086a. Roller Cowards


your mom

Old Fish: Oh why, why, why? Why won't you let me on the ride?
Employee #2: Sir, you have a serious medical condition.
Old Fish: But it's my birthday!


LBW Zelda
An awesome episode of Season 5. If the Fist O' Pain were real, I would, like, totally ride it! SpongeBob and Patrick were also at their best in this episode. I highly recommend this!


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Another one of those okay episodes. Nothing too funny, nothing too stupid. Nothing too much to hate.

6|10 Overall


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Basically an episode of people afraid of heights it's great but to cliche but still it has humor and the episode is written very well!


Jaehee is Baehee
The scenario of this episode is pretty funny, but the execution was just decent. It's an all right episode, not one that particularly stands out to me.


Stealing food is WRONG!
How surprising that I thought that this was a pre-movie episode! Well, it's not really a surprise, considering it's really awesome (and comparable)! The plot is great, the humor is excellent, and it tackles a certain fear that I can relate to. The best part is, it actually handles and resolves the subject in a silly, but solid and sensible way, unlike a certain episode revolving around the darkness...

Overall, barring Atlantis Squarepantis, this episode is my favorite Season 5 episode. And not only is it one of the best post-movie episodes, it's also one of my favorite episodes, PERIOD.



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Season: 5

Episode: Roller Cowards

This episode was very good. I liked the plot very much, and it was kinda comparable. There were many funny jokes. 9/10

Flabby Patty

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Season 5 is one of my favorite post-movie seasons of SBSP. This one, without a doubt, was fun and hilarious! This one featured a good helping of jokes and silly fun stuff on SpongeBob. I may not like it like "PERFECTION!", but it's another awesome one you need to watch if you're straying from any episode after "Pranks a Lot". :p 8.5/10

Honest Slug

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Not only my favorite season 5 episode, but my 2nd favorite of all-time. I LOVE this episode. It's very relate-able and captures the fear perfectly. There are so many classic moments it's hard to count. Hilarious and the best that post-movie has to offer imo.



random gal
Really good episode (for sure in my top 10 in that season) but not as good as my fav one ''New Digs'' , still enjoyed it though with good lines and funny moments (like Patrick trying to get that picture) and the ending was funny too...and fun 10/10