083c. Fungus Among Us



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This is my least favorite episode of season 5 so far in my journey through the season. I'm on 20,000 Patties Under the Sea. The only episodes that can be worse are WhoBob WhatPants?, SpongeHenge and Stanley S. Squarepants.
So, after finishing rewatching the series (which I did a while ago) I have decided that this is the worst episode of the series. Even worse than A Pal For Gary, One Coarse Meal, anything you can think of. The Bottomites are at their all time worst, it's one of the most disgusting things in the entire series, it's not funny, it's boring, and also, it contains the most infuriating scene out of nearly any show ever. I mean, HE ::dolphin noise::ING SAID NOT TO OR ELSE THE ICK WILL SPRAY EVERYWHERE AND THE A$$ BIKINI BOTTOMITES POP IT????!!!! HOW ::dolphin noise::ING STUPID ARE YOU?? And this episode has absolutely NO saving graces. A Pal For Gary had "enchiladas". It may have only been 5 seconds, but I was honestly rolling on the floor at his pronunciation. That said, this episode is the worst garbage in the entire series, and it is such a shame that this had to exist. In any show. Ever. There is NOTHING at least half-decent about this episode, and it needs to burn and die.

-INFINITY AND BEYOND/1,000,000,000,000

I chose a bigger number to express my extreme hatred for this godawful episode, if it even deserves to be called THAT.

Next Wednesday I'm doing a rant blog in this episode.
GOOD. This episode deserves every last bit of hate it can get.


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BagelsinEurope said:
GOOD. This episode deserves every last bit of hate it can get.
Well, my feelings for it aren't THAT passionate, but it's still bad. The Splinter is a lot worse (which is MY least favorite episode).


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This episode is just atrocious. The writers thought that an episode that starts off with a little spot of fungus spreading around was funny, but it's NOT. This episode is boring, stupid, not funny, and feels so much like a soap opera. 0.5/10


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Wanna know what's strange? Fungus Among Us was on TurboNick in March 2007 and released on DVD in April 2007, but wasn't broadcast until almost an entire year after Rise & Shine and Waiting. In fact, it was broadcast with Le Big Switch which was produced near the very end of the season. I guess even the producers thought it was bad so they decided to not let it broadcast until Season 5 was almost completely done airing new episodes.

According to the wiki, it was supposed to air on March 31, 2007 but was delayed until September 29, 2007 when it was shown with Le Big Switch.


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My least favorite of season 5. It is definitely a SCUMbob and it is tedious, disgusting, and really idiotic. None of it was funny, and it only centered around 1 joke.

1.5/10, AKA atrocious.

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One of the worst of season 5, the plot makes no sense, it isn't funny, very gross, and the characters are OOC and cruel. Even as a kid this was one of the first episodes I hated along with "All That Glitters"




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I don't hate this episode as much as some people do (Mainly because it doesn't gross me out), but it's still pretty bad because of one thing: It's BORING. Every time I see this, I almost fall asleep, and it's easily one of the most boring episodes of the show. There's also a fair bit of mean moments to make things "better".



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To start, gross. Just a bunch of gross-out stuff. I felt this episode had potential with us figuring out Gary could eat the fungus, as he was a bottom feeder, just the gross-out stuff was plain unnecessary. A little of it is not too bad, but just all gross-out is not needed. 4/10


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Wow I love this episode! It made me laugh a lot! so underrated, I loved how the fungus pass to everybody in a absurd way! The best moment was when Patrick burst the bubble where it was Spongebob, I was laughing so hard!




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This one's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. While it's far from good, I couldn't find too much wrong here. Yeah it is kinda gross, but there were a few jokes. At least Squidward tried to help SpongeBob instead of ignoring him like usual.

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