199b. Lame and Fortune


Jan 29, 2014
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Nice episode, kept me pretty entertained even if it was kinda obvious Plankton would admit the truth eventually to them.

It also had some good facial expressions and shadowing. Karen had a pretty accurate attitude of his countless scheming. I actually did like Plankton's fortune idea and that it almost worked out for him. It had some funny gags (Squidward's award, the fortune cookie tellings like the eat your hat/piano one and Plankton's shirt) as well and unusual live action.

The episode was too fastpaced and the scenes get cluttered together often. And the jokes seem pretty forced. :/
However the animation and the facial expressions are the saving grace for this one so ill give it a 6/10
and the liveaction joke was already in Larrys Gym :goodgrief:
I'll rewatch this one
(typing in mobile is a pain)
I should of made this topic but it was meh close to good
I liked it but it was really similar to that TTG episode with the fortune cookies.

Anyway I thought the jokes were good but the episode wasn't that great.
Needed more Squilliam. Especially when Squidward won that money, that should've been the perfect time for Squilliam to show up and claim that money instead of Mr.Krabs.
I thought this episode was overall pretty good. The gags as well as the character's wild facial expressions continue to impress me, especially SpongeBob. I love how expressive he looks this second half of season 9.

Anyways, I thought the marriage joke that Karen said was too funny :P There was also some cool live action in the beginning. Overall this was a nice start to the week of episodes.
It was generally a solid episode until they were sorta out of time and had to force Plankton to ruin the plan for himself, if they showed him getting agitated more then it would've worked. Also nice cameos with the krab family and all. Also the pencil from above water was magic, same for fortune cookies, anyone noting a pattern here? ;)
It was a great episode. It had some funny moments and good expressions while making the plot feel fresh.

Also, as I said this on Twitter after this episode aired, I noticed this was a reverse of the Fortune Cookie episode from Rocko's Modern Life. Both episodes had to do with fortune cookies and Mr. Lawrence's characters get involved with this plot. The difference is Filburt got bad luck from a fortune cookie and Plankton was the one that wrote them.

Score: 9/10
I once again missed out on some of the episode =/

Anyway, it was a pretty good episode in my opinion. Really funny expressions and gags.
It did seem a little too fast paced at times which I think is the only downside of the episode.

I will have to watch the beginning.
I also forgot to mention that Rocko's Fortune Cookie episode was written by Stephen Hillenburg (Spongebob creator) and fellow at the time future SB writer Mark O'Hare. I guess this make sense for Mr. Lawrence. This kinda Hilarious in Hindsight to me if you see the connection.
This episode was pretty good upon first viewing. I liked the pacing here, and the facial expressions were absolutely hilarious. I don't really have much to say about this one, but it has its flaws. But, even with its flaws, I still enjoyed the episode. 8.5/10.
Very good episode. I loved all the gags in this episode, especially the piano joke ("MY LEGS!!!!"). The "long voyage" gag at the end was also great. Reminded me of "F.U.N." a bit. Some of the facial expressions were also good.
This episode was hilarious! Especially when Mr. Krabs visioned his funeral, and I loved how the episode started off with a nice calm clip of SpongeBob and Gary looking at the clouds, the "My Leg!" joke was also very funny.
Overall: 8.5/10
I thought the episode was like the season 2 Lawrence episodes :D And the second time with "MY LEG!!" in post-sequel, i loved it, but sadly it's still not fred, but we still get the same voice :D And Lawrence has super improved his writing!! - I rate this one of my top FIVE episodes from post-sequel, which I never have that many!
TOP 4: What's Eating Patrick?, Patrick The Game!, The Sewers of Bikini Bottom, CopyBob DittoPants, Lame and Fortune.

Still sad about factory fresh airing winter and not summer like the rest of the season.
This episode sucked 2/10!

Nah I'm only kidding... I still have yet to see this episode.... urgh hurry up Kisscartoon.
Good episode. I really liked the facial expressions. My favourite part was Mr. Krabs' funeral, it was hilarious :rofl:. I give it a 8/10

Best quote: "MY LEGS!!!"
Great episode, I loved the humor and pretty much the plot and how everything flew together. Lots of good action, great episode overall. 8/10
I thought it was a decent episode. I think the main flaw with these Plankton episodes are how predictable the plots are. Anyway, the animation (aside from the CGI tree, yuck) was lively and fluid and there were a lot of funny gags and expressions. The funniest moment of the episode to me personally was Krab's imaginary funeral or Plankton arguing with Karen.