120b. Toy Store of Doom


The List That Time Forgot
Jan 25, 2009

What did you guys think overall of Toy Store of Doom? If you haven't seen it already its on spongebob.com.
I'll just wait a couple more days.

EDIT: Never mind, I just had to! but won't discuss yet, all I'll say is lol! ^_^
Didn't like this one nearly as much as "Sand Castles in the Sand" but it wasn't bad. I liked the ending.
I thought it was way better than Sand Castles in the Sand, and had a lot of funny moments, specially the beginning with Old Man Jenkins and "yo...yo". I liked it a lot.
My favorite quote was:
SpongeBob: Nice knowing 'ya, pal.
Patrick: I know. I'm a very interesting guy.
I loved it! <_< I've pet or pests and sand castles in the sand and this was by far the best. :)
Toy Store of Doom was really stupid but i enjoyed it. I liked the beginning the most.

Patrick: What part of "never" don't you understand?

it was actually creative and one of the better SB and Patrick episodes of S6
I actually used to hate Toy Store of Doom, but now I've come to like it! Even though the climax was a little dumb, the plot was funny and there were quite a few good moments here and there. Really is a true gem of Season 6!

I love the premise of this episode, but the execution wasn't great. Too much build-up before the actual plot kicked in. I still like it, but it feels like wasted potential to me.
This episode did have a great premise, but it was executed very poorly. It just wasn't that creative in my opinion. It did have some funny moments, but the wasted premise and rushed ending keep this from being a good episode. 4/10

Favorite quote:

Squidward: Hey! What are you doing here in my house!?
Spongebob: Hi, Squidward! Can you think of anything fun we can do?
Squidward: Get out!!!
Patrick: We already thought of that one.