186b. Plankton's Pet

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I don't think it was a reference to anything, it was probably just a joke. He did a big build up about how he was cold and hungry and so you'd assume it was a long time but then it turns out it was only 8 minutes. Which is funny because nobody gets hungry after only 8 minutes.



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I just find this episode stupid, sorry. It's a let down after how SpongeBob acted in Safe Deposit Krabs. The only good thing about this episode is he still has his low voice that really suits him now.

2/10. 1 point is for his voice. The writers just don't seem to care anymore.


This was a nice introduction to spot, which I hope will return in future episodes. I really like the way Plankton was so happy in the end so its like he wasn't the villain in this episode. Hooray, Plankton! Season 9 is on a roll! :p


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This was a pretty cute episode. Plankton's episodes are usually way too formulaic nowadays so it was refreshing to see something different with him. :)


I liked this episode even though Im not that into post-movie episodes. This is the only episode I liked in seasons 8-9 besides Planet of the Jellyfish


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I really liked this episode. The part where Mr. Krabs attacked the baby was startling at first, but then of course we find out it's only Plankton. Spot is adorable and I hope that he stays a character in the series. 8/10 is my overall score.

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I'm not a huge fan of post-movie episodes, but I loved Plankton's Pet. I find the story of it cute. It reminds me of when I recently was looking for a pet to call my new best friend. Therefore, I related to Plankton in this episode. The scenes when Plankton was bonding with Spot were both humorous and adorable. Also, it was funny seeing Patrick as one of the "pets" at the animal shelter. The "don't you all have jobs" line was also used in a Phineas and Ferb episode.


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Ok, what can I say about this episode that hasn't already been said? Yeah, this was an amazing episode.

  • Spongebob & Plankton were back to their original characterizations
  • Spot is adorable
  • Heartwarming moments
  • It had some pretty good humor
Basically everything you need to make a good episode of Spongebob. One thing I would have changed though, is the pacing. At times, especially when Plankton tied spot to the post outside, his almost instantaneous regret for tying him out there, while I know it was most likely for a joke, felt a little bet rushed. But honestly that's just a nitpick.

So yeah, definitely by far the best season 9 episode, and it sits as number four in my top ten favorite post-movie Spongebob episodes. Well, done writers.


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It's nice to have an episode on Plankton where he's not just trying to steal the formula again and we get to see him really be himself and and get to know his character. And this has to be one of the few times Plankton has a happy ending although I really doubt we'll ever see Spot again. There were a few jokes like the random fish "aweing" at Plankton and Spongebob telling Plankton how he got lost from Gary for 8 minutes, the only lame joke was the man finding his gum he was looking for under his shoe. It just seemed like the easiest cliched joke to make which is a problem of the show nowadays. Otherwise a very good Spongebob episode for something after season 4
I'm not quite sure how to rate this one to be honest. I guess an 8 at least. for modern Spongebob.