186b. Plankton's Pet

OldFanNewSkeptic said:
I really do hope they bring "Spot" back as a recurring character. Maybe he has other powers besides increasing in size that could aid Plankton in stealing the Krabby Patty.
I was just about to reply that, I still agree with what you said. Possibly in a Season 10 episode?
This episode was very heartwarming. Spot is so adorable, I'm glad he's returning in Season 11! :D It was nice to see Plankton doing something other than trying to steal the secret formula. Sure, he did that in the beginning but the episode was mostly about Plankton spending time with his pet. 8/10
This is a REALLY Heartwarming episode; Especially since Unlike Other episodes, Plankton is allowed to have a Happy Ending, even without a Krabby Patty
I'm glad Plankton gets a happy ending, but I don't think this episode is anything too special. It's tells a good story, but there weren't enough jokes, and I feel like this episode didn't make sense at some points.

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