157a. Squidward's School for Grown Ups


For the people across the pond (and that one girl stuck at her friend's house).
Squidward's School for Grown Ups

I quite enjoyed this episode as it had a simple, yet funny, plot. Everyone was in character and not too annoying and I found myself enjoying the nice little interactions between characters (Something that has often been left behind in place of gross-out sight gags in recent years) In conclusion this is an enjoyable Season 8 episode with some funny dialogue and no real gross out moments...

Score: 7.5/10.0

Season 8 so far...

1) Sentimental Sponge
2) A Friendly Game
3) Squidward's School for Grown Ups
4) Oral Report
Oral Report :thumbs:
SSFGU(I just noticed something here... :ermm:), AFG, SS :)

So far so good.
I Liked It But The Plot Was A Little Boring And Short :confused:
But I Did Like The Opera Part :thumbsup:
I Hated The Beginning Though
The Screaming Was Way To Much For Me
Thanks for the humongous file, hasfarr. Rewatching the episode, it's not really as bad as I originally thought. I wouldn't call it the best of season 8, but it does has its moments. 7/10.
Also, does anyone else notice this episode's uncanny similarities to Grandma's Kisses?
Hasfarr – I had a problem with your file similar to the problem I had with “A Friendly Game”. I was eventually able to play it using VLC media player, but there were several minutes missing from the end. I'm not sure why this happens, since I've been able to play other files from you just fine, but I just thought I'd let you know. :)

This episode was rather hit-and-miss for me. Mainly miss. I have to admit my expectations took a dive as soon as saw the name “Aaron Springer” at the top of the writers list. I've got nothing against the guy (after all, he's one of the few remaining pre-movie writers), but he is responsible for a lot of the worst post-movie episodes. So although this wasn't a great episode, at least it was written by an already mediocre occasional writer rather than the regular writers gone bad … if that makes sense. If not, just humour me. I'm trying to justify the problems to make myself feel better. :P

Anyway, onto the actual episode. What I didn't like:
- The return of the bulging, Season 6-esque cheeks. Although, I blame this on Springer and don't expect that they'll be making a full comeback.
- The whole “baby games”, “Mr Babypants” thing. Squidward has always referred to Spongebob as childish and immature, but I thought they went a bit too far in this episode. I rolled my eyes when Spongebob wanted Squidward to teach them how to play “grow up”.
- I didn't understand why Spongebob was wearing that outfit. It was just weird.
- The opera. The lipstick.
- The beard/urchin coming to life. I think it would have been funnier if it didn't talk or have a face; it reminded me of the talking underpants from “Oral Report”, which I also didn't like.

What I did like:
- I thought the visual gags were good in this episode. Spongebob and Patrick flopping like fish; the realistic food; Spongebob's stretchy eyes; the hiding of the painting under the wall etc.

In conclusion: It had its moments, but it's not an episode I would watch again in a hurry. I see it as another example of how old writers don't necessarily equal good new episodes.
Drat, I'm a FAN of Aaron Springer's work. :'(
If i am not mistaken, he did pet or pests, among other stinkers..

...Yeah, he stinks.

But this one was okay
Aaron Springer, while he has wrote a lot of good episodes, has written some of the worst post-movie episodes. (Pet or pests I absolutely HATED.)

However, this one seems to be him getting slightly better in quality.
This episode reminded me of a season 6/7 episode too! Although, the humor was much tolerant and fun to look at. I love how the animation is still evolving in some way :) I'd rate this episode 7/10
This episode reminded me of a season 6/7 episode too! Although, the humor was much tolerant and fun to look at. I love how the animation is still evolving in some way :) I'd rate this episode 7/10

Yes, I do like how the animation is becoming fun and interesting again. This episode was very pleasing to the eye.

A lil something-something xD ~!!!
I have only seen this episode twice and it was okay. The first time I watched it and only a little part of it where there at the museum to see patrick with a beard was pretty strange. Its an okay episode but its definitly strange not as strange as some late season 8 episodes. But its definitly up there.