180a. Patrick-Man!


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Ok, I'm really surprised so many people love this one. It was basically just smug Patrick being annoying for 10 minutes with pretty much no laughs (ok 1 mild laugh). The episode was just pretty boring although not terrible.


Fun fact: Patrick's superhero name also appears in The Yellow Avenger. It's spelt "Patrickman" though. (Then again other names are like MermaidMan and BarnacleBoy instead of the spaces they usually have between their names. So I dunno.)


Now that I've watched it, I will give it a 10/10! I just love this episode! Patrick being a superhero was awesome, and I just loved it when he yelled "Patrick Away!" and landed on his face!


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Dear writers, this is how you do a Patricks a pr*ck episode CORRECTLY. This episode was hilarious, every joke worked. The plot, while not entirely original, was handled really well. Patrick was redeemed in the end by defeating the Dirty Bubble; he was rightfully punished by being forced to clean up the mess he had made. Finally, the episode acknowledges that Patrick is in the WRONG. I can't even begin to clarify just how important this is in writing, ESPECIALLY when your characters are going to the lengths that Patrick did in this episode. In case you're wondering, this is where episodes such as Stuck In The Wringer and Pet Sitter Pat fail at. If you acknowledge that your characters are in the wrong, and they get the punishment they deserve in the end, then you can get away with them doing certain things. This is what made The Cent of Money such a great episode. They acknowledged that what Mr. Krabs was doing was wrong, punished him for his actions by having him endure the same amount of physical pain that he put Gary through by getting crushed by a giant sea of coins, and had him loose everything he had gotten throughout the entire endeavour. The writers even reinforced the fact that what Mr. Krabs was doing was wrong by having Spongebob tell him off later in the episode. Honestly, the only complaints I have about this episode is that the beginning is basically a recycle of No Hat For Pat, Mrs. Puff was presumably still in jail at the end of the episode, despite her doing nothing wrong, and the fight between Patrick and the Dirty Bubble was a bit anti-climactic. Overall, this was a really great episode. 9/10.
I completely agree with Entriol and yeah, this is a great episode. Not one of SpongeBob's finest or post-movie but still pretty funny, especially the part when Mr. Krabs couldn't get the money on the flour and the part with Mrs. Puff getting arrested (sure, she didn't do anything wrong in this episode but couple of months before this episode, she tried to kill SpongeBob and she didn't even go to the jail, so I didn't mind that Mrs. Puff went to jail much) and I liked how Patrick get what he deserved at the end. The only problem I had with this one is that the action part was cheesy and It had a few boring parts. Other than I liked this one a lot. 8.5/10
This episode is what I think of when I hear the term "average episode." It's funy at times, and dull at others. There isn't really anything wrong with it, but then again it's not that special.
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Episode: Patrick-Man (S9-E180-B)

I don't like this episode that much. The ending was good. What I hate the most in this episode is Patrick-Man arresting Mrs. Puff instead of saving a trapped man in the boat. He'll die in there.

Final Score = 4.5/10
Pretty good episode. If you want to see a pretty good superhero episode, check this one out. Something this episode actually works with is the fact that Patrick screws up, and gets the proper punishment. The only thing is that we don't get to see it. It's okay, the writers are learning.

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