180a. Patrick-Man!


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Hilarious! I really love how the backwards peanut butter "P" stays on Patrick's stomach, even after he scoots on the ground.

And favorite quote: "That's Spongebob with two sevens, right?"


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I died when Patrick yells "Patrick Away!" and just falls on his face as Mr.Krabs looks on, haha.

I was scared because I thought they would make Patrick too dumb but instead it was kinda cute how he was just trying to be a superhero.



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I thought I would hate this episode because I hate it when Patrick just keeps messing up; however, he was great in this episode! His costume cracked me up with the oven mitts and the backward P on his chest. And he redeems himself at the end, which is really great because he just tries so hard! Plus, I'm a huge Superman fan, so seeing a parody of Superman always makes me laugh.


Patrick gets yet another successfull episode to himself. This one was very funny and entertaining. Great costume by the way!


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personally one of my favorite episodes of all time. the characters were at their A game and Patrick redeemed himself while he tried so hard to be a super hero! the jokes were great, if there was more action id love it. but ill stick with this for now. thanks to this episode it inspired my name XD funny episode. one of the greats


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This episode is one of my favorite post-movie episodes. It was great to see Patrick as a superhero, but the only flaw in this episode was when Mrs. Puff got arrested. It was unnecessary, but this episode had some great moments as well.