122a. Chum Bucket Supreme


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This is apparently one of the better episodes of season 6. It's on my "must watch when I can get around to doing it" list.


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Well, Phillip, hopefully you won't be disappointed. There's something of a reference to Squilliam Returns at one point, and generally, just great "laugh out loud" moments.

"Uh, sir? You're head. It's on fire. THE DRINK!!! USE THE DRINK!!!"
"It's Kelp Juice, you want some?"


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I love this one. It's unique for a Plankton episode, I like that it gives him some brief success of his own rather than doing the typical stealing-the-formula thing. Most of the jokes are really funny too, and of course there's Plankton's genius dance. <3
This is my second favorite post movie episode, and its probably in my top 10 of all time. Patrick and Plankton working together is genius! And Patrick ideas were just so funny. "Chum is Fum" and "Fum is Chum" are 2 of the best quotes in the whole series. In addition, there are a countless number of underappreciated hilarious moments thoughout the episode, there's never a part where you stop laughing for more than 15 seconds. The ending was also very satisfying and funny. Overall its by far my favorite season 6 episode. 10/10.


This is a very funny episode, and I found it to have a very interesting character interaction combo, being Plankton and Patrick.