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083c. Fungus Among Us


Your Local Wolf's Rain Addict
Really disgusting episode. Gary was kind of cute, but that was about it. Nothing to laugh at. Not good. The whole concept of bringing someone with this kind of rash thing growing to a place to eat, and that person is cooking the food. That does not sit well with my stomach. In fact, this episode is awful. It is even worse when you think too much about it.



Active Member
This episode is so ::dolphin noise::ing gross. It also was lacking in humor, stupid and anti-climactic. 4/10


Angry Koopa 2002
Surprisingly I had no idea this episode existed until about 2009. But anyways, this is the worst of season 5. Very cruel and grotesque.


LBW Zelda
Updating review: I hate this episode. It's the start of the awful gross-out episodes, filled with tons of cringe-worthy moments, and complete with mean-spirited humor. Seriously, I felt very bad for SpongeBob and that trouble he went through! Plus, that ick was disgusting and hard to look at. Where did it even come from in the first place? That leaves a huge plothole in this cruddy episode. It was great to see Gary clean up the ick, but that's it. I advise viewers to stay away from this horrid episode, unless they want to enjoy their dinner a second time. 2.5/10 One of season 5's worst.
This is my least favorite episode of season 5 so far in my journey through the season. I'm on 20,000 Patties Under the Sea. The only episodes that can be worse are WhoBob WhatPants?, SpongeHenge and Stanley S. Squarepants.