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17b. Rock Bottom


take back the falls

Spongebob gets lost in Rock Bottom in this episode.

I love it. I just love it. This episode is definitely a season one favorite. Everything about it was hilarious, and I mostly laughed through all of this episode.

Some parts I found the funniest:
- "This isn't your normal average every day darkness. This is.. advanced darkness."
- [shaking bus stop sign back and forth] "BARNACLLLLLLLLES!!"
- [takes a bite of Glove candy but then spits it out realizing how horrible it tasted] "Eww, glove-flavored."
- Nat getting hit in the face by the big glove balloon every time Spongebob turns around


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I like this episode too. I find it a little creepy. I know how Spongebob feels when he wasn't able to get onto the bus. Everytime he was near one, the bus just drove away from him.


take back the falls
Yeah, I thought it was kinda rude whenever the bus drove away from SpongeBob when he tried to get on it, but that's what made the episode funny. :lol:

And I think it's weird how the citizens of Rock Bottom does the *ppppbth* thing in the middle of their sentences whenever they talk.


Was this the roller coaster that you had in mind, DMAP?



I remember how I spent almost a week imitating that raspberry language after seeing this episode.


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This is one of the earliest episodes I can remember seeing... Probably my favorite from Season 1, definitely top 5

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This episode is well-done, but used to scare the barnacles out of me. Especially the parts when the creepy creatures come out of the bathroom, Patrick leaves SpongeBob all alone, and when the lights go out. Another old one that they never show on TV anymore.


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Arguably the best episode from S1. (I said "arguably," not "unarguably," so you can argue it. :D
This episode was a creative premise, a sudden plunge only a few miles from Glove World. The bathroom signs, the raspberry *pbbt* language, and their alphabet (specifically their clock) were just a few of the hilarious 'attractions' seen in the dark area of Rock Bottom. I did feel bad for SpongeBob, though.

9/10 :D


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It was a very thought out episode a bit creepy though but it's fun to watch every time it's on.
RedSoxFan274 said:
Arguably the best episode from S1. (I said "arguably," not "unarguably," so you can argue it.
Argue #1: What if I told you this episode had secret RedSoxFan hate signs? :O

But seriously, this episode is okay, but list worthy. It had some chuckles. 7/10


I honestly used to hate this episode, but watched a while ago, and realized it wasn't so bad. Now I think it has a good plot with funny jokes.


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This episode used to scare me a little when I was a kid because I was terrified of getting lost and not being able to find my way home. :umm: It's a pretty entertaining episode.


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This episode is a classic, the grandpa scene is a classic that someone said, some funny quotes like the balloon gag , the bus :p , I liked the plot and the ending was funny and emotional as well!!! Poor Patrick, at least you care about SB and go search for him...10/10