07a. Hall Monitor

Great episode with memorable moments. My favorite part was when the police question Patrick, and purposely continue to do it intentionally just to troll him. 9.5/10.
THere are a lot of good gags especialy where patrick reanacts what spongebobs doing 9/10
At the intersection of conch and coral, you find this episode.

My mother finds this the funniest episode of SpongeBob.
One of the funnier boating school episodes made in my opinion.

A funny episode, but the ending wasn't great. Has plenty of rewatch value and I still like it a lot.

It's boring at times...But the ending is so funny :P There are plenty of good and funny quotes here , I find this episode an alright episode...I am giving it an 8 :)
Classic S1 episode, "amazing" on the S1 scale in my opinion. Is funny, entertaining, and charmful.
I enjoy this episode for the "maniac" parts, especially Spongebob running around in the mailbox. Patrick is great too. I just feel like the other parts are dull, but it's still a great boating school episode with classic jokes. 8/10

Best quote: Spongebob's high-pitched "AAAAGGGGHHH!" after Patrick tells him that the maniac is in the mailbox
Very funny episode with some great gags

Grade: A+

Best Character: All of Them


Best Moment: SpongeBob running from "The Maniac" :sbface:
A great classic from season 1. While I no longer think it's the best, for a long time as a kid, this was my favorite episode!

Another thriller of an episode! Hilarious when SB & P were finding the "Maniac" True classic, favorite episode of Season 1! 10/10
Pretty good, though i didn't like the ending, 7.5/10

EDIT: I now found the ending bad enough, as well as one other issue, to give this episode a 5.5/10
Really funny and creative episode. I love when they keep freaking out over the maniac. 9/10
My favorite episode of the series!! Its hilarious, has a great story and a great atmosphere. Patrick was extremely hilarious here. Using his ice cream cone as "a sign of authority", screaming at the maniac picture countless times when the police showed it to him, him freaking out at the maniac (Spongebob) down the street, defenitly one of his funniest episodes. Spongebob was great here too. He's so enthusiastic about doing the right thing here but he ends up screwing up badly. Him directing traffic, him being the "open window maniac", screaming in the mailbox, defenitly one of his funniest episodes as well. VERY UNDERATED GEM of the series.
WE WO WE WO WE WO! I will stand clear in the hall! Ice cream! I love this episode this episode is a wonderful episode I don't know what's better. It's a good episode and a 10/10
I find this episode to be average, it has good parts and not-so-good parts. I think this episode, while funny, is a Mrs. Puff Torture/Abuse episode. It makes no sense that she should go to jail for six months just because she let SpongeBob borrow a costume. She didn't commit any crime, only SpongeBob. On the plus side, this episode is great besides the ending. The humor is solid and creative. Favorite Character: Open Window Maniac... jk Patrick. Favorite Quote: In the hall and I'm the open window maniac! Favorite Scene: Patrick with the cops and when Patrick sees the maniac. 7/10.
Good episode. I found this one enjoyable. It tells a good story, but it's pretty light on the jokes.

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