103b. Suction Cup Symphony

I think that this is a really great episode, and I'd give it a 9.86/10.
I really liked this episode. It may have been one of those "SpongeBob and Patrick annoy Squidward" episodes, but they did it right, and the episode actually ended with Squidward feeling happy :)
It's nice to see SpongeBob & Patrick & Squidward all happy for each other at the end. SpongeBob & Patrick really helped Squidward out.

This is a great episode 8.999999999999999999/10
This was one of the best in this season very hilarious at the show too! 9/10

but I'm just glad for once something went in Squidward's favor, something that is VERY RARE especially in this season
I love this episode, mostly because it's one of the very few episodes where something goes in Squidward's favor.

Oh, and that rectal exam joke. :hehe:
I liked Suction Cup Symphony. Everyone was in character, and I liked the performance. This episode is one of the best post-movie episodes and is my favorite episode in Season 6.
I remember watching this one several years back and not thinking much of it but after rewatching it again, I never realized how funny it was until now and how much references to older episodes they were able to get in like the Squid's Day Off esque face that Squidward makes after he writes his song and everything. I also liked the twist where we find out that Squidward actually wrote everything that SpongeBob and Patrick were doing into the song. For the most part, Squidward comes out on top. Overall, very solid episode and probably one of my favorite ones from Season 6.
Season: 6

Episode: Suction Cup Symphony

This episode was good. Spongebob and Patrick were sometimes idiotic obnoxious, but Squidward at least won in the end (he at least won with a better reason than in House Fancy). There were some jokes. 7.5/10