07a. Hall Monitor


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Dec 20, 2005
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The beginning of my favorite part is when Patrick makes a terrifying siren once he notices the maniac which is Spongebob, then the panic begins! :lol:

"WEE WOO WEE WOO WEE WOO! Spongebob, I see him!"
Pretty medicore, especially for Season 1. If it weren't for Patrick, this episode would have just flat-out failed.

I really do like this episode since Patrick's character was gold and the originality.
Also the whole manic thing at the end was hilarious, it makes laugh so hard every time. 9/10
Awesome. Patrick was great. SpongeBob was great. It all ties well together. Patrick in Patrick-Man! looks similar to what Patrick looks in this episode.

"And, get that cone off your head!"

This is the post I made on my list for this episode:

[background=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.2)]yeah, I almost forgot about this. I forgot that I had to type this up on the dreaded IE, too. [/background] :p[background=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.2)] Mainly because of Chrome's [/background]horrible [background=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.2)]keyboard, which gets all screwy, especially when you want to italicize some words. But is this about computers? No. Boating School is not a computer class. It's not[/background]horse radish[background=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.2)] or Spanish Class, either. Man, I love using SpongeBob quote references. [/background] :sbx:[background=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.2)] This episode is just full of that Season 1 humor, and a SpongeBob that's so mindless, but it's not that annoying, squealy, post-movie SpongeBob that trolls Squiddy. It was also an episode that put you in some sort of suspense, like what would happen to SpongeBob. Most of us knew that Patrick was pointing out that the maniac was SpongeBob, but he didn't exactly say that. [/background] :hehe:[background=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.2)] [/background]

[background=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.2)]These characters were ultimate classic. Mrs. Puff was boring, but that's good, because she wasn't annoying, like she was in Summer Job and Demolition Doofus. I've already explained SpongeBob, but Patrick was also pretty stupid, but it was one of his Season 1 preformances (along with Suds and Hooky) where he made "phone operators seem smart!" [/background] :rofl2:[background=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.2)] Yup, another refernece to Bobby's star show! But it was funny, no doubt about it. But another thing about this episode is that it wraps up the Boating School episodes that made the list. It's too bad, but it's just the way it is. [/background] =/

Yeah, I was too lazy to paraphrase it. :p 9.3/10, over all. ;D
I give this one a 8/10. I love it, but it's not the best.
One of the best season 1 episodes. It was funny with great character performances.
Really hard to forget this episode a great classic!
Meh, it was okay, but the best part really was Patrick. This episode would have sucked without him. 6.4/10
Meh, I'm not a huge fan of this one. It's watchable, but I don't find it particularly funny, clever or entertaining. It's just okay.
I love this episode a lot but It would have been one of my favorite season 1 episodes, If Mrs. Puff hadn't get arrested at the end of this episode. Minus the terrible ending, I didn't have problems with this episode. It kept making me laugh. SpongeBob long speech at the begining was hilarious. SpongeBob being The Open Window Maniac cracked me up. All of Patrick's moments in this episode made me laugh. The ending was awful but very funny. Overall, this is an almost excellent season 1 episode. 9.5/10
Definitely one of my top 5 favorite episodes of all time. In terms of characterization, this is one of my favorite Spongebob episodes.

He's kind, well-meaning, enthusiastic... but lacks common sense- and it's one of those eps where you're not quite sure if he's an idiot or legitimately insane.

Spongebob is ADORABLE in this episode. His enthusiasm combined with his dopey aneptness just makes him so likable.
Season: 1

Episode: Hall Monitor

This episode was very good. I liked the plot. There were many funny jokes. 8.5/10
This is an instant classic episode. It's original and the jokes are clever as well. Quite a shame it's underrated.
In my top 5.