186b. Plankton's Pet

Karen 5000

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I love it! I had dreamed of keeping a pet and Spot was the one who inspired me! I wish that Spot would appear in another episode.
PS. I wonder how Spot got into Plankton's pupil.


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This episode is so cute! It was adorable...I THINK I AM GOING TO CRY! It's a great episode, it's plot is creative and Spot was a good character!


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This was a really nice episode. The opening was hilarious and the ending seemed a bit rushed to me. But overall, it was a good one.


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DadMom AngryPants said:
I'm not really sure whether I liked this episode or not. It didn't really have a strong plot and felt like it was constantly changing direction and jumping around. The best way to describe it would be "Plankton gets a pet and does a bunch of random stuff with it for 11 minutes and then the episode ends". At least it was kind of funny, unlike Squid Defense.

Spot was cute as a one-episode gimmick but the fact that he didn't leave at the end has me worried. I hope he isn't a permanent addition to the show.
The writers might decide to keep him around but not have him in ever Plankton-related scene or episode. Kind of like Gary. Spot could just be another character for Plankton to talk to/bounce ideas off of.

Murvine Taylor

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This episode had me squeal with delight because Spot was so freaking adoreable. I laughed when Patrick was at the animal shelter and Plankton said, "Too stupid." I also found it funny when a few people . . . er mean. . . fish said, "Awww," and Plankton said, "Don't you have jobs?"

Rating: 10/10 :)


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I really enjoyed this one, Spot obviously steals the spotlight. I hope he comes back in a future episode.


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Season: 9

Episode: Plankton's Pet

This episode was great. The plot was nice and heartwarming. I liked Spot. There were some funny jokes. 9/10


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Solid episode. Glad the ending wasn't predictable, and Plankton got to keep the pet. B.


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this is one of my favorite new episodes, I wish we could see Spot again, if Plankton ever takes back his status as a menacing villain Spot could help him out. he has so much potential!


I can kinda see why Spot won't come back, I mean Snelie never came back as Squidward's pet. (I don't think the snail who looked like Snelie in The Sponge Who Could Fly counts because Mrs. Puff claimed that she had the snail since she was a little girl.)


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This is a sweet episode. It's light on gags but the story here is simple but effective. And makes up for One Coarse Meal a little bit. A LITTLE BIT. THOUGH. 8/10


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This isn't a great episode..it is FANTASTIC! Spot the amoeba is adorable, the plot is simple, and the message is sweet. It gives Plankton something happy, and there was a lot of fun to this one. 10/10


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This hat got to be one of the best modern Spongebob episodes. It was well written and had a very touching story.