17b. Rock Bottom


Another one of my favorite season 1 episodes. Spongebob's actions to get on the bus are great, and the people of Rock Bottom are strange, but in a good way. 10/10.


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Season: 1

Episode: Rock Bottom

This episode was amazing. The plot was creative. It was kinda scary (what made it good). I hope Rock Bottom returns (good comeback). There were many funny jokes. 10/10

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A very creative and funny episode. Probably the best in the Season. Its hint of suspense is what made sure it worked.


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This is my favorite season 1 episode. It is pretty darn hysterical and has some great tension, atmosphere and location. It's one of those episodes that has a dark tone with looming danger while also having amazing comedy. A timeless favorite of mine.



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This is one of those episodes that has a strange, dark feel to it, but it remains both cute and hilarious. I like how Rock Bottom isn't just a typical dark and malicious location, but rather a creative and suspenseful area. The plot of a strange location isn't anything that I've never seen before, but it is told in a way that makes it a classic. I love how it was the first appearance of Glove World, I love how the toilets have question marks instead of genders, and I love how creepy the title card music is. The citizens of Rock Bottom blowing raspberries every time they talk proves that they are different from the Bikini Bottom peoples. It is also a cute people because of SpongeBob's innocent, naive nature and his temper tantrum when 3 little baby creatures jump out in front of the little sponge. Amazing jokes, an interesting story, and a dark tone make the episode one of the favorites of season 1. 10/10


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Isn't it strange how Rock Bottom is one of the most iconic locations in the series, yet it was only ever visited in one episode?
This is one my favorites episode for many of reason. One being is that it's funny to see SpongeBob in this situation. He's never been this unlucky trying to get home. Plus, this is one of the few episodes I have the original airing of it.

Final episode rank: 10/10

Favorite scenes: SpongeBob running for the bus, SpongeBob waiting in line.


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I've always loved this particular episode. It's creepy, harlarious, and has a unique setting. I personally know how it feels to miss the bus, and I can totally relate to Spongebob's anger. This is one of my favorite episodes out of the ENTIRE series!

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This is my favorite episode, I love it so much. The unsettling atmosphere of Rock Bottom really sticks with you, and even when you know Spongebob is going to get back to Bikini Bottom, that doesn't stop the surmounting panic you feel every time he fails to get a ride home. There are so many iconic lines as well, and I find myself constantly quoting this episode. Every scene has something interesting to offer, from the bathroom sequence (which I still can't decide which bathroom is for which) to the waiting in line (next...next...), to the vending machine saga. And who can forget Old Man Sponge's advice about 90 degree angles?

Given that one of my other favorite cartoons is Courage the Cowardly Dog, it's probably no surprise this is a standout for me. Rock Bottom perfectly encapsulates what I love about creepy settings–even though we see so many unfamiliar characters, the greatest character of all is Rock Bottom itself. The town is the true antagonist, thwarting our porous hero at every turn, and represents the fear of not being able to go home. How fitting that we only ever see Rock Bottom at night, when the world is at its most mysterious.

I give this television masterpiece a 10 outta 10, folks.


One of the best episodes, and my second favorite Season 1 episode (behind Employee of the Month). Sets a great atmosphere, a bunch of hilarious gags, there's progression, there's suspense, and there's adventure. Season 1 experimented quite a bit, and this may be one of its biggest successes.