083c. Fungus Among Us


Flying Dutchman's Sock
Sep 20, 2019
County Carlow Ireland
Oh Fungus Among Us, why I used to like this one I really don't know. This episode makes my feel really unclean, it is so GROSS, I really hate this episode's animation so much. Season 5's 4 worst episodes IMO (Whobob Whatpants, Fungus Among Us, To Love A Patty, A Flea In Her Dome) they all share similar issues, broken stories that either make no sense, are extremely creepy or just really didn't need to exist in regular length or double length format. This episode's story and comedy are slim-none, I didn't laugh once here and I really wish they calmed down on the horrific visuals, Spongebob when he enters the Krusty Krab in his bubble, about 5 times bigger and all green and infected is my most hated design in the show. Everyone else is really stupid and why does Krabs come out on top?, he has basically nothing to do with this one, If I can give points I like how they brought it back around about Gary being a bottomfeeder. Don't watch this one just don't. Its episodes like these that make me consider giving Season 5 a good because oh boy this one sucks the life out of you.

83c Fungus Among Us Abysmal 2/10

Btw here is my season 5 bottom 5

#5 93b Pat No Pay Awful 3/10
#4 90a A Flea In Her Dome Awful 3/10
#3 87a To Love A Patty Abysmal 2/10
#2 83c Fungus Among Us Abysmal 2/10
#1 98 Whatever Happened To Spongebob? Abysmal 2/10


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May 13, 2020
Weenie Hut Jr's.
How exactly am I supposed to feel about this episode...? I'm assuming it's supposed to be more of a serious episode because of the overall uncomfortable and mean-spirited tone, but the dumb "jokes" that they make throughout this thing kinda contradict that, so I'm not sure. If there's one thing I'm sure of, though, it's that this episode is really stupid. The fact that NO ONE notices the ick that's infecting everyone doesn't make any sense. There's a lot of things that don't make sense in this episode, probably too many to list here anyways. Also it's really gross. And uncomfortable. And yeah you get the point. It's bad.

Awful episode (2/10)

1. Friend or Foe (8)
2. Night Light (5)
3. Rise and Shine (5)
4. The Original Fry Cook (5)
5. Waiting (3)
6. Fungus Among Us (2)