180a. Patrick-Man!

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We should change the name of the title to "Patrick-Man" with the hyphen in between. Anyways, I wish we knew more about this episode!



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So, what do you guys think of this episode? I actually found it hilarious! It's good, since I liked Patrick's selfish acts in Driven to Tears/Rule of Dumb. It was nice to see the Dirty Bubble in it. :D Aside from all that, there wasn't much left to say about this episode.

  • Patrick. Getting to see more of him, and his sophisticated attitude. :patx:
  • Seeing a bigger appearance from "Mabel", who ended up being the Dirty Bubble. By the way, who acts for him now?
  • The situation caused because of a commercial
  • When Patty steps on the Mermaidman doll. EEEEEEEEEEVIIIIIIILLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Patrick's superhero outfit! :lol:
  • Not enough action for a superhero episode.
  • NOT African-themed. :cry:

So in all, a funny episode! It just needed more action in it. 8/10 :)


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Cool to have another episode with Ernest Borgnine in it. Was disappointed that there still wasn't a dedication.
The episode was pretty good.
When he was pulling on people's faces I thought there was gonna be someone who went to the head enhancement clinic haha

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Wait I thought these episodes were airing tomorrow! I didn't get the memo! :O

Another Episode with Ernest as Mermaidman? I need to see this when it reairs! :D and Eek! An Urchin!

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Another good episode.
- The beginning reminded me of "No Hat For Pat".
- "What do you like to do?" / "... Sand."
- Join the marine dolphins!
- Patrick's face whilst he was watching TV was funny.
- Thought we'd heard Borgnine for the last time, but apparently not.
- Ice cream cone on head? Hall Monitor flashback!
- Kops!! This is bote theef
- Patrick "flying" (using his legs to scoot along on his belly).
- Mr Krabs' head bursting out of his office. His long neck made me laugh.
- "The Dirty Bubble? I wanted to unmask Man Ray."
- "That's SpongeBob with two sevens, right?"

The only thing that bugged me was Patrick's tooth (as usual). Has it always been rounded like that, by the way?


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Great episode. Like Unlimted said, needs more action. Funniest moment: "Thats SpongeBob with 2 7s, right?

Great episode 8/10


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Season 9 can color me impressed. This was a great episode.

Da Good
Best Patrick image ever. Nuff said.
-I thought the episode would be similar to shows like Rule Of Dumb and Driven To Tears where Patrick is given something important but messes it up because he's an idiot. It was like that, but it played out better. Like an improved version of Karate Star.
-l lol'd at Patrick's note. "KOPS THIS IS BOTE THEEF"
-Patrick's outfit was hilarious too.
-"You should be used to felonies by now, eh, Puff?"
-I'm glad that Patrick didn't look like a total idiot at the end- He redeemed himself.
-Generally solid episode throughout. I felt it was very funny, almost to the point of a Season 2 episode. Very good episode.

Da Bad
-Nothing, to be quite honest. This episode was great throughout.


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I loved this episode! It was hilarious! Patrick's costume made me lol and it was great seeing the Dirty Bubble. All of the characters in this episode were great. It reminded me of an even better mixture of No Hat for Pat and Karate Star. There were so many funny parts, I can't remember all of them! We need more episodes like this!! :thumb1: With Neptune's Swiftness! 8.6/10