the premise sounds interesting
I might be wrong but wasn't there already a topic for this?
10/10. Pretty funny episode. The Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy costumes looks different. I noticed that Mr. Krabs is a comic book nerd.
10/10 Great episode!
I was really thinking the "villains" in this episode would be Man Ray and Dirty Bubble, but the baddies being Krabs and Squidward was great! I liked everything about this episode! The music, the jokes, and especially the return of the live-action fish head (at least his voice) were epic! The art wasn't as good as "WhirlyBrains", but I still like it.
This was such a great episode! Not that anything was wrong with Whirlybrains, but I just enjoyed everything about this episode more. It was the exact opposite of what I expected it to be, and unlike Mutiny on the Krusty, it was for the better. And I loved the jokes throughout the episode and all the characters were enjoyable to watch. 10/10 :D
Since the old topic may not get unlocked I'll write my review on here.
I love some of the gags in this ep. It was MUCH better than Whirlybrains
This episode was disappointing and you can't convince me otherwise. No real supervillains? Alright, fine. Even without that expectation this episode still under-performed otherwise. Krabs a comic book geek most likely just for this episode? Fine. SpongeBob and Patrick riling up Squidward, alright, this is tame compared to other episodes but it just bothers me considering their reason to doing so. However, the way they did do it was a bit dragged out, not in actual episode time persay, but time that could've been spent on the plot later on as that wasn't built up well enough at all. Squidward himself has reasonable actions and a reasonable ending, but again, the ending feels off. The whole episode felt awkwardly misdirected if I had to say so. Maybe I'll come up with a better adjective later on, but I definitely don't think my opinion will change at least for a few years because I already feel pretty strong about this one just being mediocre. 6.5/10 for now. Might bump it up into a 7 if I really missed something to make it feel just less awkward as an episode.
That episode was fantastic! So many amazing moments and reveals, so respectful to Ernest Borgnine's passing! 10/10, definitely going to check out again if someone recorded it or something :D
Loved this episode. The animation was like Whirlybrains, but a little less expressive which I don't mind. As for the storytelling I enjoyed most of it, but it kind of lost me near the ending. As always, I'll have to give this a rewatch.
...holy shrimp.
I'm gonna be honest: I didn't love the beginning of the episode. I didn't hate it, but I didn't LOVE it.
But then when Mr. Krabs came in... this is probably my favorite post-sequel episode tied with Sharks vs. Pods and CopyBob DittoPants. I'll write a more in-depth review later but that was a great episode.
I really liked this episode, I'll write a more detailed review later. 10/10
I gotta say, this episode was amazing. It just got better and better once Krabs came in and acted like a comic book geek. While the animation wasn't as lively as Whirlybrains, it was still fluid and expressive. 9.5/10
I must say I was really disappointed with this one. The announcer and the music was really the only thing that made it not bad. But the way spongebob and patrick act in this episode was charming at the beggining and end but it was really irritating during the middle. I wouldn't call this a squid ward torture... that people like calling it. But I have to admit I really want spongebob and patrick to get in the fry greaser during the end... Not the worst episode but not anywhere near as good or funny as whirly brains... 7/10 or okay... I really wanted to like this one
Really great episode. Of course, the beginning kinda dragged it down by typical SpongeBob/Patrick annoy Squidward routine, but once Mr Krabs make an appearance, the episode starts to pick up. That is until we know that he's a comic book geek. That is when the episode got much interesting with the plot. I really enjoyed most of their acting as superheroes and villains. Especially Squidward as Doctor Negative, which suits his personality so well. Animation is still top notch, though not as much as Whirlybrains. I'll say it's a tad better than that episode, at least imo. 9/10
Couple of stuff bugged me a little. Not all jokes worked, SB grabbing stuff from Patrick's butt wasn't really a funny running gag to me and Mr. Krabs and Squidward getting hurt at some parts was eh. And Squidward went a bit far with frying SpongeBob and Patrick, even though I admit it worked for me, he really acted like a villain and that was really amusing. With all that being said, I really enjoyed it. I think what made me enjoy it so much is that the pacing was pretty fast and the episode just felt cartoony and it should be since this is supposed to be a silly superhero roleplay. The gags were pretty good. I really enjoyed narrator commenting on action sequences so bad. And Mr. Krabs as a comic geek? I loved it so much. That added more into Krabs and considering I'm a huge geek with a lot of comics books, I can relate to Mr. Krabs
. What can I say more, the episode just kept me entertained so much, despite it's flaws. What I wanted was to have a good time and I did it with this episode. So I'm kind of going high with this one.

Grade: A-
I really liked this one. Lots of funny moments. The episode actually started to be great when Krabs appeared. The beginning wasn't bad though. I still enjoyed it.

8/10 for this episode. :)