17b. Rock Bottom


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Not really a fan of this episode, i didn’t find it funny or interesting though i like the atmosphere of Rock Bottom.




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I liked this episode quite a lot. It's got great comedy and a decent story. I wouldn't say it's perfect or anything, but it's a very cool episode

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This episode is amazing, it nails the atmosphere, it nails the comedy, and is the definition of going an extra mile. They didn't have to add all of these weird characters, they didn't have to have all these different design choices, but they did anyway, and it all just really works. Plus, foreshadowing to the end is always appreciated.



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The setup to this episode is quite decent, but once Patrick leaves the plot, this episode gets really annoying. Most of it is just SpongeBob attempting to get on a bus, but the bus ends up leaving when he gets to it, and it's repeated a lot, and it's not funny, rather really annoying. Honestly, I don't think they used the concept to their advantage, as we didn't get to see much of Rock Bottom, aside from the setup.

Bad Episode (4/10)